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  • ...shi" gavah. Lke bala janamsakhi means Bhai Bala jee was witness of the all sakhis in the granth. * [[Sakhis]]
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  • *Singh, Daljeet. ''The Sikh World''. Macdonald & Company Ltd., 1985. ==Guru Gobind Singh Sakhis==
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  • ...on and highlight important Sikh principles. Below is the list of important Sakhis with a message for Sikhs. == Featured Sakhis ==
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  • * [[Dasam Bani in Sikh History]] ==Guru Gobind Singh Sakhis==
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  • A kathavachak is someone who recounts Sikh historical accounts, sakhis or inspiring stories of Sikhi in gurdwaras.
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  • * 1540: Bhai Bala’s Janam Sakhis dated 1540 an Englishman named Cole Brooke. He brought it to England. Most of the Sikh historians have drawn references from this book)]
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  • ...rtsey of [ Sikh Missionary Society U.K] * [[Sakhis]]
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  • Satguru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadhur Sahib Ji Maharaj was accompanied by a Sikh called Bhai Mihan Ji who was totally devoted to his service. He drew water, [[category:sakhis]]
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  • ...e room, and to his surprise Bhai Bhikaree Ji was sewing up a body bag. The Sikh just sat there, and didn't ask any questions. ...Bhai Bhikaree Ji's son. His son died from the bite. And at that moment the Sikh went up to Bhai Bhikaree Ji and asked him: "You knew that your son was goin
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  • ...uru ramdas.jpg | 100px |thumb |B Jetha becomes Guru Ram Das ''Courtesy'' |right]] [[Bhai Jetha]] who was also most devoted to serving the Guru and his [[Sikh]]s.
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  • When the [[Sikh]]s and his followers asked him what he meant by this, he replied, "In one p [[Category:Guru Gobind Singh Sakhis]] [[Category:Sakhis]]
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  • ...with silver coins. More of the Sikhs grabbed the coins and ran away. Few [[Sikh]]s remained with the Guru and the Yogi. ...n the air. The Guru said to his [[Sikh]]s, "Let whoever wants to be a true Sikh of mine eat this with me " The other two Sikhs turned white and drew back i
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  • There lived in Patna a Sikh confectioner, called Bhai Jaita Ji, who through humility always wore soiled [[category:sakhis]]
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  • ...from old ballads sung by minstrels to extol Guru Nanak. Since most of the sakhis comprising this work have been lifted from different traditions, the change
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  • ...ary to Sikh principle, there is an emphasis on celibacy. The work contains sakhis from the lives of several of the bhaktas such as Sadhna (83), Sukhdev (88),
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  • ...`s library a janam sakhi manuscript which differed from other extant Janam sakhis and bore an earlier date. ...ary of Motibagh Palace, Patiala, and supplemented by the manuscript in the Sikh Reference Library, Amritsar. This text was issued under the title Shambhu N
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  • ...and the next. Guru Ji then gave him spiritual instruction and he became a Sikh. At parting Guru Sahib pre¬sented him with five arrows in memory of the oc [[category:sakhis]]
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  • ...on and highlight important Sikh principles. Below is the list of important Sakhis with a message for Sikhs. == Featured Sakhis ==
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  • Bhai Handal was a devout Sikh of [[Guru Amar Das]] . Guru Amardas blessed him with a '[[Manji]]' for his ...and he corrupted the '[[Janam Sakhi]]' of [[Guru Nanak]] by altering many sakhis. Also he is responsible for altering the date of birth of [[Guru Nanak]] fr
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  • '''Prema''', a devout Sikh, lived in the village of Talwandi. Though he was lame, he was able to walk ...he chaudhri remained at home and, having nothing better to do, watched the Sikh about to pass by when he furtively, with malicious satisfaction, took away
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  • '''SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY. COPIED THIS FROM A SIKH FORUM. WILL TRY TO FIX THIS ARTICLE ASAP. CURRENTLY UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION B There was a Sikh who used to visit [[Anandpur]] Sahib every month and paid his respects to G
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  • *[[:Category:Sikh belief]] - **[[More Sakhis]]
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  • ...enjoyment of female entertainment, smoking, and many other desecrations. A Sikh who had observed this brought the news to Mahtab Singh (a Jat of Mirankot) [[Category:Sakhis]]
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  • ...who was deputed by Guru Arjan to go to Singhladip (Singhladip of the Janam Sakhis), present-day Sri Lanka, to fetch a copy of a manuscript called the Pran Sa ...n only be conjectured. It is also mentioned that there existed a number of Sikh sangats in those days in South India and Sri Lanka.
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  • * [ Ithaas (Teaching) in Punjabi] * [ Proud to be Sikh - Near top of Right Column]
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  • * [] * []
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  • '''A Sikh always obeys the hukam of the Guru''' ...itness". "Lke bala janamsakhi" means Bhai Bala was the witness of the all sakhis in that book.
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  • to invoke the blessings of Baba Buddha (1506-1631 AD), the most revered Sikh. Going to Baba Buddha, to pay her respects, she carried with her 'missi rot [[Category:Sakhis]]
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  • ...e made the following requests, 'O Guru, heal my three fevers and make me a Sikh, and, deeming me your servant, save me and remove the great pain of transmi ...u are prepared to endure such hardships and sufferings, then you become my Sikh. Otherwise talk not of Sikhi. Keep your wealth, and the good opinion of you
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  • He said, “40 million Rupees.” Another Sikh said, “O protector of the poor, many sons he had. Sayt answered, “Guru jee, I have one son.” The other Sikh said, “Guru jee he’s lying again, he has got 5 sons.”
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  • * {{Book reference | Author=Macauliffe, M.A | Title=The Sikh Religion: Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors| Publisher=Low Price Public {{Sakhis of Guru Nanak}}
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  • used by Guru Sahib himself. Still this shabad is a beautiful shabad in Sikh literature. ==Guru Gobind Singh Sakhis==
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  • Bhai Taloka was a [[Sikh|GurSikh]] of [[Guru Arjan]] Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru. He was also a General in Nawab Gazni's army. Once Nawab called a meet [[Category:Guru Arjan Dev Sakhis]] [[Category:Sakhis]]
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  • It is one of the earliest available narrations, in prose, of 50 sakhis (episodes) from the lives of the Gurus, of which 38 relate events in the li ===Sakhis on each Guru===
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  • <div style="top: +0.2em; font-size: 95%">a '''free Sikh Encyclopedia''' that [[Introduction|'''anyone can edit.''']]</div> * [[Sikh Names|1000's of Sikh Names]]
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  • ...ns/gurunanakforchildren/chapter8/#Top Sikh Missionary Society U.K.] Other Sakhis also at: [ {{Sakhis of Guru Nanak}}
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  •|thumb|250px|right|Depiction of the sakhi in Sikh Heritage in Paintings - From the Collection of the Punjab & Sind Bank 1995, ...Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Rai Ji. Over many years a non broken sucession of Sikh Gurus had started many Langars (free kitchens), which were run by their bel
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  • <div style="top: +0.2em; font-size: 95%">a '''free Sikh Encyclopedia''' [[Introduction|'''and learning tool...''']]</div> * [[Sikh Names|1000's Sikh Names]]
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  • ...ies from the time of [[Guru Arjan Dev]] ([[1563]] - [[1606]]), the fifth [[Sikh Guru]]. Once a large dedicated [[sangat]] (a group of devotees) was coming way to [[Amritsar]], they were met by a [[Sikh]] and his wife. The kind Sikh and his wife were very helpful and did a lot of [[sewa]] (service) for the
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  • There was a Sikh called Mana, during the times of Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj, who ...h his fellow Sikhs. He used to say to them, 'I am nobody's servant. I am a Sikh of the Guru, the king of this world, and I will only do what my King tells
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  • ...namsakhis were not able to explain Sakhis in limit of Gurmat. So all those Sakhis which are out of limit of Gurmat are condenmed as they should be. ...n which whole world stands. So This brahmgyan terminology was used by the Sikh gurus, Siddartha Gautama and Mahavira to mention only a few.
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  • <div style="top: +0.2em; font-size: 95%">[[Introduction|'''a free Sikh Encyclopaedia and learning tool...''']]</div> ...:Statistics|With {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles on]] [[Sikhism|Sikhism, the Sikh people and their culture]]<br>
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  • == Sikh Missionary Society U.K. == ...ildren" in September 1969 for free distribution. That was beginning of the Sikh Missionary Society UK.
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  • ...|Dr. Ernest Trupmm]] (a German scholar employed by the British) and the Sikh gianis and granthis whom were kind enough to assist him. A brilliant but ar ...akhi was the basis of the accounts written by Trumpp, Macauliffe, and most Sikh scholars.
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  • on the way to Amritsar for darshan of Guruji. Along the way they met a Sikh and his wife who also were headed in the direction of Amritsar. As the gro Jathedar : No Babajee, we didn't. But we did meet a Sikh and his wife who lead us here, selflessly serving us along the way.
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  • They said, '''''‘Such work is not fit for sons of the Guru. Some other Sikh should do it. Perhaps, that man, coming this way, might agree to do it. Let ...the Guru and be in his presence. The Guru was greatly pleased with his new Sikh, Bhai Lehna.
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  • ...the authentic narrative of such a man, it must follow that the Bala Janam Sakhis provide an essentially trustworthy account of the early life of Guru Nanak. ...o eyewitness authenticity are set forth at the beginning of all Bala Janam Sakhis. The earliest extant version opens as follows:
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  • {{Template:Sikh History}} [[Category:Guru Gobind Singh Sakhis]] [[Category:Sakhis]]
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  • Sau Sakhi translates to 100 (Sau) stories ([[Sakhi]]s). Non Authentic Sakhis - Sau Sakhi book professes to be a conversation between [[Bhai Sahib Singh] ...rsions of the Sau Sakhis have been circulated throughout time, plaging the Sikh Community:
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  • ...ak Dev]] ji to spread the message of the Divine Name. He became a devout [[Sikh]] and preached the Guru's gospel to the people of [[Saidpur]]. * [ Tuhi Tu - Sikh Sakhis]
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  • ...hs to bring weapons and horses to him so as to strengthen his army. Here a Sikh brings a horse in His darbar.]] ...uru Arjan]]. Shortly before the end of his physical life, he said to his [[Sikh]]s, ''"I have mastered my life's test. Go to my son, the holy Hargobind, an
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  • ...expressed his concern for the Guru, the [[Sikh]]s and the grim fate of the Sikh religion, in view of the martyrdom of [[Guru Arjan Dev ji]] and [[Guru Tegh The Guru apprised him of the rich and scientific Sikh philosophy that has no faith in superstitions, but on the insistence of the
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  • 1705 by the 10th Guru. Bhai Sahib Singh is said to have committed these sakhis to writing. [[category:sikh scripture]]
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  • <div style="top: +0.2em; font-size: 95%">a '''free Sikh Encyclopedia''' [[Introduction|'''and learning tool...''']]</div> * [[Sikh Names|1000's of Sikh Names]]
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  • {{Sikh History}} [[Category:Guru Amar Das Sakhis]]
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  • ...l was [[Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa]], who was a Rehatvan (strictly observant) Sikh of the Guru. ...''"May Waheguru bless you that you may have a son with the qualities of a Sikh." Bano irritably said, "No I want to have a son with you Sardar Ji."''
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  • <div style="top: +0.2em; font-size: 95%">a '''free Sikh Encyclopedia''' that [[Introduction|'''anyone can edit.''']]</div> * [[Sikh Names|1000's of Sikh Names]]
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  • ...ak sent his Companion [[Bhai Mardana]] to collect food for [[langar]] (the sikh's meal). Many people donated rice and flour (atta) to make [[parsada]]s (br [[Category:Sakhis]]
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  • Sikh: Dear Hindu, do not try to deceive Sikhs by quoting half a phrase. In this My dear Khalsa friend, Sikh religion is a Panth (sect) of Hindus as are Bairagis etc. they are not a Qu
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  • ...r along the way." The Guru heard this, but made no reply. Next day another Sikh came and said, "O True Emperor, the sangat was coming to see you. The Gover ...hall wield swords also. I shall make sparrows destroy hawks. Whoever is my Sikh, shall not be without hair and sword. Without hair and arms, man is incompl
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  • Dying to oneself has several kindred nuances in [[Sikh]] theology. Spoken, not only in terms of decimation of man and even of ego The Sikh bereavement ceremony consists of having the Holy Book, the [[Guru Granth Sa
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  • ...uru Nanak]]. His name was Bhai Jodha. He was not a worshipper of Durga. No Sikh worships any of the Hindu gods or goddesses. Sikhs are worshippers of one G ...rshipping Durga. He would worship God instead of the goddess. He became a Sikh (follower) of the Guru. He threw away the bells from his hands and feet.
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  • ...s grandfather [[Guru Hargobind]] sahib, Guru Gobind Singh instructed his [[Sikh]]s to make offerings of arms and horses in readiness for the turbulent time [[Category:Sikh History]]
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  • {{Sikh History}} * {{Book reference | Author=Macauliffe, M.A | Title=The Sikh Religion: Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors| Publisher=Low Price Public
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  • ...the family to [[Anandpur]] where Ajit Singh was brought up in the approved Sikh style. ...ttles of Nirmohgarh in October 1700. On 15 March 1701, a sangat, column of Sikh devotees, coming from Darap area (present Sialkot district) was waylaid by
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  • ...9) to the place during his third udasior preaching tour. Although theJanam Sakhis do not mention Tibet specifically, the mention of Guru Nanak Rimpoche (lit.
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  • detailed, but with the miraculous element predominating as in the Janam Sakhis. The succeeding seven Gurus have been barely mentioned, except Guru Hargobi [[category:sikh scripture]]
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  • ...s too unrealistic then here's a true incident that happened to a very holy Sikh in the 1920's. He was Bhai Randhir Singh and he had reached the highest spi ...ingh) Kind thanks to [[]]
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  • ...tness". "Lke bala janamsakhi" means Bhai Bala was the witness of the all sakhis in that book. ...Guru's, [[Guru Nanak Dev Ji]]'s, hukam (order) in order to become a true Sikh of his true Guru. A few years later from this time, Bhai Lehna Ji received
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  • ...arh Sahib]], is close to the old town of Sirhind and is now marked by four Sikh shrines. A religious fair is held there from December 25 to 28 every year t * [ Sikh [email protected]]
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  • ...ngzeb returned the hated Jizia-a tax which took 60% of everthing from the Sikh and Hindu farmers. ...h a proposal for the emperor: "If you can convince Guru Teg Bahadur, ninth Sikh Guru, who is now seated on the throne of Guru Nanak to accept Islam then a
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  • ...ited Eminabad where [[Bhai Lalo]], a carpenter by profession, became his Sikh. ...Guru was held in prison and given a stone-mill to ply. Eminabad came under Sikh rule when Sardar [[Charat Singh Sukkarchakia]] occupied it during the 1760'
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  • ...famous king of [[India]]. He was a kind and good king and respected the [[Sikh Gurus]] for their sensible practises and their fair and just teachings. In ...he was coming to visit him. The Sikhs were very happy at the news. Some [[Sikh]]s thought that special arrangements should be made to welcome the king. Bu
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  • ...anamsakhi''' is the most popular and well known Janamsakhi, in that most [[Sikh]]s and their [[Janamsakhi]] knowledge comes from this document. This work c ...des historical and mythological aspects. THere is no proper arrangement of sakhis, it feels like what sakhi comes in authors mind that is written. No proper
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  • ...ies of the Dasam Granth preserved at Sri Takht Sahib at PATNA and in other Sikh gurudwaras, this report affirmed that the Holy Volume was compiled at ANAND
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  • ...ent Lahore District of the Panjab, and his mother was Tripta, memorable in Sikh writings for her devotion to her son. The Sikh biographers recount in minute detail all the circumstances of the birth of
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  • ...e world) by forceful torturing, raping and killing India's Hindu and later Sikh citizens who refused to convert. [[Guru Nanak]] asked all to mend their way ...a, "[[Sikhism]] is a universal world faith with a message for all men... [[Sikh]]s must cease to think of their faith as just another good religion and mus
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  • ...issioned by the Punjab Government to prepare an English translation of the Sikh scriptures. Although Janam Sakhls were not a part of Trumpp's commission, h ...Valdiivdh Janam Sakhi. It bears no date. A cryptic reference in one of the sakhis may be interpreted as a reference to 1635, but the evidence it offers is al
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  • ...le, Horse, on his way near Nanded. Guru ji gave him orders of being a true sikh. Even he was given Karha parshaad by guru ji. After Darshan of Guru Ji Bhai ==Guru Gobind Singh Sakhis==
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  • ...eir men outside the city on the highways, so that they might turn back any Sikh who wanted to enter the city on the plea that entry to the Harmandir Sahib Lady: " This is the blessing of Amrit (Sikh baptism) and the Grace of the Guru. If you love the Sikhs so much as appear
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  • ...have become the Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh jee, lead an amazing life of a Sikh. One such gursikh, tyaar-bar-tyaar amritdhari singh was Bhai Leela-Raam Sin ...lai ke haazir hoiya hai. Sachay Paatshaah jeeo, aap jee jaani jaan ho. Ih Sikh ne ajj imtihaan vich baithna hai. Tussi kirpa karni, iss noo kamyaabi baksh
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  • ...nak Dham, Rameshwaram. I am pleased because in 1976, I was only 'the third Sikh to visit the place in the previous ten years'. Ex I.A.F. man belonging to District Hoshiarpur in Punjab. There was no Sikh Community at Rameshwaram, so it was very difficult for him to run a gurdwar
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  • ...andmother sacrificed their lives for their faith and the right to remain [[Sikh]]s. ...earlessness and the renowned trait of unparalleled heroism becoming of the Sikh leadership and was prepared to sacrifice his life but not his faith.
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  • ...1518) was the elder sister of [[Guru Nanak]], the founder of the [[Sikhism|Sikh faith]]. She was born to father Kalyan Chand Mehta ([[Mehta Kalu]]) and mot ...e and to become his devotee. She is often credited as becoming the first [[Sikh]]. She protected Nanak from their father's wrath, when repeatedly he disapp
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  • ...chose to attack the section who were showing more aggression against the [[Sikh]]s in the mud-fort then the rest of the enemy. Initially, the enemy did not ...driven even further back; many just took flight as they thought that the [[Sikh]] numbers must have increased and so many of the enemy desserted the battle
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  • ...him the most indulgent, are both interesting and valuable. He remarked how Sikh chiefs lacked unity among themselves. Their armies, including that of RANJI 2. Khurana, Gianeshwar, British Historiography on the Sikh Power in the Punjab. Delhi, 1985
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  • ...word and also repaired the broken idol. Very soon afterwards he became the Sikh of Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji Maharaj. [[category:sakhis]]
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  • so humble and consider themselves so low. Guru Jee asked Bhai Jodh, ‘O Sikh, why do eat the left overs of the Sangat. What makes you eat Jhoot?" [[category:sakhis]]
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  • ...<center>'''Guru Nanak "watering" his crops in Punjab <br>''<small>Courtesy Sikh Missionary Society U.K.</small>'''''</center>]] Other videos of sakhis of Guru Nanak]
    5 KB (928 words) - 18:03, 11 May 2015
  • ...e]] after the wedding and grew to be much loved by his relations and the [[Sikh]]s there. Still, all the time he was there, his heart was with his father,'s heart in Arjan's favor. So he hid the letter in his coat and sent the Sikh back to Arjan telling him that the Guru said he should stay in [[Lahore]] u
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  • ...'''Chittian Bajanvala)''', the keeper of the white falcon. To infuse his [[Sikh]]s with worth and valour the Tenth Guru conducted his affairs as a Emperor, ==Guru Gobind Singh Sakhis==
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  • The [[Janam Sakhis]] also refer to his visit to Baghdad. Mention has been made of Guru Nanak h The inscription was first discovered by Sikh soldiers going to Iraq, then Mesopotamia, during World War I and has since
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  • * {{Book reference | Author=Macauliffe, M.A | Title=The Sikh Religion: Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors| Publisher=Low Price Public {{Sakhis of Guru Nanak}}
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  • ...3 in the Bikarimi Sambat 1526, i.e., April 15, 1469. Most of the doyen of Sikh History, such as M.A.Macauliffe, Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, Bhai Sahib Bhai Vi ...he month of Kartik2. Subsequently this became the most revered date in the Sikh Chronology.
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  • During the time of [[Guru Hargobind]] sahib, there was a [[Sikh]] woman, Bibi Santi, who was married into a family in the village of Butala ...e to influence her husband through stories of the Guru and he too became a Sikh.
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  • ...h Guru]] at [[Anandpur]] on 4 April 1684. She was the second wife of tenth Sikh Guru Guru Gobind Singh ji. ...dur]] and great great grandfather [[Guru Arjan Dev]]. She told them that a Sikh never runs from a battle field. It was because of her teachings that her so
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  • of Rai Duni Chand, a revenue collector (kardar) of Patti. Rajni was a [[Sikh]], a disciple of the Guru. One day she was sitting with her sisters admirin {{Template:Sikh History}}
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  • {{Template:Sikh History}} [[Category:Bhagat Sakhis]] [[Category:Sakhis]]
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  • ...velled in all four directions - North, East, West and South. The founder [[Sikh Guru]] is believed to have travelled more than 28,000 Kms in five major tou ...e teachings of the Guru. At one time Bhai Gurdas also served as one of the Sikh missionaries at Kabul.
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  • ...wn is named after [[Guru Nanak]] (1469-1539), the founder of the [[Sikhism|Sikh faith]]. Guru Nanak was born in this town on [[Baisakh]] sudi 3, 1526 Bk/ 1 ...oble (d. 1752), after his victory over Multan with the assistance of the [[Sikh]]s in 1748, further enlarged this [[Gurdwara]] and brick lined two sides of
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