Bhai Bikharee

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There was a Sikh named Bhai Bikhaaree. Everyone knew that he had a very high avastha. One Sikh wanted to go meet him. Bhai Bikharee Ji's son was going to get married that week, so the Sikh decided to go and see him. The Sikh got to the house and searched for Bhai Bhikaree Ji and didn't see him anywhere. Finally, he went up to Bhai Bhikaree Ji's wife and asked her where he was. See told him that he was in a his room, in the back of the house, doing meditation. So the Sikh went into the room, and to his surprise Bhai Bhikaree Ji was sewing up a body bag. The Sikh just sat there, and didn't ask any questions.

So the next day was Bhai Bhikaree Ji's son's wedding. And this Sikh was there as well. After the wedding ceremony finished, they were going back to there villiage, a snake came out of nowhere and bit Bhai Bhikaree Ji's son. His son died from the bite. And at that moment the Sikh went up to Bhai Bhikaree Ji and asked him: "You knew that your son was going to die, that is why you were sewing up the body bag. How come you didn't try and save your son's life?? Bhai Bhikaree Ji answered by saying that it was Hukam. "Even if you know that something is going to happen... Waheguru's Hukam is greater than anything. It will happen. Whatever is written will happen...