Bhai Dhalla Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh

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Once, when the Guru was in the Lakhi jungle, a Sikh came and complained, "O True Emperor, the sangat coming to pay their obeisance to you, has been robbed by the Governor along the way." The Guru heard this, but made no reply. Next day another Sikh came and said, "O True Emperor, the sangat was coming to see you. The Governor has robbed them."

"Listen, Brother, why doesn't somebody say that the sangat has looted the Governor? But the sangat is right. They think that the earlier nine Patshahis only gave them rosary. Now they shall wield swords also. I shall make sparrows destroy hawks. Whoever is my Sikh, shall not be without hair and sword. Without hair and arms, man is incomplete, only half a man. Man is complete only with hair and arms," commanded the Guru.

At the same time the Guru decided to train his Sikhs in the art of war. The Guru heard that there were groups of Sikhs, 3-4 miles away, coming to see him. The Guru sent for Bhai Dallah Brar, and instructed him thus, "O Dallah, summon your armies and give them lathis (sticks). The sangat is coming. Attack them and rob them. But nobody is to be killed. Even the booty is not to be destroyed or tampered with, because it will be returned. We want to train the sangat to fight and resist." On these instructions Dallah arranged for lathis and organised to attack the approaching sangat. In the mean time, the Guru had sent a horseman to the sangat with the message that the Guru was staying in the jungle as a guest, and that the rebel Jats of the area might attack and rob them. They were instructed to resist and fight back with all their might. At the Guru's instructions, they took up lathis and other arms with courage. They resisted the robbers. Loud din of the conflict reached the Guru's ears. The Guru climbed up a high spot, extremely happy over the fight. The Guru later explained that this is the way the sangat needs to be trained to fight.

After this, the Guru was always happy to see his Sikhs carrying arms. Offerings of money would not please the Guru so much as offerings of arms. Arms were almost worshipped, and incense was burnt.

One day the Guru desired that Bhai Dallah should be paid a daily allowance or salary from the Guru's treasury.

"O True King, give me rain," said Dallah.

"Salary we have, you can get whatever is with us. Rain is not under our control, which we can give you readily," said the Guru.

After several days the Guru again said, "Dallah, you must accept your salary from me."

"O True Emperor, give me rain," said Dallah.

The Guru made no answer. There had been a prolonged draught in that area. Several days passed. The Guru repeated, "O Dallah, you must take your salary from the Guru."

"O True Emperor, give me rain."

"When a Jat is determined he will make even a wall respond. We tried a lot to put him off, but he does not give up," the Guru remarked. Then turning to Dallah, he said, "Go and repair your water reservoirs." Then people were collected by beat of a drum, and all the reservoirs were repaired. Guru Baba blessed the Jats with a prolonged heavy rain, until the Jats themselves requested that the rain should stop.

We learn a lot from the latter part of this posting. Bhai Dalla asked for rain three times but Guru Sahib resisted his wish all three times. if we had been given such answer as Bhai Dalla did the first time, we would have never dared to ask Guru Sahib again.

Our Guru Sahib is all powerful. Only those who persist in begging from his door get the boon. Why does it take long? Does Guru Sahib enjoy people begging to him? Definitely not. The reason is that unless we ask fully according to Gurmat, i.e. by being humble and having full faith, our wishes are not granted by Guru Sahib. Once we ask Guru Sahib humbly and with full faith, Guru Sahib himself cannot resist his Bhagat's entreats. How can he? He loves them so much.