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Can you help? There are many articles that need to be setup on Sikhiwiki - If you have any knowledge of Sikhism then you can help us build this into a comprehensive site of valuable information for Sikhs and the many other interested people who share common religious and social values with the Sikhs around the world.

If you are not familiar with the Wiki system then first go through the NEW Tutorials!. Below is a list of sections that need attention and further development - click on any of the item on the list below. From the page produced, click on any item shown in red as these topic need attention – choose the ones that you have something to say about and you will be on the way to helping us spread the Guru's message!!

From Seva article - Three varieties of seva are sanctioned in Sikh lore:

  • that rendered through physical means - "taan"
  • that rendered through mental apparatus "maan"
  • that rendered through material resources "dhan".