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SikhiWiki is now available translated into over 50+ different languages. Thanks to Google's new automatic translation service, SikhiWiki has been able to provide this facility. It is hoped that many millions who were unable to read about Sikhism before, will now be able to do so using this new feature. Sikhi, an incredibly valuable addition to human knowledge and wisdom will now be available to be read by many millions who previous were not able to do so. Now people in many foreign lands will be able to know and learn about the beautiful and unique message of the Sikh Gurus.

How does it work?

To translate any page, follow these simple instructions:

  • 1. From the sidebar on the left of the page,

click on the 'Select Language' option - Select Language.jpg - just below the navigation box.

  • 2 Then select one of the 50 languages that you desire:
Select Language Korean.jpg

and thanks to Google translate the page will be magically translated.

Alternative method

Below is a full list of all the languages available through this Google service. Click on the link below to start reading in any of the languages shown:

Pages in different Languages

SikhiWiki is now available in 13 languages. For each of these 13 languages we have an introduction page which gives brief details about Sikhism and then sets up Google translation and transfers to the SikhiWiki Main Page. Listed below are the introduction pages which have been created so far:

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