Guru Tegh Bahadhur And Desu

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Guru Sahib then proceeded slowly to Dhilwan. Guru Sahib then went to the villages of Khiwa and Bhikki. In the latter lived a man called Desu who was a disciple of Sakhi Sarwar, He, however, went to see Satguru Ji.

Guru Ji, on seeing a piece of bent iron hanging from his neck, asked him what it was. He said it was an article that satisfied all his necessities. It gave him corn, money, and clothing, and he worshipped it every day. ' I offer a breakfast of bread and sweets,' said he, ' to Sakhi Sarwar. The priest having read a blessing and set aside a portion thereof, he returnes to me the remainder, which I distribute among the people after satisfying myself.'

Guru Sahib on hearing this said that Desu, a Hindu, did what a true-born Musalman would never do, and he was ruining his prospects both in this world and the next. Guru Ji then gave him spiritual instruction and he became a Sikh. At parting Guru Sahib pre¬sented him with five arrows in memory of the occasion.

On arriving at home Desu fell ill. His wife said it was all the result of his having forsaken Sakhi Sarwar and taken the Guru's arrows with him. She pressed him to return the arrows and resume his religious allegiance to the Baloch Pir. At first Desu stoutly refused, but afterwards consented.

His wife then broke the arrows and threw the pieces away. After some days Desu died, leaving a son called Gainda. Gainda's brother-in-law committed a murder, and was killed by Gainda. The other brothers-in-law then joined and killed Gainda. And Gainda's son was poisoned by his relations for the sake of his property.

Desu's death and the tragic fate of his relations was attributed to his desertion of the true Guru, Satguru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadhur Sahib Ji Maharaj.