Guru Amar Das Ji And Bhai Prema

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Prema, a devout Sikh, lived in the village of Talwandi. Though he was lame, he was able to walk with the aid of a crutch. Every day it was his habit to take, as an offering, a pitcher of milk to Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, who would drink some himself, and distribute the remainder among his guests. One day in the height of the rainy season with the roads full of mud, he set out on his daily journey with his usual offering.

The village chaudhri had frequently observed his going and coming to and from the Guru's Darbar. On this particular day the chaudhri remained at home and, having nothing better to do, watched the Sikh about to pass by when he furtively, with malicious satisfaction, took away his crutch saying to him, "Go not today, there's too much mud on the ground. If you persist in going, you will fall down and die." Jeering, another man said to him, "If your Guru is such a wonder-worker, why does he not cure your leg? If he can't do that, how shall he save you in the hereafter?"

Prema begged the men, to return his crutch and allow him to go on his way to his Guru. Then, in responce to their impertinent remarks, he said he had not become a Sikh to have his leg made whole, and he would never think of asking the Guru for a new one. The men continued to torment and tease him for some time until, having had their fun, they finally tossed Prema his crutch. Grabbing the pitcher of milk he quickly made his way to see his master, his beloved Guru Ji.

Noticing that Prema, who had always been very punctual, was very late so the Guru inquired of his tardiness and troubled visage. Prema related the whole story of how he had been delayed by the mischievous pranks of the chaudhri and his cohort. Upon hearing this Guru Amar Das Ji said to him, "Prima ji, your leg must be mended." the Guru continued:

"On the bank of the river there dwells a Muslim faqir called Husaini Shah. Go and tell him that the Guru has sent you to be thoroughly cured."

Husaini Shah lived alone and allowed no one to approach him, but hearing the man relate that he had come at his Guru's request Husaini Shah made an exception, and allowed Prema to sit down beside him.

When Prema had finished his narrative, the faqir took up a stick intending to hit him, as he had done, many times before, to other would be visitors who dared to intrude on his privacy. Prema seeing the faqir swinging the huge stick in his direction jumped up and took flight, forgetting, in his haste, to take his crutch with him. Looking down he noticed, to his delight and surprise, that his leg was no longer twisted and his limp was gone.

Prema then returned to the faqir, fell to the ground before him, and thanked him profusely for the cure he had given him in such an unceremonious and extraordinary manner.

Husaini modestly disclaimed all credit, and said, "Your leg was cured the moment the Guru told you to come to me, but he would give me the evil reputation of exercising supernatural power. Go now, fall at his feet, and offer him my homage, as well. There are many servants of God like myself, but I am confident there are none who are as perfect and omnipotent as is your Guru."

Imagine, for a moment, the surprise on the chaudhri's face. [[Category:Guru Ram Das Sakhis]