Janam Sakhis

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The important Janam Sakhis are:

  • 1540: Bhai Bala’s Janam Sakhis dated 1540
  • 1635: Puratan or Hafizabad or Wilayatwali Janam Sakhi dated 1635 (This book was found by an Englishman named Cole Brooke. He brought it to England. Most of the Sikh historians have drawn references from this book)
  • 1650: Mehrban’s Janam Sakhis dated 1650 (Mehrban was a nephew of Guru Arjan)
  • 1711: Sri Gur Sobha by Sainapat, (a court poet of Guru Gobind Singh) dated 1711
  • 1712: Gyan Ratnavli, by Bhai Mani Singh dated 1712
  • 1751: Gurbilas Padshahi dus, by Koer Singh dated 1751
  • 1769: Bansiwala Nama dus Padshahian, by Kesar Singh Chibber dated 1769
  • 1776: Mehma Prakash Vartik, by Bawa Kirpal Singh dated 1776
  • 1776: Mehma Prakash Kavita, by Sarup Das Bhalla dated 1776
  • 1797: Gurbilas Dasvi Padshahi, by Bhai Sukha Singh dated 1797

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