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The Guru proceeded to the river Ravi and then to Lahore. The Lahore territory was then farmed from the Emperor by a millionaire Khatri, whose name was Duni Chand. He was performing the ceremony of Shradh (Shradhs are oblations of cakes and libations of water made to the spirits of deceased ancestors) for his deceased father, when he heard of the devout Nanak's arrival. He took the Guru to his house, and treated him with great affection. When everything was ready for the anniversary feast, Duni Chand began to feed the Brahmans.

The Guru, on being summoned, asked what the matter was. Duni Chand replied that it was his father's shradh, and that he had fed one hundred Brahmans in his name. The Guru replied, It is now two days since thy father hath eaten anything, and yet thou sayest thou hast fed one hundred Brahmans for him. Duni Chand asked where his father was. The Guru replied that he had become incarnate as a wolf, which was now in a clump of trees six miles distant. The reason his father's soul had entered a wolf was, that while he was in human form he had coveted meat which was being cooking by a neighbour, and had died in that desire.

The Guru, on seeing several flags over Duni Chand's door, asked what they were. He explained that each flag denoted a lakh (100,000) rupees which Duni Chand had acquired. On this the Guru gave him a needle, and told him to keep it until he asked for it in the next world. Duni Chand took the needle to his wife, and told her to put it by for the purpose indicated. She believed him crazed, and asked how a needle could go to the next world. She accordingly charged him to return it to the Guru.

Duni Chand took the needle with his wife's message to the Guru, who said, 'If such a small and light thing as a needle cannot go to the next world, how can thy wealth reach there?' Upon this Duni Chand fell at Guru ji feet, and prayed to tell him by what means his wealth should reach the next world. The Guru replied, "Give some of thy wealth in God's name, feed the poor, and thy wealth shall accompany thee." Upon this Duni Chand distributed seven lakhs of treasure, for he understood that disobedience to the Guru's order would militate against his salvation. He then became a disciple of the Guru, and began to repeat the Naam. Guru Nanak uttered the following Shabad on the occasion:

Salok Mahala 1 (Asa Ki Var) SGGS p.468 Read at SikhiToTheMax

False are kings, false their subjects, false the whole world;

False are mansions, false palaces, false those who dwell therein;

False is gold, false silver, false he who weareth them

False the body, false raiment, false peerless beauty;

False husbands, false wives; they pine away and become dust.

Man who is false loveth what is false, and forgetteth the Creator.

With whom contract friendship? The whole world passeth away.

False is sweetness, false honey, in falsehood shiploads are drowned--

Nanak humbly asserteth--Except Thee, O God, everything is thoroughly false.


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