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Ad-Dharm is an alternative term for the Ravidasi religion, meaning Primal Spiritual Path. The term Ad-Dharmi is used by many dalits as a self motivation instead of using their caste name which considers them untouchables. The term Ad-Dharm came into popular usage in the early part of the 20th century when many followers of Ravidas converted to Sikhism and were severely discriminated against due to their low catse status (even though the Sikh religion is strictly against the caste system). Many of these converts stopped attending Sikh Gurdwaras owned or run by Jat "Sikhs," and built their own on arrival to the UK. The building of separate Ravidasi temples paved the way for the Shri Guru Ravidas Mission London to formally organise the Ad-Dharm community based on the tradition which had been passed down from Raidas, who was himself a famous Chamar.

All though Ad-Dharmi's now have many different occupations mainly in India, the traditional occupation that Ad-Dharmi's did was the tanning of leathers. Many Ad-Dharmi's are also agricultural labourers and this is also considered as another occupation that many members of the Ad-Dharmi community are committed to. The Ad-Dharmi community is mainly based in India, however many members of the Ad-Dharmi community have migrated overseas. There are many countries where members of the Sikh Sect called Ad-Dharm can be found. These countries are; America, India, United Kingdom,Europe and Canada.

Sects & Cults

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