Sachkhand Nanak Dhaam

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The Sachkhand Nanak Dham (‘true house of God’) was founded by Darshan Dass (1953–1987) in Batala, Punjab in 1973. Darshan first visited England during the winter of 1979. There followed many other visits, and the numbers of followers grew rapidly. They included people of all walks of life Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs: Darshan encouraged people to follow the truth that is God — within their own faith and to recognise that truth in each person.

Darshan told of the spiritual journey that every human being must undertake for a better understanding of self and of the One God must be undertaken under the guidance of a living spiritual Master. The year 1980 saw the inauguration of Das Dharam, the practical arm of the Mission: members are encouraged to serve all humanity on a voluntary basis. The Punjabi slogan he gave to his followers was "nanak naam chardi kala tere bhane sarbat da bhala", which translates as: “In the name of the Supreme Power, do something good for someone else in your life.”

Members are encouraged to lead a teetotal and vegetarian lifestyle and adopt the fundamental principles of Das Dharam, which are: speak the truth, be content, follow the guidance of a spiritual master and do something for someone else in your life.

A permanent centre was established in Handsworth, Birmingham in 1982. During the turbulent year of 1984, Darshan spoke out against the injustices and intolerances then afflicting the Punjab. He was assassinated in a school hall in Southall during a prayer meeting in November 1987.

Killers of Darshan Dass, Rajinder Singh and Manjt Singh followed him for six months, and shot him in the back of his head in front of hundreds of his followers. The exact reason for this action is unknown but it is claimed that they carried out this crime for personal reasons and due to Darsham Dass' "un-Sikh" practises. It is not clear if the two have been released from prison but in 2010, it is believed that they may still be serving time for murder.