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Sanwal Shahis are chiefly found in South-west Punjab, the Indus valley & North West Frontier Provinces. These are said to be followers of Sanwal Shah, Bawa shah and other shahs of guru's period.

During Guru Nanak Dev

The promenient guru of this sect is said to be Guru Sanwal Shah. Guru Sanwal Shah was disciple of Guru Nanak Dev ji. In 1489 Guru Nank Dev ji went to south-west Punjab to preach his doctrine and sanwal shah then became disciple of guru.

During Guru Ram Das

It is also said that there was a disciple of Guru Ram Das name Sanwal Shah who was arora Khatri. His father supplied funds to Guru Ram Das for the building of Golden Temple. He and his father preached the Sikhism.

During Guru Gobind Singh

Sanwal Shah Singh preached Sikhism on the frontier during Guru Gobind Singh, with his brother. The sect, or rather the followers of Sanwal Shah, Bawa Shah and the formers descendants of other shahs are found in Dera Ismail Khan, Multan and Muzaffargarh, and even beyond the frontier.

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