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Brindaban Matt , also called Brindaban Nanakshahi is a sect said to be associated with Sikhism which was started in 1825 by Brindaban, Son of Dalvali Singh and Mahamail Kaur in Agra, India. Brindaban was the younger brother of Shiv Dayal Singh, the founder of Radha Swami.

Early Development

Brindaban obtained his early spiritual learning from Sant Kanh Singh Nirmala and was an avid learner and studied the Guru Granth Sahib. According to Vijaydeep Singh, "Brindaban is still respected within the Nirmalas sect". As Brindaban attained age of maturity, he obtained his vows of baptism from Baba Amir Chand Bedi, who he accepted as his "Guru" in the normal Nirmala tradition. Accordingly he cannot be considered a true Sikh as a Sikh can only accept Sri Guru Granth Sahib as their Guru.

As a Preacher

Brindaban in time amassed a sizeable following and the strict followers of this tradition would only wear yellow robes. He wrote several books and some of his followers would keep uncut hair as is the tradition in Sikhism while others would cut their hair. Brindaban written number of books. ‘Biharbrindaban Nanakshahi’ was the nam of his samparda. He published a Agra Radhasoami book called ‘Bhaktmal of Radhasoami Faith’, by S. Maheshwari In 1979, the book states that Brindaban was regarded as incarnation of Jesus because perception was due his dress up as a European, and spoke English while spreading his message.

Brindaban also believed that Guru Nanak had incarnated in him which is anti nirmala belief. A Preacher Baba Atal Singh became a prominent disciple of Brindaban and because of his own enthusiasm n devotion of such keen followers, Brindaban managed to establish an ‘Akhara’ (school).

Brindaban died in 1876 in Ayodha where his mausolem is situated. His wife, Bibo who was affectionately called "Shoti (younger) Mataji (mother)" outlined him and was greatly revered by the Agra Radhasoamis.

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