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Congratulations - SikhiWiki passes the 3000 articles mark!

Maan Yog Kh Hari Singh Ji


  • SatGur Bajho Hor Kachhe Hyy Bani....
  • mY hir ibnu tyk Dr Avr n kweI qU krqy rwKu mY inmwxI hy

I , but for you ,  have no Support.  Do save this, meek and dishonored

  • inmwxy mwxu krih quDu BwvY ]

You bless the 'meek and dishonored ' with honor, as it pleases You.

  • hor kyqI JiK JiK AwvY jwvY ]

Many others argue in conflict, come and go

  • ijn kw pKu krih qU suAwmI iqn kI aUpir gl quDu AwxI hy ]14]

Those people, whose side You take,  are elevated ,

Gur Fateh..... !! jo Boly so Nihal

---User: Mutia

--Mutia 08:57, 3 August 2007 (EDT)

Sach Khand

....tyry bhrosy piary myy myy laad ldaia......bhaag hoa gur sant milaya prabh abinashi ghar my paia .....hau kurbany jau Maan Yog Hari Singh ji ky, lyyn jo tyra nau........., Your own naughty baby & typo -Amita......WaKaFa!!!! ....myra mujh my kujh nahi jo kujh hyy so tera.....tyra tujh ko sonpty kia laagy hyy mera....''Sir, there could be no other bachan in Sach Khand except for 'Satt bachan'..

  • will be back, need to finish Guru's home work.
  • Seek more feedback.
  • Sir, Still being on SikhiWiki is being in Sach Khand.
  • Web pages made up of 0s & 1s do not matter. What Matters is being with ONE & every One not 2.
  • Will be back with more of my tantrums (ha! ha!), No more space with my father any more & Hari Singh ji is an ocean (my father here is on the listening watch & I am in trouble.).
  • Neither my father nor Maan Yog Hari Singh ji can afford what I Can (Tantrums.. ha! ha!). So says Sikhi..... TRUE or FALSE... I do not know!!!!!....jaat got Singhan ka dangga Danggy bin rhy na changga.....

From vd vadda deetha hoy...... Thy limits can not be realized, We Sikh.s will not.

Nothing but Gur i.e TRUE IDEAs Fateh & WaKaFa !

Amita, Grand Mom, Mom , Grand Pop, Pop & all Mutias

Hello Sir

Improve the article The Gurmat Sangeet. I tried my best to improve it little bit but this article will not improve jad tak tuhada hatth na pai jaave so do it & yes put some image on it also ragi or musical instrument etc. Enjoy Gurmat Life....user:thegreateditor

This is lucky

I was editing Bhatt Jalap Article and i found that the punjabi text which i copied from a website called sr granth is not pasting here properly the words with matraas are shown sepratley. Please view the article and solve the problem for me please as i have to edit other bhatts articles too. Well i asked a question before from you but you havent answered or i think so u must not seen taht question too please view in your second archeive. enjoy gurmat life.......LUCKY

SatGurBani the language of TRUTH god

Maan yog Hari Singh ji '....akhan aukha sacha nau.. it is real tough. I can appreciate what Nanak would have gone through.

  • Meat has Sweet nothing to do with SatGurBani. Why should this & such otherArticles EXIST in Sach Khand (read Sikhi.) . Not that, I can think of a reason except to get forced to speak the words which cause pain all over.

(we are all human beings need to be truthfull to the commandment of TRUTH god's language ......Gur myry sang sada hyy naaly... & must speak no words but SatGurBani written on our hearts...)

I my self, & all the 'tiny incoming (Indian) Mutias' part of Hm Log (some of them are non-Sikhs by birth), need to be covinced that there is only one brand of Sikhi. of NAAM, DAAN, & ISHNAAN that exists.... followed by history founded on SatGurBani saying Sikhi is...... Naam Japo, Kirt Karo & Vand Chhako....('Vand Chhako'- a term in the Indian 'social domain' (....neecha andar neech jaat) , at times is mischievously used to express 'sharing the booty earned out of Shady Behind the Screen Deals' by the Sikhi of 3HO, Photos, Mala, Pjari & vand chhakna brand ).

I am no way justified in writing what cames to me for an organisation which had been sustaing & is still sustaining new Mutias being inducted purely on the strength of FLAWLESSNESS of SatGurBani )). Our being part of this discussion is no way approved by TRUTH god . It amounts to formalising FALSEHOOD right in the court of TRUTH god (read 'Humanity).hau apradhi gunyhgaar hau bymukh manda simr mureeda dhadia SatGurBani bakhshinda....Seniors like us have to regulate our flocks the world over ......manyy magg na challyy panth.... lest the generations ahead decide to find their own ways (they already have...). We have to believe in nothing but SatGurBani history comes later.

  • We need to learn SatGurBani first to Understand History.
  • SatGurBani supports History & not the other way around.
  • SatGurBani is a Language & has to be learned through repeatetions. It requires no justification & can no way be justified by quoating history & out of context tuks from pavan SatGurBani. Pavan Bani words ....myra SatGur poora.... have to be comlied with by those who call themselves Sikhs.
    • NAAM DAAN ISHNAAN is TRUE Sikhi. because SatGurBani says so.....
    • ....& not NAAM JAPPO (seems to be coveying "parrot it mechanically") KIRAT KARO (it does no way mean saying "Help others learn SatGurBani, WAND CHHAKO (??? history can be distorted not Bani.
  • History is an accedemic subject Bani is not. Sikh is SatGurBani & SatGurBani is Sikh. Nanak is Sikh. & Sikh. is Nanak. This Nanak Shahi Philosophy has to be nursed by all TRUE Sikh.s.
  • Gurus wrote Bani not History.
  • Sikh History has been written to begin with, by invaders & enemies of Sikhs. All they have written are praises for those who gave their heads not for Kingdoms but for SatGurBani & fight against FALSEHOOD & TERRORISM..ਨਾਨਕ ਮ੝ਝ ਨ ਆਖੀਅਹਿ ਜਿ ਗ੝ਰ ਕੈ ਸਬਦਿ ਸਮਾਹਿ ॥੨॥
  • SikhiWiki is holding, sustaining, polishing & forcing opprtunities to both SatGurBani lovers & SatGurBani haters to test their strength in TRUTH god's (read Humanity) court.(devide & rule...??? way approved by SatGurBani)
  • I feel pained to even write the word cntrvrsi( ....bhau dua in SatGurBani language) & it is being forced on readers. ......ih ve daat tyri datar .....
  • initiating/ sustaining & standing by ...Bhau dua ....' is the only paap as far as SatGurBani is concerned.
  • Plead that no communications further be punched into this 'Non Issues' called 'Meat Issue'. Let us make a plan to Talk about Sikh Issues

Sir, believe me I & all mutias may not be TRUE to (we are not as on now....I to lead just can't climb 4th step of route to TRUTH there are 38 ......akan aukha sacha nau.....) ourself to begin with but all words barked by all the mutias are as per the commandment of SatGurBani .....appy patti kalam aap uppar lykh ve tu.... ego stands lound & clear from the above barks & we Mutias stand TRUE to no one but our Master SatGurBani & IDOLs of TRUTH.

  • Beg pardon for not being able to live up to my commitment of our having formally withdrawn from this discussion. ego bites all over & it hurts. It proves that we have not been able to understand Hukum & need to keep Sikhi as Sikhi & not mar it with WIKIs. I am sure you will stand by me if We resolve not to sustain any thing which is not Sikhi..


...ady so jhady ...Sikhi integrates ...FALSEHOOD devides An abstract Idea of course, but straight from the spirit of SatGurBani & TRUTH god given Sikhi...

  • Do away with Talk Pages(ha! ha!). Have only one integrated page..
  • ..Supporting No 2 & all activities associated with it is the only Sin in the word of Khalsiat.

FINAL more meat / veg / Wikis please! neither in talk nor on base pages please. I beg on behalf of all mutias.... baba oh na mangiyy fir mangan jaiyy...... baba naam daan mangda.... give us nothing but NAAM DAAN....give us nothing but NAAM DAAN....give us nothing but NAAM DAAN.... give us nothing but NAAM DAAN....give us nothing but NAAM DAAN.... ...,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am slave to SACHARY Sach dee Murti Aulakh Sahib for having given me the strength to speak the unspoken TRUTHs & Thanks to SikhiWiki for having been with & permitting us craft TRUE IDEAs in the supervision of 'TRUTH god' (noises not withstanding...we Sikh.s for sure WILL...WILL..WLLL do better ahead) who watches every thing from a distance......Ky nydy ky door.....karmee appo aapni.

Nothing' but NAAM JAAN, NAAM DAAN & NAAM ISHNAAN is the one line message of all the words above!!!!! SatGurBani fateh! Baljeet Kaur17 jul 07

Keshdhari Sikhs

Sir, pl read my reply and comment. Guru Fateh sarbjeet_1313me

HEllo Sir

Suchajee & Kuchajee article and image for that has been created. A text is written but as u know that my english is so good so there are lot of mistakes in grammer and in composing lines too. Well when u will read that u will get wat i really want to express and please i want u to make the article properly free of mistakes. I can write more in this article but u know my english sorry for that check it and enjoy. We all want to be a Suchajee Soul not Kuchajee. So god is with u too keep u suchajaa. Tae ik hor gal kehni see kae oi quiz zone shuru kitta jaave Sikhiwiki tae please.....Enjoy Sikhi life.......user:paapi

Mubarkn jee

Lucky nu Punjab university regional centre hoshirpur dakhla mil gaya mca wich. dukh e kaae sathon door jaa reha. chalo ko na life bana reha. hor sunao kimey chaldaa. user:thegreateditor

waana say

I waana say that as this is sikhiwiki so we sould put articles related to sikhism, but i, lucky and ustaad jee also put some not some many punjab articles too. So i think i should remove them. as many of articles dunno contain info about sikhi. We should put article have references with sikhi a little bit i am thinking of refining the website wat do u think. Lucky wee hoshiarpur jaa rehaa he will come after week or two. Howz life goin!......user:paapi

Revert it back please

Please revert it back to its original state my mind says that i or someone added much extra information to it. So please revert the article back i am sorry for the mistake.....Das Paapi

Information Needed

I want u to tell me the number of articles and images present on Sikhiwiki and also please upgrade the user contributions list. Thanku user:paapi

Oh my god

Haye o Rabba! 3000 articles kithon ho gaye???? Ik kamm karo user contribution list upgrade karo tae eh check kar kae dasso new articles sab ton jeada kis nae create klittae. Editing nahin Creation daseo. List bano please. Mere tae Lucky wichkaar kinna difference aa.....user:paapi

Paappi ji is right

R/Sir,WJKKWJKF, M in Chardi Kala]] with the blessings of Almighty Waheguru, hope the same from u. Veer Paapi ji is right in saying that there should be a PAGE of list of users about their no of article contributed (not edits) revised monthly. This special page will be an insipration for new users as well as Manmukhs like me. Seeking Gursikhi jeeven with ur able guidance on Sikhiwiki Guru Fateh. user:sarbjeet_1313me 30July 2007 Jammu.

  • Maan Yog Hari singh ji WaKaFa! Pappiji & Sarbjeet je, both are right, that for sure will be crisp & sweet to be with.

SatGurBani Fateh ! & down with FALSEHOOD--Mutia 10:00, 6 August 2007 (EDT)

  • Maan Yog Hari singh ji WaKaFa!

hm" na visaro prBu ji. hm jn 3'r'.... dan mhi.da 3le Kak, j' mil" 3a ms3k laia" Please Bless us neeca a.dr neec ja3 with your guidance & mind on the issue

User: Mutia/1--ONE 12:45, 8 November 2007 (MST)

EH kee gal bani

I have seen another category i.e Category:Gurdwara has been created by creating this sareee settings dee matt waj jandi hai. Ik hor gal Category: Articles under Deletion nu wee checkj kar leaa karo please. Us ch bohot wahiyaat i mean aimey hee articles jedey create gho gaye san oh udaan wastey dhare appropriate reasons wee dittae hoyaee nae i dont know bematlab ch category wadhaan naal kee hoju...sorry gussa na karna. Bypaapi

Sat Shri Akaal

  • user:paapi is right there is lot of duplicacy.
  • You live in UK you should give detail info about Gurudwaras nearby you. Visit yourself and click photographs and display them here. I have some photos of my nearby historical gurudwaras clicked by both me and paapi. I think paapi have uploaded one showing Darbar Sahib of Gurudwara Amb Sahib. Well we both were moorakh before some days we visited Golden Temple and we forgot to take away camera. That was a blundrous mistake. Also write about Sikhism in United Kingdom.
  • The article Users Contributions List is incompleted.
  • When are you coming to India, Once Lucky jee told me that u are arriving here in September or Octuber do meet us.
  • One more good news Mohali where we guys live will be now famous for International Airport as scheme launched that International Airport is to be Setup/opening in mohali and in coming days/years Mohali/Chandigarh/Panchkula will become famous as IT areas.
  • How is Gurmat Life Going. How is 3HO Going. Hope everything will be fine. An English Bibi iinterview comes here that bibi wears a dumalla(turban)and talk about food to eat balanced diet etc. She must be from 3Ho Group. I found some ladies in Long Cholas and Dastar and looking Foreigners at Golden Temple they must be of 3ho am i right?

Enjoy Life Ustaad Singh 31st July 2007, 10:31 PM, Mohali, India

Sat Shri Akaal Thanks for reply

  • Waiting for cool photographs of gurudwaras around you.
  • Do u know Gmustak Singh? is he UK'eaaa or Usa'eaaa. I mean from where he belongs. do u have any contact of him.
  • [email protected] me something about Amita Singh? He seems me toatally orthodox or Some Khalistani. Have u ever talked with this guy. Lucky je as told that he seems to be a orthodox and Lucky's bro Rinku Bhaa jee said that "In Chakkar mein mat pado, He must be some Khalistani". Lucky says " No he is not, but he is orthodox". He also told that those guys know only gurbai in his whole family and he confused me with (Amita, Rajendra, Baljeet)Singhs and Kaurs. Are these guys related to u. I mean are they ur real brothers sisters etc. JUST ASKIN! DObnt take it as a matter
  • User Contribution Report is cool effort if u fulfill it. I am with u if u want anyhelp then i m here.
  • Firms will set up here at mohali slowly and steadly. i will keepin inform u. The set up of IT parks will eat up lot of our feilds(Anaaz) well lets see.
  • Is it safe to talk with user mutia please answer me privately my email id is.... [email protected]
  • Howz life goin! hope u are enjoying

Enjoy Life Ustaad Singh 1st July 2007, 12:53 AM, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, India

Sat Shri Akaal

  • Please help me in creating the article Yatra Hemkunt Sahib. I want to create this article but its bit cnfusing because no format for the article s coming in my mind. Placing of images i think is ok and demographics or data which i updated from a book on hemkunt sahib. Please improve the article as its looking "Adhoora Adhoora". I will update more information on the places and Gurudwaras related to hemkunt sahib. I have some pics which i will update soon.
  • Mutia's confused me a lot i am not getting which peronality is messaging to whom. Its like A single person with different avatars. i have contact no. of mutias Colenel Rajendra Singh mutia and Amita Singh a new name Amitar singh comes forward me. Well Lucky told me that Rajendra Singh will teach me the lesson of Sikhism and he never talked with Amita Singh. Have u ever conversate with them?? Sometime Baljeet Kaur chat with me soome time Amita Singh(Kaur) some time Engineer Saab and some time Amitar Singh on chat. Well these guys are in delhi i think they havent seen punjab. Drugs in punjab, Patit Sikhs in punjab etc etc. If they are orthodox they should encourage the sikhism in punjab. They should come here and live here especially in Hoshiarpur, Amritsar, Tarntaran area where drugs are eating man life, Where Dera, Fake Sadhus have eaten up the Khalsai Panth. Well when u will visit punjab now u will find the half of the youth are clean shaven from head(lol) and from chin also. No keshdharan is there. Tey say that saathon Daari nahin sambhan hundi beadbee hundi hai is ton wadiyaa kata kae paran maaro theya also says yaar garmi ch paseena nit chonda hai daari wichon. About turban they says "Pagg wee nira seapa hee hai". Even bajurag says" Daari da panga ee ae". This wat is punjab. The count of Sikh people is down.

-> Paravy Kaur Nijjer Call her Paravy nijjer
-> Amarpreet Singh Johal call him Amarpreet Johal

No Singh's no Kaur, Girls are encourging western faishon here. they usually go to beauty parlours and "Parvatthey Kataundian nae, Waxing(want to put short clothes)". Amita Singh keda ghat hovegeee(Sorry). But most chaddo almost all of sikh girls are indulge in these bajars.

  • main aimey hee pagal ho gaya. Howz life going. Koi naa main apnae articles wehla ho kae kisey din count karangaa. Tusee bakian dae kar deo. Enjoy life

Well sorry for poor english user:thegreateditor 11:31 AM Mohali,Punjab,India

Paapi Says!!!

Sir jee i have uploaded rehras Sahib today. I want u to make a page of Read rehras Sahib Online the template is

Rehras Sahib: Listen and Read

Page 1 === Page 2 === Page 3 === Page 4 === Page 5 === Page 6 === Page 7 === Page 8

. Make a wonderful page edit what u want well i have to set page 4 - 8 i will set them soon. Howz gurmat life enjoy rehras sahib Sat shri akaaluser:paapi

Jambo Sana

Sat Sri Akal Hari Singh Ji. I am also a fellow Kenyan. Was born and raised there but setteled in the US now with the rest of my family. If I can pin-point one thing that I am proud of about being a Kenyan Sikh it is the Gurdwaras we have. I will try my best to add as much information about Kenyan Gurdwaras and Kenyan Sikhs as possible. So far I just found some old and some new pictures which I have been subsequently posting up. I will have more stuff on as soon as I can get a hold of it. Gur Fathe Ji. - Jasmeet Singh Bansal

Hari Singh Ji, I would like to upload Google Earth Snapshots of some of the Gurdwaras. Can I do that? Will copyrights be an issue? These images will not be altered, they will be direct snapshot images.

Paapi Says!!!

Sir Anand sahib which i uploaded is that which we read in Rehras Sahib. Full Anand Sahib i will uploaded soon in another article and same with chopai sahib. i thing u understood it. This is rehras sahib so thats why i uploaded half banis which are wordly reads by bhais, Gianis, Khalsais, You me. Chopai alone i will upload it soon. Enjoy gurmat Lifeuser:paapi

Sat Shri Akaal

  • Hari Singh ji, I have gone through some articles and i found that Gurudwara's of africa are not in proper format. The images are just thrown and format is so irregular. The user who uploaded the images had done the greatest work of uploading pictures of maximum of gurdwaras of africa. I hail to the Shri Bansal Jee. But the article should have of some quality so please.
  • i will try to take photographs of loacal gurudwaras i and user:paapi went last time and clicked 2 to three images. But sorry sir we dont have a good camera so images are bit blurred check Gurudwara Amb Sahib & Gurudwara Baba Deep Singh (Solkhian). i will update images soon of gurudwara Singh Shaeedan, Sacha Dhann & Others.
  • I am iploading rite know images of Gurudwaras in chandigarh and mohali found from various sources as i have edited them so these are copyright free. Enjoy images.
  • Howz Life going See u again user:thegreateditor, 7:56 AM, Mohali, Punjab.

Paapi Says!!!

Oh u r rite there are 5 pauris 6th one is missing sorry for the confusion i will upload it soon wait!!. user:paapi

Paapi Says!!!

moved to SikhiWiki talk:Improvements

I want upload MP3


I want upload My MP3 files. these size are 5-8mb. tell me how to upload it Thanks Gurjeet Singh 09814790299


'bolt bolt vadhy vikara.....

'bahuta nahin bolba.....

Maan Yog Hari Singhji WaKaFa!

"......I appreciate that you may not agree with their philosophy....."

  • Sir, Since You agree....I have nothing to offer.
  • I linked the article with nothing but SatGurBani
  • If that is a SIN & 'is not permitted then this lowest of the lowly has 'no say' & nothing to say ......akhan aukha sacha nau

Tera Bhana meetha lagyy.....

Doglapan alias Duality alias FALSEHOOD

" a different angle altogether...."

" a different (TRUE) angle eminating from 3HO angle...."

    • SatGurBani sees ONE angle . We see TWO (do number) (SatGurBani & 3HO angles)
    • SatGurBani integrates all TWOs in ONE. We differentiate all ONEs in TWOs
    • We do not have One Guru, but TWO...(Dasam Granth for Scholarly expectations has to be maintained in Sikhism)
    • We have TWO Angles 3HO & SatGurBani
    • We have TWO foundations of Sikhi........ NAAM , DAAN, ISHNAAN &.......... Naam japo, Wand SHako & kirat Karo
    • We brand SatGurBani professing duality, 'Meatism' & 'vegiterianism'.
    • By coincidence & through TRUTH god's WILL, We do not have pure Sikhi. but grey blend of White 'Sikhi' & 'Wiki'.
    • We nave TWO Hari Singh jis(Sir beg pardon for the 'No-2 ka' coincedence again here) Hari Singh (Nalwa) with Mala and 'Do number ka' with out Mala
    • We have TWO Sheikh fareeds 1---lying helplessly & beeging from crows & 2---Shabad Guru alias Fareed Sahib
    • We have TWONanaks.... 1----with the mala & 2---SatGurBani alias Khalsa Nanak Singh.
    • We have TWO angles for 3HO 1----"....3HO is Run....2---Now it has become ".....Sikh related....." (it is Anit- Sikhi sayth Nanak. 'Saffron grigade of the West'. & SikhiWiki not only agree with their philosophy but ruthlessly sustain it on net parallel to GurMat)
    • We have devided GurMat it self in TWO parts.... 1----one written on paper(Granth which sustains Raag Jaala exactly the way SikhiWiki supports a No of brands of Sikhis).....2----One written on all human hearts).
    • Khalsa System of running any organisation is through Panj Piaras. SikhiWiki, the 'modren age IT Gurdwara' seems to be run by TWOPiaras...... 1-----Non Speaking 'Piara Gurmastak Sinkh Jee'2------All speaking 'Piara & Maan Yog Hari Singh jee'.

lykha rabb mangysia byytha kadd bahee..... ih bhe daat tyree datar....... vaad vivaad kahoo sy nahee.....

  • Sir, Kindly permit me to listen to nothing but SatGurBani
  • Sir, Kindly pemit me to link False Articles with SatGurBani
  • Sir, Kindly gift me nothing but SatGurBani....Khalsa naam daan mangda'
  • Sir, Kindly permit me to be goverened by nothing & no one but SatGurBani.
  • Sir, Kindly permit me to ponder over & discuss nothing (no discussions on SatGurBani please, It is my Mother tounge & I learn SatGurBani not by analysing it but through NAAM JAAN, NAAM DAAN & NAAM ISHNAAN from my mother & not through translations which create as many meanings as Suits them for their respective agendas.)
  • Sir beg your pardon for my only fancy for SatGurBani.
  • Kindly permit me to withdraw fron the discussion. SatGurBani ordains me that way....... because....... bolat bolat vadhy vikara.....

SatGurBani Fateh !! Mutia

App japyy avry naam japavyy

Maan Yog Hari Singh jee, WaKaFa!


SikhiWiki not permitting and letting this barking Mutia withdraw from the discussion (on this anti Sikhi & non issue called 3HO) not withstanding, These are the last words which SatGurBani ordains me to pen.

  • TRUE Sikh.s believe in nothing but One.
  • I am struggling my way to become One day, One with one.
  • Being on just 3rd step of Sikhi is not Good enough.
  • We Sikhs have a long way to go.
  • WE WILL come what may happen.
  • Let all TWOs of the world join hands WE WILL stay ONE with ONE & all.
  • TRUE Sikh.s love even their enimies.
  • As per SatGurBani there is only ONE sin i.e. No 2 Ka Dhanda.
  • Pappiji's words are soaked in nothing but Love. He writes nothing but SatGurBani. He does it not from Granth but from his heart. He cares Two hoots for Granth part of GurMat.....
  • ..Nanak vigsyy by parwah.... If some one want to meet Byparwah Nanak, read Papiji's words....(Sikhi of Nanak & mala brand will not Do).He is an Idol of TRUTH
  • Aukakh Sahib is an Idol of TRUTH...Hau kurbany jau.....
  • Let us Identify(...jy manniya ta manniyy bujheeyy gur parsaad....) & emmulate No one but IDOLS of TRUTH to become one one day.
  • Let us get guided in 1 & not Two directions & pummp in Khalsa resources not into Non Issues but into Sikh Issues.
  • My ONE direction is clear to me SatGurBani.....It is tough!!!....akhan aukha sacha nau.....No one walks with you.....kood raja kood praja kood sab sansaar
  • We need Pappies on Net not Scholars!!.....May god give us strength to become Pappis of Nanak brand but not Scholars .....

Naam bina sab nihchal kaam....

This barking Mutia is just struggling to live with nothing but commandments of SatGurBani believe in nothing but 'First Step of TRUE Sikhi......

Hukum razai challna.....& .....aap apnee budh hyy jyytee varnan bhin bhin toy dhattee

I am out of it!!!! is fun to die for SatGurBani

Beg pardon from SatGurBani for my stupidities. Marny ty he paiyy pooran parma nand.....

...1 Fateh! & down with 2

--Mutia 22:14, 18 August 2007 (EDT)

U R Right SIR

Sir,WJKKWJKF,U r absolutely right about the mistake(by oversight)very sorry for that but about magazines i m of the opinion that all magazine articles should be under one category i.e "Sikh Magazines" Guru Fateh user:sarbjeet_1313me 18 Aug 2007

Ask Mutia

Amitaa nu kahoo kae apnae articles nu sudhare.
Mainu gussa chad rehaaa. Main tottae tootae kar dene(Apnae deemag dae)

Amittaaa pehan jee nu tusee apnae shabdan wich bayaan karo kae please apnae articles nu normall putt kar deyaa karan. Main aap he ohna dae articles nu edit kar lavangaa Professional site hai gurbani professional hai. Way wee professional rakho. Guru Granth Sahib wekho kinna professional hai. Sir actually tusee khayaal nahi kardey website daa. jae mutia jee apnae weechar imey likhdey hann tuseen edit kareyaa karo. Ik main page nae tuada deemag khada hona. News wala portion katt he do jae oh tme consuming hai. Just link de davo to read latest news. apan 4 - 5 bandey site nu kinna ku khichangae. Bohot kamm karna paina. Website taan sada secendory work hai. Chuttiyan see is lai tuadee site tae kiney namey articles pae nahin taan main hairan see Baba Banda Singh Bahadur article wee nahin see. Kuj paapi tae ustaad nae help kitti. taan jaakey site ch mostly maximum sikhi articles cover hoyae. Main fukree nahin maar rehaa main just eh kehna chahunda jae kadi chutti miley taan site nu chamkaa dau ik waari. Find different and new sources to sikhi.

Amitha jee nu galtee naal main kuj likh davaan taan oh taan gurbaani lai kae pichey hee pai jandey hann, Kad kad kae lines mardey haannn. lines thalley banda dabb kae marr jave.
Eh doojae Navjot Singh Sidhu hann oh muhavrey marda eh gurbani mardey. khatranaak kudi hai Amita. Socho Kudi ini khatarnaak Parents taan khasey dangerous hongae. Kudi gurbani maar sanu behaal kar dindi parents taan poora Guru Granth Sahib......Nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Kiddin! sir. simply waana say quality standard da templete banao tae Mutia jee dae pages tae pehlan paoooo Please. Inna taan kar sakdey main taan darda mutia jee ton


Ardaas Wallon Lucky

Lucky wallon tuhadey murhey ardaas hai kae Mere Grandmom is suffering from cancer of Liver n Colon(intestine). No treatment is there for the dreadful disease as her age is 80+1 or 2. I want the users please benyty hai

Ik ardas rabb aggae kar dena, Kae mere Dadi ji nu ghato ghat 5 saal di hor sakoon bhari life den. Please shayad oh ik pal tusee guru nu jud ardaas karo kisi de life sudhar sakdee hai tae Kisey dee zindagee ch khushi aa sakdee hai. Ik Ardaas Insaniyat(Humanity) wajon kar dena. Oh pain naal bohot buri taran kalpdey hann, wekhya nahin jaunda. Weak ho gaye hann. But apan ohna nu nahin dasya kae ohna nu cancer hai taanki oh positive minded rehan. PLease help her by pray before god. Kisi da ik pal kisi nu jind dae sakda tae kisey nu khushi de sakda please.

Rabb tuhada bhala karey, sarbat da bhala karey. Waheguru jee ka khalsa Whaguru je ke fateh.

Bohot bohot Dhanwaad

Rabb tuadean SHUBH MANOKAMNA Purian karey. .....LUCKY

Ikk gall hor karni si main hun confuse hon lagga kae True Sikhs da article da kee bhaant ae??? What is Amita Caur is trying to do:-????? Wehley articles. Main true sikh HAHAHAHAHAHA. article padoh and put it under articles for deletion mainu articler da main concept nahin samjh aaya.


Sir,WJKKWJKF, I wd like 2 bring a wrong information on Wikipedia. There is an article on Magnetic Hill India in which it has been quoted that Sikhs 10Guru has meditated their in 17 cen. But the fact is that Guru Nanak has meditated their.On the talk page of article i requested for its correction a month ago, but all invain.Now i ve been blocked the reason i dont now. Pl. Try 2 correct this b4 mistake.Guru Fateh user:sarbjeet_1313me


Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Ultimately with the grace of Waheguru i have done it,some one has removed the wrong refferences from Hindu newspaper and i have corrected the misinformation about Gurudwara Pather Sahib, Leh on wikipedia ,this i have done with the full cooperation and help of you and user:Mutia after they have unblocked me. Sir i have given a link to sikhiwiki on that page.How can i give direct link to article Magnetic Hill India.Pl guide a little bit .Rest everything is fine and Chardi kala.


19 Sept 2007

What is this

In an article Pig its difficult to align some text in centre please view the article and do the same..user:paapi

Gurbani Page

Bahuta nahin bolna..... Maan yog Hari Singh Ji, WaKaFa!

  • I am not able to reach History of the This Page.
  • Kindly help!!

SatGurBani Fateh!!!

--Mutia 00:17, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Sir, Sorry bothering You & beg pardon for mixing up things.
  • For sure I need more NAAM ISHNAAN. I got it ---->Gurbani.. The 'dot' did the job.

SatGurBani Fateh!!!

--Mutia 00:17, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

Singh jee

ki haal aa kee kardey jae nanakmata article featured list tae paya jae khyaal rakhna ok bye

Hareeeeee jeeeeeeeeeeee

I am feeling so much angry i Lucky and paapi want to say that remove the articles of Mr. Mutia, Amita Caur is writing articles now in GURDITEE the dhakka script. Inidan Languages etc etc maximum articles we cant understand and we need to read it carefully. His/her articles are not of standards if u want these kind of articles on your website sorry as it teases me and i have to leave the website soon. I know u will not have problem if editor leav ehe website but i feel so anger huh watcing mutias article.


See Guru Arjun What a proper format, See Bhai Veer Singh, Panth Ratan Maskin jee view there articles. Mutias are just throwing articles like garbage.

I am Sorry user:thegreateditor with paapi & Lucky

Please club

Sir ji,


Kindly club the categories "Gurdwaras in Jammu and Kashmir" and "Gurudwars in Jammu and Kashmir" one has 30 articles and the other has 7. Confusion to see two different articles under same name in both the categories just as Gurdwara chatti Patshahi,Srinagar is in both the categories having different details.

Guru Fateh



9 Sept. 2007


Sir, Please go to the Category

Gurdwaras in India

1.9 Jammu & Kashmir

Code of Conduct


Guru Fateh,

According to panth parvanit sikh rehat maryada only Kutha meat is forbidden. But my edits have been reverted. It means according to u meat is forbidden and is included in the four kuriahts. But at the time of Baptism by "Paanch Pyaaras" of SGPC, it is preached that only Kutha meat is forbidden as per Sikh code of conduct. Only some deras and some organisations say tha meat is forbidden. It seems u dont follow the Sikh Rehat Maryada published by SGPC and authenticated by the Akaal Takhat.

There r different views of different organisations on this issue but we all should follow the Sikh Rehat Maryada not apni apni dafli apna apna raag. Maafi chahunda han.



Sad News

My Grandmom (S. Pritam Kaur) left her heavenly abode(Expired) on 12th of this month (Morning 10:10). Please do a ardas for my granny n me on sihiwiki. Thanks
HArpreet SIngh


Sir ji


Hope u will be fine wid the grace of Almighty Waheguru.Thanks for placing Gurdwara Nangali Sahib on the main page.

The problem about articles has not been solved.As suggested by u i have already approached thegreateditor but he has not accessed the site . The Gurdwara Chati Patshahi and Gurdwara Chatti Patshahi,Kathi Darwaja,Rainwari,Srinagar are not two different Gurdwaras.Added by Thegreateditor last Week widout knowing it already exists on sikhiwiki, It is a one Gurdwara ,i have personally visited this Gurdwara.Kindly add both the articles.

Also in the List of Gurdwaras in india J&k section,It is not only list. There are some articles which are not present on Gurudwaras In Jammu & Kashmir

Guru Fateh.

Er.Sarbjeet Singh,Jammu

user:sarbjeet_1313me 16 Sept 2007

Sir ji, Thanks. Gurudwara Mattan (Srinagar) and Gurdwara Guru Nanak Dev (Anantnag) are also one Gurdwara,Kindly add the two.

Ur suggestions helped me a lot.

Guru Fateh

user:sarbjeet_1313me 17 Sept 2007

Sat Shri Akaal

How are you? Dadi jee dae sab cremation ceremonies pooriyan ho gayan hann. Rabb ohna de aatma nu Sada lai shanti dave. Transmigration dae chakkran ton hamesha layee bachavey

Know come to point

  • Gurdwara Toka Sahib article ch meri poor english hon karkey bohot gramatical mistakles hann kirpa kar correct kar dittiyan jaavan.
  • Sarabjeet je harr article dae thalley apna naam likh dindey hann ohna nu kirpa kart daseyaa jaavey kae articles dae thalley naam likhan dee lod nahin kyon kae articles de history wich sabh kujh aa janda hai. JAe koi wishesh article hai taan references da tag bana kae fir nichey apne identity de den taan theek ravegaa.
  • PatalPuri Sahib gurdware gea se uthon kuj pictures khich kae lyaya haan jalad he aap de sewa ch hazar karan gaa. tae dadi jee dae antam akhandpaath sahib de pics wer update karan gaa.
  • Toka sahib de pics arrange karan de apnae wallon puri puri try kar reha haan. mere hath 2 pics laggiyan han jus ch Ranjit Singh khuh tae Nim sahib de images shushobhit hann. jalad he try karan gaa oh update kar ditiyan javan.........................LUCKY

Sat Naam Shri Waheguru

Well mainu lagdaa Sarabjeet Singh jee mera uprokat likhyaa waak padh kae gussa hjo gaye.

I am not saying that not to write name under article i was just saying if he want to display then display under particular tag like here under Gurdwara Sant Mela Singh Dastkari Ashram (Digiana). or suggest any tag or template for the users who create the artcles of their own.

Actually u know i have created many articles by myself but i dont want to write my name under them as a feeling comes in me - """contribute wee kitta tae gaa wee leyaa, tae kee faeda us contribution da""". i mean i have contributed but if i sing that i contributed i contributed it dunno feels me good.

Actually i am not Bhai Vir Singh or Kavi Santokh Singh Well leave that jiven marzee karo i am not Mutia who kooks to sarab.

Hari SIngh Jee this is your duty how to properly tag the same things in your article. Tusee eh na socho kae mainu kee hop rehaa jae oh apna naam likhdaa. main chahunda haan kae oh apnaa nam likhan pata lagna chahidaa kae bai sadha jammu da eaa. Fir eho jehe bai nu fad kae kahoo kae chal qweerae photos wee leaa gurdweare dee. Ask sarab to also bring the pics and display it over net. I dont want directly to talk with sarab as i think we both are from GARAM kull, we start arguing. so u resolve the matter

'TEmplate for the users who want to display their name under their creation, or any other idea' Well leave above lets discuss 'A Fact=U comment on it! OK'
I have seen at harimandir sahib on floor marbles there are many names written who contributed for harmandir sahib in many other gurdwaras the same i have also seen. What do u think that is right. If this is right it means u had done the same in ur life. Well apnaa naam likh dindey pathran tae apne mahima wastey. GUPAT daan is best daan

Waheguru Waheguru

Sir ji,

Guru Fateh,

If we are Gursikh we should always be polite.If we read Gurbani we shud apply it in our daily life. I m surprised to see the words "Mutia kooks Sarbjeet". Let mr hpt to remove my name,I have no problem wid it.

But the way is not gud. About writing name i have many excuses and examples to say,but i will not describe. We shud adopt the Gursikh way of life.If we have convincing power we will spread sikhism to the whole world.

1. What is the name lucky,Sikhism doesnt recognise such names lucky ,biky,sharu,sonu the names shud be Harpreet Singh. He writes his name lucky and give directives others.

2.why he write Mohali when the name is Sahibjada Ajit Singh Nagar.After my request written once Sahibjada Ajit Singh Nagar and now only lucky.

Sir,give directives.I will abide.

Rest in chardikala

user:sarbjeet_1313me 21 Sept 2007

Answer of above and a request from user:mutia

"""User Mutia's Mail to me""" I am one of the oldest users who write nothing but TRUTHs .
I seem to have been blocked without even intimating me any reasons
I am not able to reach SikhiWiki GurDwara through my 'User Name' (Mutia) & Password (mutia).
I miss SikhiWiki
Kindly help!

What happened why u blocked the entry of user mutia polease explain???

"""Sarab U"""
Lucky is name known by Mr. Hari Jee. This is nick and Hari singh can easily recognize my identity so dont come in between me and Hari Singh. In Sikhiwiki, in articles you will not find the name lucky.

Secondly, Mohali is village OK u understand Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar is new name to the town nearby. Now dont say that again

Majhbian wargee galan loki kar dindey. Main keha taa bai naam na hata just tag laa dae references da ehee gal chubh gai kae mere negatives point kadney shuru kar tey.

Check the above stats and above mail too and reply of sarab too ...... LUCKY

Why Mutia has been blocked?

Sir ji,


I have also recd email from Amita Singh that she has been blocked. This is unfair a person shud be given a chance before being blocked and should be warned before that. I m requesting u kindly do something and make the solution for her return to sikhiwiki.


user:sarbjeet_1313me 21 Sept. 2007 Maan Yog Hari Singh je


There is absolutely no problem what so ever, for whatever reason it might have been, is over. Beg pardon for whatever ripples it generated. Here in this part of land things happen ( the universally known song goes "it happens only in India" ). There is light all over again.

hukm" a.ndr sb ko bahr hukm na koe'................all was but hukm.

Here is your own barking Mutia back with nothing but 'in service of 'TRUTH god'( Indians here need some 'god' otherwise they cease to remain Indians ).Sir, if Hindus can afford 33 crors of them we for sure can have at least creat ONE to ourself . It is the in-thing in land of our Gurus'....( thanks to technology...ha! ha!)

Sir it may sound absurd on my part to refer to technology here.....that is the Indian way of saying is really interesting, (not that I am not able to appeciate the westeren perception about funny expressions) but here TRUTH (square peg) has to be forced in a round holes, which masses love. Sikhs no way can lag behind, we are 2nd (only sin in sikhism) to none.

I plan putting one of Kabeer Sahib's shabad which will help us understand the socio political scene here & my strong urge to bark when I get a hukm......

aKa jeeva visr" mr jau............Sir permit me I won't like to die for the heck of it

My father had been able to barter 'TRUTH god' in exchage of one of the local 'regional Indian god' to one of his Muslim q'lgu friend in Hydrabad. bit of q'lgu creeping in from him.

Once again I have no words of thanks to order of Khalsa for letting me relish my tantrums, sir which I as a tiny baby of Panth on 'TRUE Panth to 'TRUTH god' for sure own as my pocket money from my Parents.

All this while, I had been one to one with GurMastak je & he had been more than receptive & helpfull . I had been on e mail with Pappi & sarab both as well.

It is the Gajj ke & Khalsa spirit of Papiji which for sure motivates not me alone but all of us & th Panth alike.


--Mutia 09:18, 2 October 2007 (EDT) PS:

  • Sir contents of my mom's User page User:Khalsa1 have been deleted.
  • My best of humble pleas spoken in god's [[SatGurBani|Own Language were not Heard by TRUTH god.
  • SikhiWiki Management may kindly condider due NAAN ISHNAAN within their domain.
  • There appears to be ample scope for transparecy in mamagement & operation of all Sikh sites in genral.
  • In the domain of SatGurBani & the order of the Khalsa there is no place for secracy & passivity to wards anti-Sikhi perceptions.
  • All Ideas have to be shared. There is no word called 'copyright' in the dictionary of [[Khalsa|Sikh Society].
  • I am thankfull to you in person for having objectively, rationally, humbly, sternly & TRUTHfully put accross the point to Mr Nihang Singh in the past in the words he I am sure, understood. I look forward to SikhiWiki management pesuing the point in a big way accross the panth. All mutias will be with.
  • SikhiWiki is the only Web Site, Which I dare say, can set the TRUE precedences & evolve as ONE & only ONE standard of putting accross the Sikh concepts to the World in the right language not for Scholars' consumption but those of.

neeca a.dr neec jaq nece hu aq neec......nank....v~dia sio kia rees.......

  • As on now Sikh Web site except for a few seem to be competeing with Indian social scene (33 crore) by projecting as many slyles & formats as the think can fit in their brand of Sikhi.
  • It is just unfortunate. Guru does not permit even No 2. We are heading for 33 crors.......e'h be daq qyre daqar......
  • Sir I foresee SikhiWiki showing the light to others in a demonstrative manner.
  • I am your you will understand the sensitivity of the panthik issues.
  • Sir, All this is my mind (best it can do is barking) & feedback from my side. No discussion on any of the sensitive issue in public domain is intented here with due regard to Gurus Hukm.......vaad vivad kahoo s' nahe...
  • Let nothing but TRUTH be the aim of all TRUE Sikh.s.
  • Let the aim be realised by us by walking on no path but that of TRUTH.
  • Let nothing but TRUE Sbd be our guide in our writings

Sir rest later ......beg pardon fron guru for not obeying his orders .....bahqa nahe bolxa

Gur fq'h !!!

Hello Sir how ar you

Hello Sir how are u? What are you doing. Sorry that i havent came on website for so long but in futrure its difficult for me as study days are there and every student must be busy due to exam days.

It feel so sad that Bee jee(Body of Lucky's Granny) left the world foreever but she is in our heart. She was a great honest and hard working lady. i also went to cremation, Kiratpur and bhog too. God gives her salvation. Everybuddy over here loves her. If she got angry people didn't feel bad they feel cool. She was the great lady of lucky's family as she talks with everbuddy. She view eveyone with oneness. I have seen on one side she talking with IAS and other side with Bhaiyaans, Maids etc.
Lucky dae kehan tae i have uploaded some images of gurdwara which i had clicked on his granny's last ceremonies. I have some more pics of Vain, Akhandpath Bhog etc but lucky dunno allow me to upload the same so sorry.

Hows gurmat life going best of luck for best future and me also for nice attemptation in exams. Thanku. Waheguru je ka Khalsa Whaguru je ke Fateh.user:paapi

Email by mr. Mutia

  • O hari singh jee o mutia jee da id on kar do yaar imey naa karo jee.
  • Mainu mail kar kar mera inbox bhari jandey.
  • Sochdey Sikhiwiki nahin taan paapi, lucky, Sarab da inbox he sahee.
  • Tuseen tae Mutia pakkae bhai lagdey, Gurmustak singh sab da dada lagdaa(Kadi reply nahin kardaa) Darpok aa kahda technical guru jae mail he nahin us ton check hundee. Mainu tan lagdaa tusee we us nu kadi nahin miley na us da contact aa tuahadey kol.
  • Sarabjeet Bhai veer singh baney firdey apna naam har article dae thalley bohot takdey writer banan gae.
  • Allenwala keda gora aa nama e enter kitta ae.

Main mutia dae mail padh padh pagal ho gaya haan MAINU TUHADEY TAE GUSSA AA REHA HAI. Kahdi administratoree jae ina wee nahin kar sakdey.

Mutia tadpda , mainu tadpanda main tuanu tadpaoon ohda account unblock karo. Nain taan main sikhiwiki chon mutia dae sarey articles delete kar davoon

Ik poetry in SGS jo main create kitta thaa oh umey he peaa hai us wich gurbani lines ch template paye jaan. o mainu we administrator as enter karan do site ch main thodey rules we banavan. Ik section rakho ask questions on sikhism section nu main sikhiwiki homepage tae display karo OK. In Gussa user:Paapi

Sir, I have just added a ref. link to the article on Guru Angad in the section concerning his labor making cord for charpai's. I do not know:

1. if this is correct in Punjabi language or how the plural form would be indicated. 2. I think the link, wich I found checking my spelling, adds a rich cultural insight

  on the Gurus' labour making cord, the process of cot weaving etc. both for Sikh and non Sikhs
  around the world.

3. I do not currently know how to limit the link to just the arrow at the end if you would kindly do this for me I could look to see how it was done.

thanks for your anticipated help please check the link as for its appropriatness.


Thanks, mission accomplished at least as regards the link.

Gulab Singh

Sir,while giving link to Gulab Singh,one is confused to see two Gulab Singh.There should be two different articles,one Gulab Singh and the other Gulab Singh, Lahore. Thanks

Guru Fateh.


Sir, I ve not talked about duplicacy . I ve requested that when you click Gulab Singh there are two Gulab Singh in this article.So pl. divide this Article into Two different Articles.

On many pages to give link to Maharaja Gulab Singh only Gulab Singh has been linked,thus giving wrong link.I have corrected which i could locate.

So on sikhiwiki there should be three different articles on Gulab Singh.

1. Maharaja Gulab Singh

2. Gulab Singh

3. Gulab Singh,Lahore Please Create this after dividing the Article Gulab Singh

into two Articles.



30 Sept 2007


Still still Waiting for the above work.


01 Oct. 2007


U are not responding to queries. user:paapi

O thanks

Thanks for unblocking ms. Amita Kaur she was overflowing my inbox too. She says that she writes truth. but iew her language more difficult to read. She uses amazing lipi named gurditee by these personalities somebuddy tell them kedey guru ae ditti. Amita jee bada guru wali bandee ho taan gurukhi pado likho guru angad dev dee. Eh gurditte normal insaa nae create kitti. I want to create an allegation page specially for user mutia. Dont say aapan allegation lagaan waley kaun hundey haan. i want to add apan he allegations lagan waley hndey haan. On that page add the users on whom u want to finger. I want to finger Mutia, you, lucky & yes sarab too...THE Great EDITOR




It is very unfortunate that the user HaHA has gone that way.But it is pertinent to mention here that may be some text has provoked him.So it will be healthy if the castist comments be avoided on sikhiwiki.The comments "Mejhbi bargi gallan loki kar dinde......"on ur this page by Harpreet Singh are enough to disturb a sikh who is Majhbi. Neither i am Mejhbi nor i know he (Ha Ha) is or not but i am just quoting a quick reference.

Thanks ,Guru Fateh.


3 Oct 2007

Discussion on user:hahaha

Sat Shri akaal

User:hahaha is either user:thegreateditor or my freind Amarpreet we all lives in same apartments. i want you not to kindly block the IP address on which user:hahaha on that day was as the apartments where we live have alloted 6 Ip address by our ISP reliance and those 6 circulates through different users. Yesterday i got the same ip and i was not able to acess the acount as message was given block id - 43. id is blocked by removal of some items by user:hahaha. So now today i got this Ip address and i am able to message u. I want you to block user:hahaha not to block any IP address. U must understand above as all are technical terms. Lucky will give u the same message in future and if ustaad singh is not then he will also give u the same message because the same ip circulates to them also. So unblock IP address and block user:hahaha. Hows life going hope everything would be fine.


Well i will try

Now i dunno ae same ip my p is some other the day i will get that ip i will tell you. howz life going hope everything would be fine. user:paapi

per your recent commentAllenwalla 14:50, 19 October 2007 (EDT)

Thanks for getting back to me on the ? re. takht which i originally know fron persian - Takht de Jam Sheet. my attempt (to link) at first puzzled me, you called it a hyperlink, but i finally saw my error as you wrote. What i know of the ways of HTML? i've learned here, reading and editing. per your request i did't understand whether i was breaking things into too small paragraphs or if it was a request to do just that, as you said-more paragraphs. For me a page with no sub titles, pix or paragraphs is like a gaint plate (bin) of food when all i want is something i can easily digest. thanksAllenwalla 14:50, 19 October 2007 (EDT)

programming question

thanks for the article on the VC, wonder if any Cadnadian Sikhs earned similar or lesser awards in WWII.

the question:

is there any way to add a space after quote mark - " as in the actual article it looks as if there is no space. I've tryed extra spaces that doesn't work.

You are a very busy man, please consider my meager pecking at articles to be in your service.Allenwalla 16:22, 19 October 2007 (EDT) Sat Sri Akal. Some 21 years ago i greatly surprised 3 Sikhs pumping gas in the middle of the nite in Freemont calf. by asking how to say hello in their language. An elder Sardar had a sandwich shop in Daily city, right up against the hillside that rims the bay at San Francisco, which i frequented often for lunch. He was a most gracious and kind gentleman, the next day i got to greet him with Sat Sri Akal, even means much more as i've come to parce the words and understand their meanings.

use of words ending in -ism

the phrase "the isms" is used as a collective derogatory term to lump together the radical social reform movements (such as slavery abolitionism, feminism, alcohol prohibitionism, Fourierism, pacifism, early socialism, communism, nazism, .) and various spiritual or religious movements considered non-mainstream by the standards of the time (such as Transcendentalism, spiritualism or "spirit rapping", Mormonism (wikipedia)

in the US -ism, don't know about UK, is tagged as a derogatory to many words. Here it serves as a little literary grenade tagged to a word. When i see a word tagged with -ism, bells of negativity go off in my head, guess i'm perhaps too well trained by its literary history like one of Pavloff's kutta's.

i see some people using the word Sikhi, and some using the word Sikhism , just wanted to make you aware of the history of the suffix -ism. The Nazi-ism use of the venerated 'Su vas tikka' has all but ended its use outside of Asia.Allenwalla 10:18, 22 October 2007 (EDT)

It was long ago during the British Raj that some english writers tagged -ism to Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Budhism referring to them as inferior religions to their own. You certainly do not see it tagged to Christianity, Islam, or the Jewish religions, unless some western reporter, speaking of the Taliban and other salafist sects, writes Islamism meaning fanaticism. as i see the people of india getting rid of the B. Raj titles like Victoria station vs. Shivaji, Mumbai vs. Bombay, Madras vs. Chennai, Marine Drive vs. Netaji S. C. Bose Marg, etc. i wonder if…

Thanks for this information. However, I find this intriguing because - What about these words? - Judaism, professionalism, pluralism, organism, naturalism, moralism, monotheism, liberalism, heroism, multiracialism, etc - I don't think these words portray a negative image. What do the Americans thinks of these words, I wonder? Many thanks, Hari Singh 16:52, 23 October 2007 (EDT)

-ism response

Sir, sorry sometimes i get on a soap box, and head down a tunnel with no cheese. i was just noticing i liked the sound of Shiki better, but that may refer to some other use i'm not clear on. i told my wife of my thoughts on -ism, she reminded me she was raised in Catholicism. I reminded her that the word was originally used to derogitavely refer to the religion that Henry 8 had expelled from england and that Cromwell had tried to wipe out in Ireland. Guess like you and Sarbjeet and my wife say i may be the only person left who hears the old bias in the word/ People here in my state in my grandparents days would prefer to go to barbers for medical cures as they did not trust the professional doctors. I bow to the three of you who are wiser than me. Silly of me will listen to the word differently. thanks for the response Allenwalla 17:30, 23 October 2007 (EDT)Sat Sri Akal

Respected Allenwalla, Sat Sri Akal. Please, no need to apologise. I think you made a perfectly valid comment and what you state may be a view held by many and it may reflect the initial reaction of the dominating English tradition of the time. It opens our eyes and what you say may be totally correct and there may have been a negative aim in the minds of the creators of some of these words. I think we are better prepared and I think it will direct me in future to prefer to use Sikhi instead of Sikhism where ever possible. Also, Sikhi is what is used in the original Punjabi language and it reinforces my preference. Thanks for pointing this out as there must be many others who have come to the same conclusion as you but have not been brave or bold enough to mention this. Hari Singh 18:25, 23 October 2007 (EDT)

Baba Sri Chand


Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

I am in Chardi kala with the grace of the Almighty Waheguru.

The photo shown in the article Baba Sri Chand does not match Sikhi standard. Baba ji is shown in bluish colour as the Avtar of 'Shiv' a Hindu God.Also Baba ji is shown wearing a Janeu,which Guru Nanak Dev ji refused to wear at childhood. Since there is no controversial tag on the photo,the Photo should be immediately removed from the article. Sir also read talk page of Baba Farid.


Er. Sarbjeet Singh,



26 Oct. 2007