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A Truth Crafterrrrrrrrrrrr...Eternal's ਸਤਿ True ਨਾਮ੝ Profile....>>

'1' is short for '1Om' i. e. A TRUTH. '1Omkarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....>>>> s3inam ' means A TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....>>>'s True Name, simply put An Eternal TRUTH Crafter's True Profile . Upto This is the heading of the 'true name' of a Sikh/Guru. Nanak Sahib used the vedic term purSu & parallel punjabi term sciaara as never changing ID for his Sikhs. No body can ever change this ID of a Sikh.
As the time progressed 10th Nanak socio-politically formalised this ID as Khalsa used by Kabir Sahib in Satgurbani. this is a parallel islamic term for Nanak's Sachiaara. widely used by the masses of that time. We Sikhs., thus earned our True Name Khalsa given to us first by Kabir Sahib, then documented by Nanak Sahib & formalised by 10th Nanak for his Sikhs & his own self. Thus having pondered over the above order of Satgurbani. The last sentence simply put reads

'Having pondered over the above Order of Satgurbani following TRUTHs emerge' :-

  • Term 'Khalsa means nothing but Flawless Human Being. That is what is the goal of life of every True Sikh.
  • Satgurbani orders us to know, use & pulish in a flawlessly transparent way our True ID In today's IT, High Tech, terroristic & doom's day like environment No True Sikh can afford to hide it.
  • Khalsa (Flawwless Human Being) was not created by Kabir Sahib / Nanak Sahib / 10th Nank Sahib but was, had been, is here at this instant & will ever be there to rule the world. That is what is written in the begining of Satgurbani, TRUE name of us Sikhs gjj ky bolo ......

raj kryga Kalsa aake rhy na koy

....not heard, why is Khalsa hiding......'eyh Be 2a3 3yre 2a3ar

  • A Sikh's( SHe has to claim hir Sikhi by publishing hir TRUE name (in today's terms 'first Name').

Khalsa je this panth ka kookar may please be permitted to publish his TRUE/ first name here, followed by his False Name followed by his Last Name('Cast' for Indians & I happened to be One) here itself lest i forget it.

First Name: Khalsa in Short Kha

Middle Name: Rajender in short Raja

Last Name: Singh in short King

Cast: Sikh in short 'Panth ka kookar

I could not care for ant other parts of my name but my First/ TRUE Name means nothing but

Creative Khalsa( Super Human who bears & reflects THY attributes ) is fearless friend of even foes & Idol of (Lord) TRUTH. Not an Imposter, but Self Made by relentlessly persuing & Sharing ( & not hiding or keeping quiet ) True Ideas with Humanity in Language of Humanity.

I am a Naam Dhai Sikh & have taken my above name from no saint/ Babaji/ yogi/ Ramm / Raheem/ Guru/ Scholar/ but have received my Ture Name from my TTRUE Mother, Father & every one else. Sir, Hold it here! I never said that I am what I said in above para . That is my 'TRUE Name'. I have to become 'What i am not' i.e. is a Perfect Human Being'; earlier the better.

Having realised such a profile right even before Childhood, Khalsa (Nanak) who was truthful being part of (Lord) TRUTH before birth, had been Truthful in childhood, stayed truthful through his ten physical lives, is truthful heare & now in the form of True Sikhs alias Satgurbani, will ever ever ever remain true, and in his relentless search of True Sikhs on lifelong walk on This Path.

Any one who sees Khalsa (in today's eglisized world Mr Truth, Satgurbani, & Lord TRUTH as different entities is an aake(TERRORIST) of Khalsa (Humanity) ( that is why we daily say that Raj Karyga Khalsa aake rhy na koy).

'Naam Jap' means nothing but ordains all TRUE Sikhs to stay focused on nothing but their own & that of all the writers of Satgurbani, and that of Lord TRUTH's TRUE name. Hence Thy TRUE Name is TRUTH and all other names are Fake.

'GURMAT Literally means 'Intellect encapsulated in SatGurBani' (sat-gur-mat, Sanskrit mat, i.e. counsel or tenets of the Guru, more specifically the TRUE principles laid down by authors of SatGur) is a term synonymous with Sikhism itself.


GurMat i.e. Gurbani alias TRUTH (GOD's) Language is as objective & rational as any Science e.g....

  • H2O ( Water ) = H2 ( Hydrogen ) + O2( Oxygen )
  • Gur is short fot 'Sa(i)tGur' or 'SatGurBani' depending upon the context.
  • 'Gur' IS, WAS & WILL always be .........logical .TRUE.( 'Lord TRUTH alias '1' (GOD)with no attributes)
  • 'Mat' has the FREE WILL of being........logical TRUE ( 1 ) or FALSE ( 0 )
  • GurMukh = ( 'Gur' ) AND ('Mat')
  • ManMukh = (( 'Gur' ) AND (.NOT. 'Mat' )).....or
  • ManMukh = ((.NOT. 'Gur' ) AND (.NOT. 'Mat' ))....or
  • ManMukh = ((.NOT. 'Gur' ) AND ('Mat' ))....

  • '1' means 'ONE /Gur/ TRUTH / Yes / T / ' (Lord TRUTH (GOD))
  • Om means 'gone by Vedic false name of 'TRUTH' (GOD) with no attributes
  • Kaar implies Eternaly TRUTHful status of TRUTH (god)
  • Kaar also means crafter/ creater / one eternally & flawlessly committed to work & creativity.
('Kaar' is a Suffix implying 'ETERNAL activity of the term (here Om) to which this suffix is tailed to. e. g. 'Kaar' in 'KalaKaar'.
'Kala' means 'ART'. 'KalaKar' means 'a person who endlessly creats 'ART'.
'ChitrKaar' is a person who endlessly crafts paintings as his profession.
'Kastkaar' punjabi term meaning 'a person whoes profession is to earn his living through (creation & selling it off) mannual labour, in simple english an unskilled life time worker/ Tradesman
This rule is universally applicable to all similar :words in Hindi and in Punjabi as well.))
  • Every TRUE IDEA(Shabad) in SatGurBaniis nothing but a copmrehenssive TRUTH (GOD))
  • Sat means 'TRUTH (GOD)'
  • Seva is Short for GurSeva
  • GurSeva is short for Sa(i)tGurSeva

Thus Seva implies Sa(i)tGurSeva

i.e. Seva of SatGurBani strictly as per the Commandments of TRUTH god. In berief....

NAAM JAAN..Understanding SatGurBani language

Learning..................(Learning NAAM ie SatGurBani language through repeatedly listening to it believing in it & understsnding it finally followed by truthfully living life as per the commandments of SatGurBani

NAAM DAAN....Helping Others Understand SatGurBani Language

Motivating Others to learn &

NAAM ISHNAAN Staying focused on SatGurBani

Relentless introspection Aimed at nothing but becoming Truthful Human Being (Kiv Sachiaara hoviyy....)

The entire spiritual path is a process of spiritual transformation of human soul from 'Manmukh' to 'GurSukh' to GurSikh to GurMukh to 'TRUTH god incarnate KHALSA'

Gurmat is about liberation from FALSEHOOD -

  • liberation from the fear of any kind what so ever.
  • liberation from the five urges that we worship rather than 'TRUTH god',
  • liberation from mythologies, which contradict the scientific knowledge we have painstakingly accumulated,
  • liberation from exploitation of women,
  • Liberation from exploitation of 'Have Nots'.
  • religious persecution and hatred,
  • racial injustice and
  • oppression of human rights.
  • TRUTHful voice against the social order based on Election of ManMukhs by the uneducated HUMANITY & not, selection of GurMukhs who are encompassed by KHALSA

The chains that bind any one of these categories slip into all of them. We love these chains. We are like prisoners that cannot cope outside of jail. To be chained is not to be Free, to despise any is to be far from (yet one is always near to) Love.

The mouth of the hungry is the golak of the Guru.

Sikhism, is the Culture of Life Time Learning about TRUTH god's TRUTHs from SatGur.....

  • ...(( GurSeva ) comes First, { social activism )) follows it by default. it is TRUTH ETERNAL

That is What is TRUE Sikhism alias SACH KHAND.

  • ....with only { social activism ) Sikhism is Sickism.
  • Social Activism must, without fail, I bark 'WITHOUT FAIL' remain a Sub Set of SACH KHAND and SatGurBani
  • Social Activism must without fail, follow & tail behind
    • NAAM naal ISHNAAN karna
  • SatGur ki Seva Saffal hai....

..only through...

...Humbly Bowing Before,
...Patiently Listinening to,
...Fearlessly Singing TRUTH god gifted TRUTHs ,
...Infallably Believing in &
...Consistantly Walking the Way shown by TRUTH god through SatGur

"Let us all drink the Amrit of the Shabad Guru] and walk the TRUE Path to 'TRUTH god'."

[SatGurBani]] ourightly rejects....

  • worldly egos
  • false notions because...

...these pollute the human mind.1

s3gurbaxe is a language of ...

  • ...human beings irrespective of their caste and creed.

Our cast & creed has to be ONE I repeat ONE that is nothing but SatGurBani Language....sirf...s3gur ke s'va sfl h"

    • :sa3gur suno.....b2gur aur kcce baxe n.he
      s3gur sunao ....b2gur aur kcce baxe n.he
      s3gur k' pee$' cloooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! apn' Ku2 k' pee$' n.he
      s3gur ke mano.... apn' dil ke nh.e
      s3gur s' bolo..... apn' mn s' nh.e
      s3gur he likho .....kal' l'K nh.e
      $b2 Gwo....... mnGw3 ba3.' nh.e

Bani Ba$a 'sun kr suna kr' , 'bol kr bula kr', 'liK kr liKa kr' ga kr gua kr seeKo jee is ko Ma boli bnan' k' ilava seekn' ka aur koi 3reeka n.he h"

  • Gurus & all other authors of Gurbani' blessed the downtrodden by their personal care.
    • We have to become downtroden to realise personal care of s3gurbani.
    • They imbibed a new spirit in the explioted HUMANITY, consoled them, explained to them the on ground realities and brought them out from their worldly illusions.
    • We have to go on mother earth.

They Practiced what they Propogated. We have to come down on Mother Earth as nothing but Khalsa to stand TRUE to Geeta

y2a y2a he Drmsseaa glane bv3i Bhar3a

&  nothing but TRUTH(GOD) & stayed concerned  about  nothing but Human Beibgs irrespective of their personal profiles people, worked with and for their welfare and goodness, helping them learn to structure their profiles not as wordly temptations dictated but as per the will / Commandments of Shabad Guru. They helped ther pave their own way by walking on TRUE Path leading to no where but TRUTH(s). This was, is & will ever remain the way towards the salvation of those human beings who were, are & may stay destined to oppression & debaared from access to socio-temporal resources. They inspired the people to worship the omni present existence within the human body irrespective of caste and creed.”

DOWN WITH WORLDLY TEMPETATIONS!!!......--Nanak Speaks the Unspoken ik om kaar...SatGur Parsad means nothing but... ...An Eternal Truthful beings' Truthful Narration SatGurBani through the Impossibly Fine Filter of Nothing but Naked Truths.......Kind Courtsy 'Truthful naration Gurbani. only'.