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Suggestion by tri-party

That's cool that you have update the pauri of anand Sahib.

Well the we tri-party(Lucky, Ustaad Singh & myself want to suggest you the following points:

  1. Places, Towns, Cities, Villages which are uploaded on sikhiwiki should contain sikhi related material. As it's not the Punjab encyclopedia or World Encyclopeidia. We should update those places only which have link with Sikhism. Like Chandigarh is not a Sikh area but the area around chandigarh is sikhism related. Remember this is not Punjab Wiki. or do one thing ask Gurmustak Singh to take one more .com i.e i think my suggestion is not poor.
  2. There are many articles which donot have any quality LIKE ALL ARTICLES CREATED BY user:mutia. He creates article but he create it like cutting a thorny bushes. Attractive articles attract the users. but hs articles are extra attractive not attracts it just sours the tounge. Guru Granth Sahib has written beautifully and he write GGS lines in amazing manner. i am not saying dirty but sir its not the wiki format. There are many other articles too.
  3. PLease the uploaded images should have proper name or description of that. like image with name Ss101, GG2G12 looks ugly than proper ame of image simply saying the name should be descriptive.
  4. Categories should increase but like Gurudwara should merge in Gurdwara as due to close names. Aimilarly the close name same articles should be merge like Fatehgarh & Fatehghar Sahib. Duplicacy should removed.
  5. There are many Muslim, Hindu, & other religious articles. Strictly saying only those articles should be placed here which have relation to sikhism like Aurangjeb, RSS, Radhaswami. these are not sikh but are danger to sikhism or anti to sikhism and always attacks sikhism. people should know what they are and what are their status in sikhism.
  6. there is a category called articles under deletion and u should view that articles in a week please, as an administrator it's recomennded. You can remove the article called Punjab State Carrom Association. the article put by user:hptlucky not for fame it was put on it due to control of association by sikh members. but in true words this article should be removed.
  7. Actors, Sport personalities belong to punjab and non sikhs should remove & Mona sikhs articles should have stamped that this is Mona Sikh like Sunny Deol etc.
  8. Please update the bani from srigranth & Dasamgranth in your own way. We should give bani on it. Some articles like Din Rain, Kuchajee, Suchajee are created which are part of guru granth sahib sly there are many banis like asa di var, barah maha maaj, aartee, Bavan Akhree etc etc which the people donot know. Just not only description we have to add the whole bani on it.

Article Din Rain has been checked by me there is tutti futi english so please check it. its proposed article.

Well make an article for us so that we can put our suggestion into them.........user:paapi, user:thegreateditor & user:hpt_lucky


  • Sir kindly permit me to support their case !!!--Amita Singh

Reply by HSS(Administrator)

I agree with the points you make but there is a big question mark about where the line is drawn. Lets break down the main issues. If I understand correctly, these are the issues:

  • 1. Places, Towns, Cities, Villages must be Sikhi related
  • 2. We need Quality articles: Attractive articles attract the users. wiki format.
  • 3. Duplicate items both articles & categories should be removed.
  • 4. Sikhi and anti-Sikhi required to provide knowledge to our readers.
  • 5. Articles requiring deletion
  • 6. Actors, Sport personalities belonging to Punjab Ok but non-sikhs should be removed.
  • 7. Mona-stamp: Mona should be marked as such - give them a black mark!
  • 8. Give more knowledge about Bani.
  • Number 5 - I take the point and I will try and do this regularly.
  • Number 8 and 2 are linked - No one can argue with these - We need more coverage of Gurbani and in an attractive way - especially a easy commentary in English giving details of what Maharaj is saying about an issue - Just putting Gurbani on its own does not help as this can be found elsewhere - srigranth, etc. We need articles which explain and give pointed guidance in simple and easy to follow way - Unfortunately, there is little to be found in this respect anywhere on the Net or in books. So, we need to create these articles from scratch - which is a massive task. To write one article can take many days of research and then one needs to put it into an attractive format. This is where we have a problem. Finding Sikhs who will research a Sikhi article and put it into readable English.
  • Number 3: Again, before we delete articles, we need to first merge the two articles using material that is unique in each - So unless the two articles are exactly the same, this needs some quality work and time - I agree we need to do it but only so much can be done due to lack of time - We need to work out a system for doing this - perhaps we need to list the duplicate article on another page so that we can all work at it together.
  • Number 7 - Mona stamp - I think this would be an anti-sikh practise - Guru Maharaj did not promote this type of behaviour - What if we have a keshadhari Sikh who is drunk shouting abuse to the public and on the other hand, we have a mona Sikh feeding a hungry child.
  • Number 4 & 6: These are related - reject non-Sikh items - I think we sometimes need articles like Chandigarh because it is an important city in the land where the Gurus spread Dharam - Plus we have Gurdwaras in this city - so people may need information about the city if they are visiting - I agree we do not have to give lots of non-Sikhi information on this article. Things which may have an impact on Sikhs can be important - Many Sikhs take drugs - we need to tackle this point as it is a fact that has an influence on Sikhi.

I think we need to discuss this a lot more to get a better idea to move forward. We need to make this site the best site for Sikhs and non-Sikhs to learn about Sikhism. So let us see how we can make it a quality site. das, Administrator Hari Singh 18:12, 15 August 2007 (EDT)

The articles about Patit Sikhs should be removed.There is negative impact of such articles, these hurt the basic principle of Sikhism.user:sarbjeet_1313me
Sarbjeet ji, Please give a link to the article. Many thx. Hari Singh 07:52, 23 August 2007 (EDT)
I completely DISAGREE! This would be discrimination to Monas. And discriminating anyone (anyone from any religion) is anti-Sikh. And many people with turban were/are badder than monas, people like Gurmeet Ram Raheem Sin, Prakash Badal, and MANY MORE are traitors to our PANTH. Whereas monas have not done much bad against our panth.


Sir,There are many but kindly review articles in following category what is the contribution of patits of this category towards sikhism.user:sarbjeet_1313me