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  • 02 Feb 10 04:40 PM Baljeet, on behalf of Amita, Volunteers to keep this page belonging to Khalsa updated --Amita's Mom Baljeet Kaur.

Ikk O Angkar^^^^^ Nanaki Class of Truename Writers Sarbat Khalsa Singhs Nirvair Living Gurbanies Steadfast & Self Realised through the grace of Gurbani !

Through the grace of Grbani this Panth ki b~ce writes your True name in the following lines


  1. Title: Ikk Byby81-Bebe-Mata Nanki Kheve Sahib
  2. First: Angkaran^^^^^ committed to Your Truename.
  3. Middle: Khalsa Kaur Nirvair Khalsy de Zubaan Steadfast and Self Realised Nanak's Jpu Amita's Mom Baljeet.
  4. Last: Amita's Parents
  5. Credentials: Object i.e. 'Ikk' of 'Ikk Sarbat Khalsa'.
  • Body Gaurd Pnc prvaan Khalsa: Sqitgurbani ka Sqigur: Ikk Amar81 Tyj86 Singh Nirvair
  1. Sahib Kerq12 Singh,
  2. Mohkmi Rmmi>Mutia's Brother Rammi19 Singh,
  3. Himm3i[[User: Khalsa3|Mutia's Uncle Pritpal43] Singh,
  4. Dhrmi Mutia's Uncle Tetuu46 Singh,
  5. Dyalu Mutia's Father56 Mutia^^^^^


  1. J3in27
  2. Rupe
  3. Syntu

Your Realised Name

Ikk Truehome

  1. Gr pyyhla
  2. Gr 2uuja
  3. Gr 3eja The Living Treasure' ptti klm aap uppr l'K vii 3u....!!...

O Nanak! these lines are being written not by me, but by you(read TRUTH) on the heart of your own Idols of Truth ( read Humanity alias GOD )

Understanding Gurbani Language.........the Way to Lord Truth...>>


As a TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(), here i commence sharing this Idea (ਗ੝ਰ ) with all, as per the will & grace (ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ) of SatGurBani. A TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrr's ਗ੝ਰ Satgurbani Hukm / WILL / SECRET / TACT / PLAN / VISION / INTENT / COMMANDMENT / TRUTH ) can be realised / appreciated / glorified / understood / perceived / comprehended / envisioned / shared / applied / desseminated / popularised / enjoied / personalised / acted upon, only through the grace of TRUE Name.

Sikh owns nothing but True Ideas....dedicated to Eternal Happiness...>>

  • Those Who can "READ" & "WRITE" nut do'nt are no better than who ca'nt

bakI sb.....kUw raja kUw prja kUw sb s.sar as.K cor hram Kor.......

Khalsa ji,.....WaKaFa! & welcome to my page

  • jy myy hunda varia, mita aaeeada hyda jly mnjeeth sio uppar angaaraa.......jy tau prym Kylx ka cau sir Dr qle gle more au...
--[email protected]

Level of Sikhi. :| 3rd Step (qeje pauwe) Religon:Bani Seekhnaaa, Bani Seekhaanaa, Bani Sae Man kee Mail Dhona

ਕਰਤਾ...A Creative, ਨਿਰਭਉ Fearless ਨਿਰਵੈਰ੝ Friend of even foes?.....Pushes pen as


ਪ੝ਰਖ੝ SuperWo/Man?(Not Yet). in Delhi

who always gets beaten by time. No way ਅਕਾਲ. I stand ordained by my Guru to become 'Guru as well as Chela in One'.

vah vah Gobind Singh appy Gur Chela.... as it stands here I am a Chela of Shabad Guru.Oh!............ |:-(|= ... 35 more steps to go before I join you long way & easier said than done. Fine let us see how things work out ahead....

Got it....I have to become (True Ideas) myself(sounds crazy!). I have to become nothing but SatGurbani myself.

Mery babba may baura.....

lok khyy kabeer baurana....

Manny ki gat kahi na jay.....( mad S/he is..)

Looks like that is what Sikhism is all about???.One has to put in S/his every thing & strive to become a truthfull human being.

If that be so Nothing to realy worry here!.....even if I now decide to live life by just fooling around, I am no way responsible that is God'd problem not mine. That calls for my becoming not a Sikh but one of those....???????????????????...can't think beyond that...let GOD(who is S/he??) handle this nonsense laden thoughts. As on now I am in trouble.....

akhn aukha sacha nau....

man jeety jag jeet.....

Find it real Hard to be puctual. I am in the process of truthfully catching the 4th step of SatGurMat.My competitors in the race are doing better.Oh GOD (Give me Strength). May I beat no one but my ownself in this mad race.

My Commitments to Sikhi.


All Projects are founded on GurDitti. Language wise teams are being organised as

  • 1. Akhand Lykh

Khalsa English ..............Language# TRUE 'Akhand Lekh' for Young English Speaking Sikhs Led by User:Mutia2

'Khalsa Hindi Led by Gur Khalsa Mishra

Khalsa Punjabi Led by Gur-Khalsa MeenuUser:Mutia4........>

Khalsa Tamil Led By gur Khalsa Senior Gudia Coordinator for DARPAN-M User:Mutia3

Khalsa Telgu led By Gur Khalsa BegUser:Mutia6........>

Khalsa Malayalam Led By Gur-Khalse Gudia Anil

3. GurDittiplan to evolve standard english characters based Single script for all Indian Languages. To begin with for Satgurbani & Punjabi.

4. Dome Home Evolving a Sasta, Sundar, Tikauu and Chakkma (Portable) design of Dome home Made of Plastic.


Hall of Shame



SikhToTheMAX   Hukamnama May 11 & April 24, 2007   SriGranth
SearchGB    Audio    Punjabi   
from SGGS Page 477    SriGuruGranth    Link

today We call ourself Sikhs by expressing big concern for Murgas being killed through Vegetarianism & non Issues ( Who cares for Human Beings??? & Sikhi of SatGurBani brand. Let Sikhi of

....Brand be left to grand Pujaaries & their supporters. Let human beings rot as long as integrated Society of Kha ly Sa(ra) Haves & Scholars of the Society could have All to themself).

  • DUMP every body, who tries to Speak the UNSPOKEN (SatGurBani's Commandments not withstanding)
  • today we call ourself Sikhs (read Sikhs of the 'Have' class) by advocating analysis of SatGurBani not of the problems of FAMILY / STREET/ LOCALITY / STATE / COUNTRY / CONTINENT / WORD / UNIVERSE / UNIVERSES BEYOND socio-politically' ailing Have Nots......
  • today We make a grand Show of Sikhi by associating it aggressively with FALSEHOOD instead of the very Start point of sikhi (3 Hrs of TRUE time out of the 24 Hrs,....) when Plans for Serving 'TRUTH god'(Have Nots of Humanity) have to be made, monitored & up dated.
  • today we get entangled with regional language problems when english happened to be the Language of TRUTH god(read Humanity). SatGurBani ordains us to emmulate no one but TRUTH god we seal & hide TRUTH God in as many rumalas ( Unintrupted Supply line of rumalas drawn from the pockets of already 'Have Nots' has been institutionalised through Sikh Web Sites making a grand show with best of the IT graphics & Money available to them by e race of TRUTH god ) as my be possible
  • Guru is expected to visit our Homes to grace us instead we walking down to Guru ourself in his Office.
  • Sikhi is a flawless amalgum of Truthfullness & Reverence.We burry TRUTHfullness under the engineered Tsunami of false 'Reverences'. ( just have a peep into the universally acceped rituals branded as traditions & History in Sikh Society in India & the world over). Kood raja kood praja kood sb sansaar....
  • Today as false Sikhs, we flawlessly stand gaurd to the 'IN Gate' of Gurus' office TRUE to...,

".........Hey! be carefull & watch it, Spirit of SatGurBani may spill out and go to 'Have Nots' who stand ordained to woship & parrot it, as Pujaries (not TRUE Sikhs) do.......", expression.

This much of those who love to draw more than ONE meanings of SatGurBani Words / Tuks when ever and where ever it may suit their angles of Shooting.

  • Scholars write criptic. subjective & grey expressions & in an organised, engineered & structured manner to flood media & leaving Nanak's ....sneecha andar neech jaat further ....neech ....
  • Web sites have agendas dedicated not to 'TRUTH god' but to 'xyx god'. that too duly supported by isolated Tuks of SatGurBani.

Every word of TRUTH God's language is soaked in best of the indian classical music of the time. Music which can revive dead beings. Now here we have--

  • Tone of the Ardaas performed in central formal conggregations right in front of Humanity (read TRUTH god) from the holiest of the holy places by a Granthi is depressing to the extent of being sickening & paralysing.
  • Poetic Bani read direct from Guru Granth Sahib does not appeal to the ear even as prose does. That much for 'Chaddi kala'.

The very aim of Life for a human being, to & blend with the flawlessly WHITE society & Not Grey of any Shade What so ever, of 'Religious cum Social cum Political order of TRUTHful human beings' living in our universe & universes beyond.

LET US SIKHS (if we claim we are??) WAKE UP, OTHER WISE there will be NO MORE Amrit Velas & No MORE AMRIT .

This is an active contributor

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mn jeqyy jg jeq

ar siK ho apny he mn ko, eyh lalc ho mn qy ucro hor koEe suxda he nhe.

bury da Bla kr gussa mn na h.da Ikk O Mutiy04:11, 2 February 2010 (UTC)! qyry koly sirf shirt ryyh gEe hyy . is nu loose na kr sr2e nal mr jav.yga. Akl kr.

liK na kaly lyK. Ikk O Mutiy04:11, 2 February 2010 (UTC) learn from experience. DuK ktte ja, BuK ktte ja 3yry jhan da suK Ktti aKx auKa saca nau. Ikk O Mutiy04:11, 2 February 2010 (UTC) ! So what? just press on Singing glory to Sqigur ki Sqigurbaxe

aKa jeva visryy mr jau. Ikk O Mutiy04:11, 2 February 2010 (UTC) if U stop speaking the unspoken U will die. He that will not reflect is a ruined Sikh.

sb Klk siaxe....m'r' baba m" baura..." sb s~cy hnn.

Stupid Mutia ! please understand the following TRUTHs from TRUTH 'god':-

O Mutia, the barking dog of 'TRUTH god'! Stay Alert, Aware & Alive spoil sport No 2 again currupting your thought No 2 get lost from here

punne pape aKx nah.e

Mr TRUTHs & ::Mr Manmukhs are not mere proverbes......

kr kr liKxa liK l" jahe

account of 'TRUTHs sung , listened to believed in & walkedon( [[Sikhi.|there are 38 of them) ' vs 'TWOs harboured', is being written on real time basis.
  • 9. Leave individual human beings' disceation for siding with 1/2. Advice no one in no way.
  • 10. Learn from Mashkeen Sahib......
Sreer bimar hov' q.a Bojn nh.e lgda.
mn bimar h" qo Bjn a$a nh.e lgqa.
  • 11. Understand that .....

......... Stupid Mutia WaKaFa! PS: Think ahead.....because avr kam q'r' kiq' na kam mil saD Bj k'vl nam .

Share TRUTHs & TRUE ideas with ONE & every ONE