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...jYse mY AavY Ksm ke baxe tYsa kro vecar o sikho!...Whatever descends down the mind through Amrit Vyla, such thoughts do Share with Humanity (read God)

Understanding Gurbani Language.........the Way to Lord Truth...>>


As a TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(), here i commence Sharing this Idea (ਗ੝ਰ ) with all, as per the will & grace (ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ) of SatGurBani. A TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrr's ਗ੝ਰ Satgurbani ( Hukm / WILL / SECRET / TACT / PLAN / VISION / INTENT / COMMANDMENT / TRUTH ) can be realised / appreciated / glorified / understood / perceived / comprehended / envisioned / shared / applied / desseminated / popularised / enjoied / personalised, only through the grace of TRUE Name.


Sayth KHALSA Nanak Singh.There are countless..

  • fools of the highest order,
  • thieves,
  • social parasites
  • Rulers, who leave this word after mercilessly ruling & exploiting their subjects.
  • Killers who earn credit by butchering innocents.
  • Sinners, who depart living life clung to falsehood & duality.
  • Habitual Rouges, who simply keep stuffing their minds with falsehood.
  • Idiots, who just eat, eat & eat nothing but rubbish .
  • Those who Live by speaking & propagating ill of others.

Humble Nanak has written all this after deep & deliberate analysis of his observation of TRUTHs prevailing around.

with maliase towards One & all: kiv saciaara hoveyy?

  1. ke aggy rKeyy?......Donations?? or Commitments??
  2. Ke bolx boliAy?.....What ever gets dictated? or Facts?
  3. Ki nai kre?..........Keep Queit? or Speak the Unspoken Truths?
  4. kiv kr Aaka? subjectively polished manner? or in rationally objective manner?
  5. kiv slahe?.........High & Mighty? or lowest of the low?
  6. kiv vrxe?......... through pomp & show? or singing through the Slush?
  7. kiv jaxa.........beg for facts from Satgur or resign to fate & accept nonsense as Facts to live by & join the crowd?

Sikh. 'Non Issues' & 'Non Sikh.' Issues

kiv Khalsa/sciAara hoviEY?

  1. Brands?:How to sustain & grow Sikhi of Vedic Westerenised, Vedic Esteren, 'Western & Eartern Haves' ' brands &
  2. Stonewaal? How not to let a single comprehessive central world level list of those human beings who call theselves Sikh & claim to be belonging to the order of Khalsa., come into being through Aapy Aap efforts of Sikhs.
  3. Creat Din?: How to suppress & keep drawned voices of Mr Truths in the din of ocean of cybre traffic.
  4. Learn Not? How not to Let Sikhs learn their mother tongue by listening to, Singing, Speaking & writing Gurbani in day today life. Flood the readers with Translations.
  5. Prove that TRUTH is False? How to analyse (and not ponder over & learn) One TRUTH, God, Guru,Sikh, Nation, & Humanity called Satgurbani and prove that it no way means a set of facts which can not be given any other artistic shape. Every web site sponsers a different Translation to prove the point in a better way.
  6. Mother Tongue? How Not to project SatGurBani as Language of the Order of Khalsa. For this Purpose How Cause of Brahamanism be supported by branding Punjabi & Hindi or any other language which ever may come handy as being the mother tounge of the Sikhs.
  7. Sustain Duality?: How to persue & sustain colonial Devide & Rule policy at the National & constitutional levels by formally forcing the Sikhs to be branded with Two formal labels Low cast Sikhs and High Cast sikhs overriding the Hukm of Satgur which brands every Sikh as Khalsa Singh, the King ruling not political boundaries but ruling on the Hearts of Humanity.

na m.ny 3a mgg he cllga p^T Join mgg Panth? How to prove that attributes outlined by Nanak in Mool Mantar is not the definition of his own profile & that of 10th Nanak & that of any Sikh.

  1. Guru vs Gur?. How to Prove that[[[Satgurbani]] is not Guru. Granth is Guru
  2. Spiritualise(whatever it may means) & Philosophasize Satgurbani through countless Translations? Sansktitasied English can give nightmares to even Shakspere. neca an^r nec ja3 da Panth Khalsa need to forget their mother tongue Satgurbani language & learn scholarly Sanskritised english instead. Makes sense ! we are living in IT age of copy rights belonging to only Haves. Have nots must be taught a lesson if they dare go close to Sanskitised English.
  3. Create & sustain controversies?. m^ndavxe is not 5th nank's signatures certifying s3gur as pUra. 10th nank forgot to include his own baxe in Damdame Beed. 10th Nank is scared of death.

Kalik Klk Klk mhi Kalik...... people live in truthfulness, truthfullness lives in peoples' mind

  1. Craft not True Ideas but controversies? Vegiterianism to begin with. 10th nank's Lions should eat nothing but grass. Makes sense wild life must be preserved. Khalsa structured out of grass be the foder to the wild life to suvive. Lowest of the lowly 'Have Nots' no more define Khalsa the Klk(Pepole).
  2. Yoga?.' 'Haves' need it , NOT repeat NOT kr3a purK... neca a^2r nec ja3 nank
  3. 11. Sustain Biperan ke ree3 of Scholarly Brand?.[Photos].
  4. 12. Personility Glorification....

2an mhi^da donation hn jy miln 3a ms3k laiey...

Sikh Issues in Sach Khand

  1. NAAM JAAN Learning God's language during Amrit Vela in groups of at least p^c (prvan) Khalsa
  2. NAAM DAAN through the day replacing laguages of FALSEHOOD by SatgurBani in mimd, on lips & in deeds
  3. NAAM ISHNAAN Introspection in front of Panth. 'Confession box' of Sikhi.
  4. Own & document accountability of your work through the day by daily logging & Publishing True ideas to share them with Khalsa Panth.

Tools of SachWaad

...pappdi.a nu pshhado teer saachwa si.nn ky..... je

Tools of KachWaad: Duality & Love for Duality

  • High Headedness
  • Differentiation & not Integration & Standardisation of Culture....
  • Avoid
  • Bypass
  • Confuse
  • Delay
  • Frighten
  • Grawl & Grown
  • Immunised Mindset to gaurd against the attack of TRUTH virus.
  • Juggling with whatever may come Handy
  • Keep the 'Have Nots' to keep there 'Knots' for Haves to Have all the Haves
  • Link up & net up with traffic junctions of FALSEHOOD
  • Make the Mare go using Black Money.
  • Never say nothing to no one. ensure honest copliance of Dishonesy.
  • KachWaad....kach pkaai othy pay.....
  • Fear......Gavy koi ih taan...jy hovyy kisyy vich rbb da taan
  • Social Status of Ladies ......Nanak Bha.nddy bahra.......
  • Indifference
  • Consumerism ....kyytia moorkh khahi khahyy
  • Shady Deals.
  • Analysis of SatGurBani.
  • Gurmat is not a Philosophy, hence It Does not form part of Syllabi of a large No of university level cources in India.

kiv kr aaKa kiv slahi kiv vrxe kiv jaxa .....nank Aakx sb ko Aakyy ik 2u ik siAaxa

It is mind boggling . what to do?



  • identifying FALSEHOOD...paap punn dou ek saman dikhty hain
  • Disobedience
  • Ego
  • All Daya on 'Haves'.
  • No Himmat of Speaking the unspoken TRUTHs.
  • Not Responding
  • Lack of LeaderShip
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Love for Duality
  • Grey, & not FLAWLessly White, self engineered psyche of Scholars.
  • English SatGurMat Scholars cold shouldering Flawless Sikhs of Prof Sahib Singh's Standing & their Work. In stead pressing on regardless with what suits them the best.
  • SatGurMat fans Those Who dare to Speak the unsoken as Nanak demonstrated are crucified.....ih bhe daat tyree datar.....
  • Copyrighting, hiding & selling intelleact
  • There is no Water in Gurus' Land. Poor Sikhs are dying,! Gurdwara floors need to be washed with milk!!
  • There is no Work for Sikh youth, who cares ! if Sikh society makes Schemes for Youths' employment Who will gett pitted against Two Ram-Raheems of east & West.
  • Sikh youth stay intoxicated, who cares ! Sikh society does by organising Hundreds of Akhand paths simultenously progressing the issue with GOD
  • Japji Sahib ordains every Sikh to become TRUTH god's Press Reporter & living Japuji Sahib, Youh are becoming Reporters of FALSEHOOD & of Consumerism at all costs...... We care "loh' ko loh| he k|tq| h""