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Maan Yog Guru Svary Hari Singh ji,


Thanks for all the guidance & patience for putting up with Amita's flip-flop & childish scribbles ( now here is her mother ha! ha!) under the guidance of her Grand Father, an Amrit Dhari Sikh from Malwa belt of Punjab. She seems to be rather busy since she left her college onto job & had not really been able to keep up with Sikhiwiki updates.

Fine, I do not really know how are things in UK, at least here in India if Children do not do their home work, parants by default stand accoutable (:-)Ha! ha!)....Since I came here in Hydrabaad I had been trying to make up for the lost Sikhiwiki time on her behalf. I am a teacher for Tiny Tots & love being with children. Will try & stay associted with things happening on Sikhiwiki in that domain.

I am trying to get some Children & ladies here in Hydrabad to become active users as part of the Mutia Brigade. How far it works out will depend on SatGur's WILL. A few points below


  • Hope my edit of this page did not create added problems for SikhiWiki. Do let me know if it requires a revert back. I am no good at language & wrote whatever came. Sir, the mess there needs help from you so that the message goes & gets relished in right taste. Please do guide me.

Talk page communication

  • Normal traditional written script on hard copies flow from Top to Bottom. I had been wondering whether it would be convenient & quick if the Talk pages are written from Bottom to Top as a SikhiWiki policy . In fact I had , once in a while even tried it. Even this very message is on top of This page.


  • This is just an experiment to create a demonstrative GurSeva group within SikhiWiki with the hope evolve it as a template consisting of a set of pages. I expect Amita to take on. Let me get back to Delhi with her. I will keep you posted.

For Lucky & Pappi Kakaji: I am taking the liberty of addressing Paapi as Kakkaji15 till Kakaji15's name slides down. Hope that is OK with both young Daredevil Khalsas.

  • My husband is Lucky's fan for his poetry, but being a hard core engineer prefers to stay away from pen & ink (read net)

Plan to stay in touch ! Gur Fateh --- Baljeet Kaur

Ik Gal Sanjh Karnee See

Eh gurus dee pics nae jehriaan eh fake jehaa kam lagdaa. Guru Tegh bahadur guru arjan dev. I suggest jae pic lagani hai taan ghato ghato guru naal kuj relation taan hona chahidaa. Waise pic da koi sikhism ch mainaa hai nahin par jae laooni hai like guru arjan dev jee on tati tavi, Guru tegh bahadur jee whie martyadom, guru harkrishan while geeta ucharan from goonga man. Guru nanak de jehri pehlan pic layee e oh Nanak sar ch sushobhit hai. tuhada kee kehna enaa pics dae baarey. Loki pics aggae matha tekdey han eh manmati hai,,,,,,Ik template check kareoo zara Guru Har Gobind jee wale page tae banda nahin peaauser:paapi

Maan yog Hari ji . I agree with him, Sikhism has no place for nonsesence--Mutia 19:29, 10 May 2007 (EDT)

Sir, I wrote the above line without seeing your reply to Papiji. I, nay! gurbani is flawless so do we have to. That is the very foundation of Sikhism. I will be on email. Gur Fateh!--Mutia 19:47, 10 May 2007 (EDT)

Kithey aa mera article

Haye o dhokha tusee keha se aglae haftey Gurudwara Panja Sahib Nu main article banaoongae(Angry). But nahin banaya(Crying). So please next ahftey bana deo jehe nahin taan.................MAin ro pavaangaa...............user:paapi

O Sir Jee Tusee taan bura hee man gaye. Main taan mazaak kar rehaa teee. Article taan sohna lagdaa jedaa tusee chapadey eh kedaa new hai i like all articles here on Website. Thanks for displaying it its not my article its yours its nation's article .............user:paapi

Sat Shri Akaal

Sat shri akaal sir jee. Hor kee haal ae. Main ik article padiyaa jae Gurdwara Nanaklama Sahib. Us ch bohot points considered kittey gaye han i want u to read taht article and comment on it in discussion box. HOr kimey chaldaa pea hai site da kamm. Site dee kithey takk taraaki ho gaye hai????? Sir sites dae users wadhao thodi tarakki hovey mere ithey taan sare susat han hor kam bathere kar laingae net tae eh chota jeha kam nahin kar sakdey. users nu khicho site wal advertise karo website dee. Inni takdee site hai tae just 7 - 8 users activate hundey han(3500 chon). Wikipedia tae duniyaa laggi hundee even sikhism dae articles tae wee duniyaa laggi hundee.

Ithey bathereaan nu sikhi wiki baarey pata hai even my freinds call me sikhiwiki :)). Ithey sikhpoint dae, tae hor sites dae bandey wee mainu jandey nhan kehndae han articles idhar wee dede main kehaa copy maar kae changes kar lavo kehndae na too kar kae de main kehnda time nahin tae kehndae"AAHO SIKHIWIKI WALA JON EN". Jantaa puchdee sikhiwiki tae ke ekardaa main kehaa nishkaam sewa nothing else. Hale taan main kush nahin kardaa reaon exams

  • Main keha tusee QUIZ ZONE start karan laggae see where is that.
  • Ik SMA ZONE wee main padeaa huney oh wadiyaa kam kitta tusee.
  • Main keha ik SHABAD ZONE wee start kar dewo main Shabad upload kar dea karoon nale tusee wee
  • If i want to insert flash video yaa koi hor video paani hai kisey page tae is it possible over here.
  • Kids Section Kithey hai.
  • Antisikh ritualism da article wee wekhyaa not bad

Well khasa kush kar wee ditta tae khasa kush karan nu wee peaa ae. KOi naa hundaa rahoo sama chalda rehnda sab hunda rehnda jiven Mutiaa jee kehndae han "SAB KUSH APEY AAP".

HOr kee haal hai india kad gera lagna . What abt marriage of ur daughter(u were telling me before). Chalo Enjoy Sarbat Da bhala Waheguru je ka khalsa waheguru je ke fateh..................LUCKY

Sir a info to u too

Jithey tuhanu aisa article milda(contoversial ya not related to sikh values but related to sikhs) us ch Template:AntiSikhi paa dea karo. Because the reason behind the articles here is that these are related to sikhs and remember this is sikh encyclopedia not only gurmat encyclopedia. if this is gurmat encyclopedia then we donot need guru har rai har krishan articles too. Please eh gal Mutiaa sir nu samjhaoo. He is proper gursikh these are here just as ENCYCLOPEDIA. Mutia jee bura maan jandae ....Lucky

HAye oyaeee

Haye oyaae mutia jee tae hari jee guru nanak de pic pichey hath dhoo kae pai gaye nae .....Main kad kehaa photo nu matha teko eh pic main taan layee jae is pic da guru nanak naal sambandh hai Go to gurudwara nanaksar sahib baaki kisi gurupic that are here havent any relation with any guru. Is pic daa khaas sambandh hai.

Ik gal pucchan bura na maneo Tuhada Naam hari singh hai i mean Harry hai kae Hari hai(hari means god) but harri is something else. pls boora na maneo nizi question ae

hor kee kardey haye o main paseenae naal lathpath ho gaya saal baad pehli waar 1 kilometre chalea ovee dhupp ch haye oyae rang kaala ho gaya........LUCKY

Hello Sir

Guru Amar Das and King Akbar article jedaa hai oh adhoora hai its not giving full info guru nu akbar taan milan aaya si kyon kae govina bhai da puttar nae guru amar das de shkait kittti si bai amar das jee meri jameen mal kae bai gaye.

Well sir i want u to put punjabi font into the site so that we can write in punjabi too. Ask shri Gurumustak singh the software tech. to please kindly install punjabi font for site and u know that my demand is appropriate. Jae nahin bandaa taan ona nu kaho that talk wid me. Punjabi font is site wastey jaroori hai and thats my order Lucky n also by user:paapi

Ae ke matlab hoya

E kee matlab hoya bai clash hojoogaa is site dee apne spirit hai apnae func han clashing dae baarey sochna nahin chahidaa put punjabi font for guys liike me ask gurumustak singh please. Mainu sikhpoint walean naal gal hoyee kehndae articles contribute kar do jithon marzee karo but put entries. main paa teeyaan is site ton chak kae hahahahaha i am a perfect copy paster...........LUCKY

Guru Amar Das and King Akbar

Eh article tuanu kinnae likh kae ditta jae. Kirpaa ona da email id den dee kripaltaa karogae please. Eh article totally adhoora hai. Read article Goindwal u will know about a guy called Goinda or Gonda his actual name is Goinda and called bhai Goinda by Guru angad dev jee he is man who is lord of the whole land of goindwal sahib. When goinda dies his son who was also the disciple of Guru amardas was against due to agitation by non followers of guru sahib or u can say the persons who jealous of guru amardas sahib they said son of goinda that the land of ur father is taken by guru amardas sahib and that land is yours. so son of goinda falls in love in land then guru.

As Goinda's son cant face guru amardas directly so He complaint the nearest head of that area that guru amardas is living on his land(father's Land) forcefully. Amardas had occupied the land of the father. But the head refuses as he know abt guru amardas sahib and said him that u are the person who goes to hell, as guru amardas is making the heaven.

Then the non followers of guru amardas sahib asked Son Of bhai Goinda to go to Mughal King akbar he will help u. Then son of goinda(Name unknown) went to king akbar and requested to come to Goindwal and watch that wrong possesion by guru amardas on land of his father which should given to him only. THen King akbar visit goindwal and the rest story is given in sakhi.

After all that King akbar asked son of goinda that u are not supposed to take that land as ur father given to rohaani guru amar das tae toon guru dae khiolaaf jaana hai rabb tenu bhari narkaan ch paoo. Tere wargey nu so chittar munh tae maar kae bahar kaddo.

Well angreji taan mainu masaan hee aundee hai so please make proper sentences and pt into it. Enjoy LUCKY

Hey Sikhnet

I just waana ask is sikhnet related to sikhiwiki i think this is independent bu thats not well i m just askin -- user:thegreateditor

BHaa jee

Sir jee please mainu Prashaad de english dass daoo please please main kisse nu prashad de english communion dass taa atey eh jesus related word hai. Please tell me proper word for prashad in english please please main tuadey pairie paina.......LUCKY

E kede chakkran ch paa taa sir main kada parshaad dee gal kardaa see comunion kada parshaad es dee english kee hundee hai single word term pleased dasso jae.....LUCKY

It means main gurudware ton blessings lai kae aana haan in the form of Kada?????? Kada prashaad wastey koi proper mean hai nee jae...LUCKY

==Main Bhai Makha Shah Jee ae article dee name tareekae naal start karna chahunda ahaan boht sareaan details mere hath lageean han kaagzee roop ch tae punjabi ch han so english conversion welae bohot takleef hovegee atey jeda amatlab naa milyaa oh akhar main punjabi ch hee likh marnaa jae enjoy............. lucky]]

thats simply ultimate

I waana copmment the main page is looking so ultimate that i have to kiss the screen muahhhhh muahhhhhhhh. Great work.user:paapi


KOi ajehaa tarika dasan dee kirpalta karo jis naal Font file upload ho jaavey. Main Punjabi Fonts ik article banaya hai jis ch users punjabi font apnae computer tae install kar kae upyukt wartoo kar sakdey han. Main Upload File tae click kitta hai, tae font file noo upload karan dee bharpoor koshis kitti par asafal rehaa. so main kisey site ch font labh ohdey naal sidhi linking kar ditti hai. par mere kol punjabi fonts bohotere matra ch paye han tae main ithey upload karna chahundaa haan kee tosi koi tareeka dass sakdey ho please...Rabb Rakha user:hahaha

Thankyou sir

ਹੂਨ ਮੋਨੂ੝ ਸਮਝ ਆਯਾ | Aap jee naal mil kae khushi hoyee. aap jee da bohot bohot dhanwaad But us tareekae aal punjabi likhni thodi mushkil aa kyon kae main anmol lipi ya gurmukh lipi font use kardaa haan tae mainu usey sahaab naal aadat pae hoyee ae. Par tusee jo madad ditti ohda bohot bohot dhanwaad. Kirpaa kar ik hor madad kar sakdey ho. Main chahundaa haan jo akhar aapan likhney han, jime tusee jandey ho kae mera keyboard english hai is lai mainu punjabi likhan ch takleef hundee naale eh punjabi kewords wakhrey han. kirpa kar keyboard letters in punjabi likh deoo jimey kae -

ਸ - m ਮ - c

imey hee baaki letters dae keywords likhan dee kiraltaa karo gae please main aap jee daa abhari rahvaangaa.

Main Ik hor gal sanjhi karnee chahavnagaa kae, bura na manana, mainu feel hunda is site tae articles dee koi izzat nahin lagdaa jimey even hee khilarey hoyae han. Article da sir pair kayiaan da taan pata hee nahin chaldaa. Bura naa manana . par eh sach hai. Sarbat Da Bhala.



Main aap jee da fir ton dhanwaad karna chahundaa haan madad karan layi hoon punjabi ch likhna thoda sokha ho gaya hai. "Sahaj paka so mitah howaa" Bohot sonee gal likhi hai tuee. Tusee menu Fareed jee dee gal yaad kara tee Sabar eho suao jae toon banda dir karahi. Sikhiwiki noo rabb naam bakhshey tae is ch ditti jaankari sab dae netraan tak pujjae tae sab dae mann wich raas karey. Aapan jo kar sakiyey oh karan da poora jatan karangae. Gurmukhi keyboard layout eh tuseen bohot wadiyaa kam kar taa. Tuhadi dittian sewawan wastey tuhanu Namstwam kardaa main. JAe sikhiwiki tae mainu koi mushkil aayee taan tuhanu takleef dawangae. Jae main tuahdey lai kuj kar sakdaa taan chijkana naa jee. Sarbat dae kaaraj raas.

What happens

Main suneyaa mutia jee dae ghar dae haalat theek nahin han. Mr. mutia tae mrs. mutia ch fight hoyi aa. Mr. mutia naal agll kitey bade din ho gaye, paapi dass rehaa taa kae jad oh online hunda hai taan us nu wekh mutia jee offline chaley jandey han. Mrs. mutia jee da koi reply nahin. Mainu mutia family barey thodi jaankari davongae koi serious matter ae????user:thegreateditor

i m not sure

actually onna walon lucky kehnda trough mail ajeeb response aa rahey han main taan un pucheaa thaa main lucky nu puchdaa rukko. mutia ji net tae we ghat wadh aaundae han ajj kall tusee note kitta hona.........user:thegreateditor

Mainu dara kyon rahey ho

What do u mean to say like india ch wakeel boohot time lagandey hann. TUhadey kehan da matlab haley wee main faseyaa hoyaa haan. Mainu lagdaa tuadee site fasaoogee. Mainu ithey aa na band karna painaa.....Lucky

sir wt is

Tyuhadeey site d visiting kee ai i mean hit counter. ik gall kehna chahundaa tusee jeda first page tae dir\spay kardey main chahunda tusee ona gurmukhan, nu wee display karo normal article baaro aar likhdey yaa pic waley hee main page tae lagandey like Bhai Tiloka‎. ina baaarey ain page tae display banao hor khane bana loh chahae its ur wish imey he hor jimey bhai kooram, baba deep, makhan shah labana etc articles han jo kadi display nahin hundey Aapan nahin chahundae kae apnae bhai sahiban sikh history ch kidrey kho jaan.user:paapi


Have you retired from wikireligion? I would love to have you help out. BTW, it has become active. God bless you and everyone you know.--Sir James Paul 01:01, 3 June 2007 (EDT)

Mainu wee lagda sir jee retire ho gaye jae koi jawaab nahin aundaa jaan busy ho gaye jae mainu admin bana do jinnae der busy ho taan i will take care of ur siteuser:paapi

Okay:) Thats fine:) God bless:)--Sir James Paul 14:47, 3 June 2007 (EDT)

Excuse me

I did some setting in gurudwara categories i.e continent wise settings Asia Africa Australia Europe North America............So two continents are missing that are Antartica and South america.......prior i found some entries containing gurudwaras in south america but know i am not able to find that again can u please find them and make a new category i.e gurudwaras in South america........I also found a entry containing gurudwara in antartica to but know i m not able to find taht too. Can u please find that.

Your site contain lot of info abt gurudwaras, well i am trying to covering local gurudwaras in my area too hope u will not mind. PLease take care that if someone put the entries he/she must put in same sequence instead of making a new category............We should make category when we need it empty category looks so ridiculus.

I found many things that people like me start writing articles do gramatical mistake a lot of english related mistakes. Well you are only administrator tell your sons and daughters to continue job when u not at home, Gurmustak singh should allot 2/3 administrators. Ask him to do so as you all are doing nishkaam sewa thats great. Howz life going?? have u contacted mr. mutia??? Whats there situation i read proior in some post that there ghar dee halaat theek hai nahin is thisw rite

Mr. Mutia jee kehndae retire houngae(as lucky told) but i think he hasnt retired yet, Baljet kaur is new member or is it a copy to mr. mutia, Amita singh where is she


Sat Shri Akaal

Bura Na manana main ik gal note kitti. Jedey articles tusee main page tae lagandae ho oh mostly repeated hundey han. Many gursikh personalities are there jinna da naam granthaa ch reh gaya. Sanu ona sarean barey main page tae dena chahidaa. Gurus barey duniyaa jandi saddae kayee bibi tae bhai like Baba gurditta, Band singh bahadur, nawab kapur singh, bhai kuram, makhan shah labana etc etc etc. Main kehnaa 2 categories banai jaan main articles di ik ch tusee oh pao jida naam loki bhul gae nae yaa lokan nu nahin pata jo sikhism dae maan insaan nae jinna karkey sanu fakar hai, jo raje nae dharmik granthan dae, tae wazir gobind angad dae, jo jana wardey apniyaan nae, martyers nae sikh warriors nae, Bibi women kinnian nae eh encyclopedia hai. is ch bohot personalities raaj kar rahi han.....THE GREAT EDITOR


I found and i got that there is no article with name parsadi sikhs there, and sikhiwiki is careless that the article totally deleted want to know reason why. watch below template parsadi sikhs article was being deleted. and i find nothing on sarabloh abyt parsadi i want u to revert it back again........Te lucky kehnda kae Mutia horan dae gharey tension chaldee [COMPENDIUM_OF_TRUE_IDEAS_%3D%3D_Sikhism_is_Truthism|click here] Mainu taan mutia family orthodox jehee lagdee tae naley ajeebo gareeb lagdee emey lagda jimey ikk banda hunda oh tin kam karda. Baljeet kaur, Mr mutia, amitha lagda koi sehajdhari e koi namdhari koi kooka..........well main complaint wal dhian deo jehe.........user:paapi

Sects & Cults

♣♣ Ad Dharm ♣♣ Akalis ♣♣ Bandai Sikhs ♣♣ Balmiki ♣♣ Bhatra ♣♣ Brindaban Matt ♣♣ Daya Singh Samparda ♣♣ Dhir Malias ♣♣ Handalis ♣♣ Kabir Panthi ♣♣ Kirtan jatha Group ♣♣ Kooka ♣♣ Kutta Marg ♣♣ Majhabi ♣♣ Manjis ♣♣ Masand ♣♣ Merhbanieh ♣♣ Mihan Sahibs ♣♣ Minas ♣♣ Nirankari ♣♣ Nanak panthi ♣♣ Nanakpanthi Sindhis ♣♣ Namdev Panthi ♣♣ Namdhari ♣♣ Nanaksaria ♣♣ Nihang ♣♣ Nikalsaini ♣♣ Niranjaniye ♣♣ Nirmala ♣♣ Panch Khalsa Diwan ♣♣ Parsadi Sikhs ♣♣ Phul Sahib dhuan ♣♣ Radha Swami ♣♣ Ram Raiyas ♣♣ Ravidasi ♣♣ Ridváni Sikhs ♣♣ Suthra Shahi ♣♣ Sewapanthi ♣♣ Sat kartaria ♣♣ Sant Nirankaris ♣♣ Sanwal Shahis ♣♣ Sanatan Singh Sabhais ♣♣ Sachkhand Nanak Dhaam ♣♣ Samparda Bhindra ♣♣ Tat Khalsa ♣♣ Sikligars ♣♣ Pachhada Jats ♣♣ Satnami's ♣♣ Udasi Sikhs ♣♣


Thank you for the kind note of encouragement!

I wanted to add the words and terms after trying to explain to a friend through e-mail what Yogi Bhajan was explaining in his lecture on the empowering mantra, "ek ong kar, sat nam, siri wahe guru".

Yogiji used the terms in the short lecture, but did not define them in that particular one; after not seeing any clear definition on some of the terms that he used in his talk on the mantra online, I had to specifically refined my google searches, and after coming across some other lectures, I found the definitions and felt it was right to add them. Blessings. Sat Nam.

Tell me one thing

Are you from 3HO Faith???

Happy Gurpurab

Guru Arjan dev Maharaaj Jee nae Lahore Shahidi paii

Shaeed prathaa dee mudh, neev ona paai

oh pratha gobind , tegh chalaai

Guru Granth sahib deve ona di gawahi

Guru Arjan dev nu dilon salaam mere bhai

Guru arjan dev nu naman, pranaam mera bhaii

Jo bolety So nihaaal.........Tateaan tae aimey taan ni tardaa koi jae naa hon haunsley........

Sarbat da bhala kare rabb mera rakha mera saiyaan

Guru arjan dev waang fadh ik doojae sadiyan baiyaan

Shahidi dae kae pratha nami chalai

Kisey lai jaan kimey wariyae eh cheez kar dikhlai

Ek waar gajj kae fir bulaoo Waheguru je ka khalsa, waheguru jee kee fateh.......

Adi granth mudh guru jugo jugatal de nihn chalai

Sathon na wichran ditta app nu rabb de apan sojhi hai pai

Dhannn GURU ARJANA teri Waddi kamaai teri waddi kamaiii teri waddi kamai

Jo Boley So nihaaaaallllllllll

Reply posted

Dear Hari Singh ji, after a long interval of time I got some relief from the hectic business of life and was able to post a brief reply on our ongoing discussion on the image of Hari Singh Nalwa. Kindly read it.

Thanks, A. S. Aulakh Talk 17:30, 16 June 2007 (EDT)


Paapi Pass ho gaya scored 86% and topped in Final year BCA in my college and completed ma graduation(67% whole). Today i also gave MCa entrance test for guru nanak dev university, May god help me to enter in that. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee ke fateh........user:paapi


Thanks mainu lod hai tuadey ashirwad tae guru dae ashirwaad dee wee. May God bless u with every happiness in ur life too. Sarbat Da bhala.....user:paapi

Telling beads and Sardar Hari Singh Nalua image

Guru Savare Hari singh Ji, WJKK!WJKF!

  • Please see my reply on discussion page of article.
  • I also wanted to share with you ,sir, that we arranged screening of Gurbani by loaning Projector using 'Sikhi to The max 'software simultaneously when raagis sang the Shabads in our local Gurdwara on occasion of celebration of gurpurb of Martyrdom of Sri Guru Arjun Dev Sahib ji.--Guglani 06:29, 19 June 2007 (EDT)

Answer Please

"I have a question which will baffle all Sikhs, if only Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the Guru, then why did the 5th Guru not give Guruship to it, he's the one who complied it. Why were there 5 more Gurus after him.".............Comeon please tell me my brain is aching........user:paapi

Thank you!

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ke Fateh! Thank you alot for your great guidence and support! i really appreciate you leaving me a message and that too a very heartwarming 1! Yes, may Waheguru Ji keep all in Chardi Kala! Thanks alot! Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ke Fateh!

Noted a Thing

Mutia Ji dae articles wich jaama wee professionalism nahin hai. Emey lagdaa hai jimey gussae ch articles likhey hundae nae. Mere wich taan chalo maneyaa but oh Bajurag lok nu thoda proffesionalim hona chahidaa. Jae likhan tae inna time landae thoda time us di sajawat layi we la den kae aapan joga kamm chadd dindae??. Hor sunao kimey chaldaa, india kadh gedaa wajnaa. Mere compitition da ki hoya kinnae articles sutt tae main haley tak. Jawaab bada kaim ditta but i m confused yet also


Sir first page tae changings lae kae aao hodi jihi. tae gurmustak singh nu kaho kae users nu invite karan ithey work karan layi. He can do this. Tae first page tae hor koi article lavo ik article repeat kari jandey ho es di ik lst tayaar karo kae is din eh article top page tae si.user:paapi

Thanks sikhiwiki

Main tuada bohot dhanvadi haan mere naal ik incident hoya aj raat. Check it out on my page. Sir tusee bohot wadiya kitta eh site bana kae eh din we emain wekhna si. Thanks I want to share this with all to show love god only he s the love which will not leave u ever. Jugaad sach....user:paapi


Thanks for helped me. Main keha tusee lok waddae ho tuadey naal eh gal karan nu sharam aundee. But jad gal eh chaldee sikh doojae sikh de madad kar sakda then harkat kini ku bheri hovey main share kar sakda beacause tuadey tae mutia jee wargey mahapursh ethey mojood han. Thanks for blessings saath daein wastey dhanwaad. SARBAT DA BHALA........user:paapi

Just waana say sorry

I just want to say sorry. Well i haev seen a great changes in sikhiwiki i.e great keep it up. i waana say u one thing more that m not contributer whos active know so active contributer tag is useless on ma user page. Howz life going? Well i waana ask a question to you.....

Is there any chances of shutting off or closing of website. Because i got a news abouse some website checkers and many websites are closed down by them because they were illegal. I just wana remove ma confusion there are many humans who are illegaly making websites weather on sikhism or on any other aspect. Here a website sikhpoint is made by a person to remove the burden of income tax that person is from america or watever i dunno nkow the case i just want to know "Ki eh site dae band hon dae chances tae nahin" actually main pics wagera ithey upload kar kae apne system ton delete kar dena even data related to sikhism main is tae paeaa hoya jo mere system ch see. well this suspicious Insect put in me by somebuddy. Well good going wish best of luck to sikhiwiki team and Enjoy gurmukh life........Old user LUCKY

Kahdi Sorry

I have uploaded some pics of ma tour to Hajur Sahib and Hemkunt sahib. I Also have som epics of patna shaib but i have to find those i will upload them shortly. Well sir i was just asking. actually i have heard that some websites are shutting down not sikhi only others also so i was bit scared and waana confirm that is this site under such type of danger?? Well Wat sorry you are elder and elder are not supposed to say sorry they should give their good blessings to all.

Because Elder's Blessings are like TV remote control with out it we are nothing our elders change our track(Channel) if we r on wrong one. So dont say sorry again Please. Wel Guru mere sang sada hai naaley sly guru is with you also. Wat sinner sinner jae mera elder appae nu sinner kahoo taan main wee aapnae app nu sinner kahhon..DAS..... SINNER LUCKY.


Sorry for taht ghatiyaa mistake shooted its seems so funny. Well was thinking that kee likhan my angrejee hahahahaha. Well main haley paapi dee kathaa sun kae aay us naal maada hoya bada he maada, ik hor freind hai mera oh hindu hai us naal mada hoya kudi waley jaatt mundae khatri and break up oh mundae nu main chup kara kae aaya 23 salan da munda 10ven dae jawak dae waang ro rehaa....LWell life ch eh hunda rehnda hor sunao kimey chaldaa....LUCKY


Sir i want to create an articles about my two freinds ((MANU JYOTI & HARRY HARMAN)) under love legends(Incomplete Love) category, They are not love legends of country but they are those gutys like heer ranjha who weep like anything but they havent got their love back. I just want to seek your permission please sir please. as this falls under category punjab the nations of sikhs so this also should accepted. Please sir i bow before u. please......LUCKY