Radhasoami Beas Secret History

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Jaimal Singh

In October 1877, nine months before Swami Ji died, Jaimal Singh claims Swami Ji asked him privately to go to the Punjab and preach sant mat. Jaimal was an army soldier on yearly leave at the time. There is no evidence at all Swami Ji told Jaimal this, or ever gave Jaimal permission to initiate. There is no evidence Swami Ji knew whom Jaimal was, ever knew his name, or ever met Jaimal face to face. Jaimal claimed Radhaji (Swami Ji's wife) gave him a turban and prayer mat in 1890, there is no evidence this is true. There is no evidence Swami Ji ever gave Jaimal written or verbal permission in secret to act as Guru . No one in Swami Ji's family ever confirmed Swami Ji told Jaimal in private to preach sant mat. There are no records or confirmation from anywhere, or any contemporary personages of Jaimal's time that this ever happened, or that anyone ever saw Jaimal in the satsang of Swami Ji even once. We do not even know if Jaimal was initiated in the lifetime of Swami Ji. There are no photographs of Swami Ji with Jaimal and only 3 photographs of Jaimal are known to exist. Beas does not display Jaimal's photos, possibly for reasons contained here in Secret History.

Most astonishing is the fact that Swami Ji never wrote a single letter to Jaimal, that Jaimal ever mentioned. Considering Swami Ji's satsang was loaded with high ranking postal workers (including Swami Ji's two brothers Chachaji and Brindraban, Sudarshan (Chachaji's son) and Salig Ram, etc.), it's quite remarkable Jaimal never recieved a letter from Swami Ji. This group was famous for writing letters. Why didn't Jaimal write Swami Ji letters in the army, if he considered him his master? During the 21 years Jaimal was in the infantry while Swami Ji was alive, he could have visited satsang in Agra only a few times on yearly leave. Kirpal's claim that Jaimal only made it to satsang 3 times in his life seems to make sense. Basically, the reason we assume Jaimal visited at least once the satsang of Swami Ji, was that in Chachaji's biography of Swami Ji, he mentions Jaimal's 24th Sikh unit passing by, but did not give the date. But, it could not have been 1856, as the 24th Sikh did not come into being until late 1857, after the Sepoy Uprising

Jaimal waits until July 1884, while he is still a soldier, to initiate his first person according to Beas and retired in 1889. In 1891 he started Beas group. It took Jaimal 7 years to initiate his first person according to Beas and 14 years until he established Beas , both from the Oct. 1877 date Swami Ji supposedly asked him secretly to do. Jaimal claimed Swami Ji asked him to do this nine months before his death, which was the last time Jaimal claimed he saw Swami Ji on yearly leave. Another problem is that Jaimal saw many masters and it is unknown if he considered Swami Ji his master, while Swami Ji was alive. ....................... Some Beas books say Jaimal initiated a maximum of 2000 people, others 2343 people. Jaimal died December 29, 1903. He initiated Sawan Singh October 15, 1894 in the Murree Hills, in what is now Pakistan. Radhaji ( Swami Ji's wife) died two weeks later, Nov.1, 1894. Radhaji was a beautiful person and was known for giving money to the poor as she walked down the street from a change purse she always carried. Radhaji married Swami Ji at the age of 15.


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