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Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji was born 27th July, 1858 in village Jatala, Dist. Ludhiana to Sub. Maj. Kabul Singh and Mata Jiwani. Had 3 children by Mata Kishan Kaur Ji. He passed Engineering from Thompson College, Roorkee and joined the Military Engineering Service. His bearing was majestic and attractive. He studied scriptures of various religions. He visited Baba Kahan of Peshawar, who told him his Master will seek him on his own. Stationed at Murree, he met Baba Jaimal Singh, who had came for him and was initiated by him.

He retired in 1911 and set up Dera Baba Jaimal Singh at Beas whose foundations had been laid by his Master in 1891, and built houses, bungalows and a Satsang Hall. He sheltered victims of the communal partition holocaust. His following included Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and for the first time, thousands from abroad in USA, UK, Switzerland and Germany as well. Dr. Brock, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Schmidt, Mr. Myers and Col. Saunders were some of the notables who flocked to him. True to his name, Sawan- The Season of Rain, he showered his Master's wealth freely.

He had 'Gurmat-Siddhant' written under his specific instructions by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji to distil knowledge of God. He entrusted task of 'Naam' initiation to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji in late 1947 and approved his proposal for setting up 'Ruhani Satsang' for spiritual uplift of mankind. He transferred his spiritual wealth to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, telling him that people would flock to him and passed away on 2nd April, 1948 after initiating 1,25,375 souls.

Sects & Cults

♣♣ Ad Dharm ♣♣ Akalis ♣♣ Bandai Sikhs ♣♣ Balmiki ♣♣ Bhatra ♣♣ Brindaban Matt ♣♣ Daya Singh Samparda ♣♣ Dhir Malias ♣♣ Handalis ♣♣ Kabir Panthi ♣♣ Kirtan jatha Group ♣♣ Kooka ♣♣ Kutta Marg ♣♣ Majhabi ♣♣ Manjis ♣♣ Masand ♣♣ Merhbanieh ♣♣ Mihan Sahibs ♣♣ Minas ♣♣ Nirankari ♣♣ Nanak panthi ♣♣ Nanakpanthi Sindhis ♣♣ Namdev Panthi ♣♣ Namdhari ♣♣ Nanaksaria ♣♣ Nihang ♣♣ Nikalsaini ♣♣ Niranjaniye ♣♣ Nirmala ♣♣ Panch Khalsa Diwan ♣♣ Parsadi Sikhs ♣♣ Phul Sahib dhuan ♣♣ Radha Swami ♣♣ Ram Raiyas ♣♣ Ravidasi ♣♣ Ridváni Sikhs ♣♣ Suthra Shahi ♣♣ Sewapanthi ♣♣ Sat kartaria ♣♣ Sant Nirankaris ♣♣ Sanwal Shahis ♣♣ Sanatan Singh Sabhais ♣♣ Sachkhand Nanak Dhaam ♣♣ Samparda Bhindra ♣♣ Tat Khalsa ♣♣ Sikligars ♣♣ Pachhada Jats ♣♣ Satnami's ♣♣ Udasi Sikhs ♣♣