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s'm k"r"ktr yuzd in p'ar str"sses (hard hi~ti.g, str"sful & soljrle to'n tipikl of SatGurBani, Pnjabe, a".d adr l".gv'gz kloz to Pnjabe) b'sik c.son".t saou.ds| tipikl e'gzampls aar..

  • c~k dy f~t"....----dash on regardless...
  • pnjab da pu'~qr...----(truthful, dare devil & committed) Son (life giving star like sun) of the (holy & TRUE ) soil of Punjab

The second example above reflects the brevity aspect of punjabi language

    • Punjabi is a language of few words.
    • Gurbani is a language countless times brief as compared to Punjabi.
    • Gurbani is a language which encompasses universe & universes beyond.
    • No language other than GurBani can analyse SatGurBani flawlessly because SatGurBani is a Flawless language of the Flawless Beings

Sayth kush appy aap.... (have no words to express my gratitudes to All the Punjabi SatGurMat Scholars who have given me strength to sink into the ocean of my ONE & Only ONE 'Guru, God, Father, Mother, Relatives & Frieads of all styles, Standings, Hues & Colors' in ONE ....kudrq krn kha veecar varia na java ayk tudh bhavyy sae bhle kaar)

Evolving Gurditte Alphabet

1 2 3 4 5
o i
- o' e
= ~
..a ..A ..e ..s ..h
..k ..K ..g ..G
..c ..C ..j ..J
..t ..T ..d ..D ..x
..q .. Q ..y ..Y ..n
.. p ..f ..b ..B ..m
..u ..r ..l ..v ..w

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