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..Cont from 4 of the 38 Steps to Lord TRUTH -SGGS pg 1

Lord TRUTH's wake up call to Khalsa

  • People endlessly beg and pray, "Give to us, give to us", and the great giver ‘TRUTH’ keeps honoring them.
* What return gifts can we reciprocate with to seek a glance of Thy Court? What words should we speak to evoke Thy favour & Love?
* CONTEMPLATE and PONDER Over Wisdom During ambrosial hours before dawn
( Three Hrs before Sun Rise ). Let us understand that L0rd TRUTH Himself alone is always true. We tend to deviate from obeying.

Satgur's first daily Order for the day

SUN's invisible rays wake up the cock before 4th Quarter so that he can wake up all of us can't kill the Sun, the culprit. Frustrated, we respond with killing the offending MURGA as if with a warning to Sun Satgur alike, for their, if they keep messing around with our morning sleeps. But we the thankless lot neither listen to Lord TRUTH('our inner TRUTHFUL Voice') nor do we to Nanak (leave aside the lowly cock, the poor being is butchered for being obedient.

Culture of ignoring Lord TRUTH's first Commandments the world over is spreading like fire & Early MURGAs are an extinct specie. Thank GOD not from the dining table. at least not as yet.

What about GOD sent Chicken Flu ?. "Nothing to worry !, GOD will be Made to pay for his misadventure & audacity. We know the offender here is MURGA again . All offending MURGAs will either be killed & eaten or simply killed & their remains amalgamated with our( not Lord TRUTH's ) environment with due honors.What about spread of Virus ?. "Come on Stop it ! too trivial a being to waste time with, let us party, with MURGA the main Menu"

MUST honor God's Messengers by listening to them them.Then and only then do we stand being entitled to Satgur's favour. 

Let us sikhs of SHABAD Guru stand by Lord TRUTH's MURGA & start paying him for the heavenly food he provides us with, by honouring his Call to get up.

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Wake up & Walk up to 'TRUTH god'...HOW ? Read On...>

  • Your (Nirakaar Mardana's, 10 Nanaks', Bani Writers's, This writer's, Readers', all Humans') Names like 'Govind', 'Khasam', 'Hari' etc used throughout SGGS are artificial names meaning 'TRUTH'. This deduction from the phrase 'Sat Naam' is explicitly documented in SGGS itself right in the begining.
  • Gurus used TRUTH's artificial names to express reverence & love for Lord TRUTH & HUMANITY and also as a means to avoid direct confrontation with the then prevailing socio- political brutality & exploitation of humanity. These Names were, had been, are & will ever be used as cultural media to reach for the not much educated exploted masses of the time. High caste Hindus & Muslims, self proclaimed custodians of Dharma created & propagated false names to glorify their own beliefs & cause social splits.

Needless to say that the practice goes on. Sikh political leaders supported by intellactuals of Manmukh breed out of the way to misinterpret/ philos Gurbani suiting their hidden false commercial & political interests


  • Nanak defined Khalsa ( Idol of TRUTH ) against false IDOLs of stone worshipped & glorified all over by Brahmins. Their aim was to have unquestioned Socio-Religious power in a formally structured Caste System where Brahmins were supreme. He further standardized regional linguistic fundamentals to counter the monopoly that Brahmins exercised over Sanskrit. The regional terms used by him when viewed through the prism of Mathematical logic convey unambiguous 'TRUTH' devoid of any dogmatic misinterpretations.
  • For example 'Sikh' ( Punjabi word literally Meaning 'Learn' ) & 'Dharam' ( Sanskrit word meaning 'Duty') combined & going by Sikh thinking mean nothing but 'learn Dharam' (learn to TRUTHfully do your duty towards TRUTH).
  • Mathematically interpreted - 'Dharam' is a constant - a copy of constant 'TRUTH'. Before beginning of eternity, it carried a Constant Value '1'(TRUE) now also is carrying a constant value '1' & will always carry a constant value '1'. That is what Nanak begins Gurbani with.'Sikh Dharam' in no way can be made to mean 'a Dharam called Sikh', i.e. yet another name added to the existing long list of ones prevailing the world over, kind courtesy politicians & those who decide to stand by FALSEHOOD. As far as Nanak is concerned, ( and so is a TRUE SIKH supposed to stand by), DHARAM is yet another artificial Name of TRUTH. 'TRUTH is DHARAM' & 'DHARAM is TRUTH' both statements are logically TRUE. So are 'TRUTH' is HUMANITY' & 'HUMANITY is TRUTH'. ONE universal message from Lord TRUTH isthat Satgur created One HUMANITY and ordained HUMANITY to believe in, yearn for, learn, profess & progress One Dharam / Truth / GOD, ie NOTHING butTRUTH

In modern civilized society It is prudent for all of us to refer to Lord TRUTH by Thy true name only i.e. TRUTH.In Poetry & literary work where ever we do use artificial names of Lord TRUTH we must always without fail be understood to be referring to, meaning & implying nothing but TRUTH.' read on...>


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