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Narad Muni (not the one who meditated with Bhagat Prehlad Ji) was a bhramgyani. He once visited Satguru Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj and presented him with the feathers of a "Humayu" bird. Guru Ji tied each feather to five arrows, strung them on a bow and shot them in all four directions and one up into the heavens. He asked his Gursikhs to go and look for the arrows he had fired. They looked hard but couldn't find them and so returned empty-handed to their Guru. Guru ji then explained to the Gursikhs that he had been presented with the feathers of the Humuyu bird by Narad Muni Ji, and this bird of the sky had power in all its body parts. Guru Ji explained whatever was attached to the parts of that bird, the bird was able to take away to its own haven. Guru Ji was describing that just as the Humayu's feather had taken the arrows to the bird's sanctury, Mool Mantar, Gur Mantar and Gurbani also worked like those feathers except they could take people to the sanctuary of God. So whosoever recites these and practises on his Naam, those Gursikhs will eventually find bhramgian and be carried to the country of parbrahm(God), the one which is above the entire universe. To obtain God one should have strong faith and determination.

The Huma Bird is a fabled bird of antiquity. Its shodow passing over one was said to be very auspicious. See Huma Bird on Wikipedia. [1]

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