Giani Bhai Soorat Singh

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Bhai Soorat Singh

Bhai Soorat Singh ji was born in Chiniot, in Jhang District of Punjab (now in Pakistan). Giani ji's fathers name was Bhai Ram Chand, who was renamed Bhai Ram Singh Ji when initiated into the Sikh nation upon taking Amrit. Bhai Ram Singh ji studied Gurbani from Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh ji and propagated the teachings of Sikhi throughout Jhang district. The Rulers minister of Multan Province in the region disliked what Bhai Soorat Singh ji was doing, in the areas of Jhang which was then part of Multan, so along with his family he relocated to Amritsar Sahib. Giani Bhai Soorat Singh Ji, also took Amrit Sanchaar (Sikh Initiation), also spending time in the Sangat.

Giani ji was taught about Gurmat by Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh ji and Shaheed Baba Gurbaksh Singh ji. They were highly regarded and respected for being a great scholars in Sikhi. Giani ji had great knowledge of the Persian, Urdu and Hindi languages. Giani ji spent a lot of time at Amritsar Sahib teaching Gurbani Santhiya (the correct pronunciations of Gurbani) and doing Katha (Gurbani discourse) daily for the sangat.

Giani ji wrote pothis of the katha they had heard from Bhai Mani Singh ji. They also wrote a sateek (translations into Punjabi) of the Vars of Bhai Gurdas Ji. Giani ji were an ocean of knowledge, being a great scholar and a great Gursikh of our history.

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