Weapons of Guru Gobind Singh

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Anandpur Sahib was founded in 1664 by Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji. The city is situated at the foot of the Shivalik mountain range on the banks of the River Sutlej. Guru Gobind Singh ji grew up here and protected the city by constructing a chain of forts - Kesgarh, Anandgarh, Lohgarh, Holgarh and Taragarh. It was at Anandpur Sahib that Guru Ji trained his Sikhs in the art of warfare and created special knight-errants the Nihangs. But Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib, Anandpur will always be best remembered for the creation of Guru Ji's order of the Khalsa.

In the inner sanctum of Takhat Sri Kesgarh, Anandpur Sahib are kept the shastras (weapons) associated with Guru Gobind Singh Ji. These weapons are taken out in the evenings and shown to the sangat.

    • The historic Khanda assiciated with the amrit ceremony on Vaisakhi 1699
    • Karpa Barsha. In the year 1673 when Guru Sahib Ji was engaged to Mata Jito Ji, Guru ji's father-in -law wanted the marriage party to go to Lahore. However, instead of going to Lahore Guru Ji established a new township near Anandpur Sahib and named it Guru Ka Lahore. When the residents complained of water shortage, Guru Ji struck the ground with this very barsha and water came gushing out.
    • Dhal (shield) made of hippoptamus skin used by Guru ji
    • After the martydom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji issued a hukamnama (written order) to his Sikhs that whenever they visited Anandpur Sahib they should bring horses and weapons as offerings. As a result many weapons, including this bandook (rifle) from a Sikh from Lahore were presented to Guru Ji.
    • Shamsheer-e-Tegha, scimitar of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
    • Dah-e-ahini of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
    • According to popular accounts, Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah presented this Saif to Guru Gobind Singh Ji because Guru Ji aided Bahadur Shah in his succession for the throne, and in battle killed Tara Azam with an arrow.