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Bhagat Trilochan Courtesy of

Bhagat Bani refers to Gurbani found in the Guru Granth Sahib that is attributed to the Sikh Bhagats. The following 15 Bhagats have their Bani incorporated within the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (in chronological order): Bhagat Jaidev, Bhagat Namdev, Bhagat Trilochan, Bhagat Parmanand, Bhagat Sadhana, Bhagat Beni, Bhagat Ramanand, Bhagat Dhanna, Bhagat Pipa, Bhagat Sain, Bhagat Kabir, Bhagat Ravidas, Baba Sheikh Farid, Bhagat Bhikhan and Bhagat Surdas Ji

Most of the Hindu Bhagats begans life as worshippers of idols, but by study and contemplation arrived at a system of monotheism which was appreciated by Guru Arjan. The Muhammadan Bhagats lived in Hindu centres and became largely imbued with Hindu modes of thought, while they at the same time retained their traditionsl belief in the Divine entity.

Though the spirituality of the Bhagats and certain biographical details are mentioned in both the SGGS and Bhai Gurdas ji's Vars, there are no detailed 'Sikh' accounts (compared to those on the lives of the Gurus) of these Bhagats, but accounts of the Bhagats lives are contained in the writings of Nabhaji (the Bhagat Mal), Uddava Chidghan, Mahipati (the Bhakta Lilamirita), Ganesh Dattatre, Maharaja Raghuraj Sinha, Dahyabhai Ghelabhi Pandit, and others in various Indian languages.

# Name Identity No. of Hyms
1. Kabir Muslim weaver 292 hymns
2. Namdev Calico printer from Maharashtra 60
3. Ravidas Shoe maker from Uttar Pradesh 41
4. Trilochan Brahmin from Maharashtra 4
5. Dhanna Cultivator from Rajasthan 4
6. Sain Barber from Uttar Pradesh 1
7. Jaidev Poet from Bengal 2
8. Pipa King from Uttar Pradesh 1
9. Surdas Blind poet 2
11. Baba Farid Muslim saint from Punjab 134
11. Parmanand Maharashtra 1
12. Sadhna Butcher from Sindh 1
13. Beni 3
14. Ramanand Uttar Pradesh 1
15. Bhikhan Sufi saint from Uttar Pradesh 2
These are the 15 Bhagats of Sikhism

Bhagat Beni | Bhagat Bhikhan | Bhagat Dhanna | Sheikh Farid | Bhagat Jaidev | Bhagat Kabir | Bhagat Namdev | Bhagat Parmanand | Bhagat Pipa | Bhagat Ramanand | Bhagat Ravidas | Bhagat Sadhna | Bhagat Sain | Bhagat Surdas | Bhagat Trilochan

Preceded by:
(pre 1200)
Sikh Bhagats Followed by:
Guru Nanak Dev
20 October1469 - 7 May1539)

These are the Ten Gurus of Sikhism

Guru Nanak | Guru Angad Dev | Guru Amar Das | Guru Ram Das | Guru Arjan | Guru Hargobind | Guru Har Rai | Guru Har Krishan | Guru Teg Bahadur | Guru Gobind Singh