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Firozpur District in Punjab state, India

Firozpur is one of the nineteen districts and a famous historic town in the state of Punjab in North-West India. It comprises an area of 11,142 sq km. The surface is level, with the exception of a few sand-hills in the south and south-east. The country consists of two distinct tracts that are liable to annual fertilizing inundations from the Sutlej, the only river, which runs along the north-western boundary.

The principal crops are wheat, barley, millet, gram, pulses, oil seeds, cotton, tobacco, &c. The manufactures are of the humblest kind, consisting chiefly of cotton and wool-weaving and are confined entirely to the supply of local wants. The other important towns and sea of commerce are Zira, Fazilka,Abohar, Dharmkot, Mallanwalla and Jalalabad.

Geographically it is the biggest district of Punjab. in Owing principally to the dryness of its climate (apart from annual rains in September and October), Firozpur has the reputation of being an exceptionally healthy district. It has second most rice mills in punjab and used to be big trade centre before partition of India and Pakistan. Firozpur city is the Capital of this District. The Firozpur Cantonment adjoining Firozpur city combines with the city to give the district its most urban hub.


It is located next to the border with Pakistan. The border being to its west. It has the district of Amritsar to its north. In the south are towns of Fazilka and Abohar. The district is flanked to the south by the state of Rajasthan. To the east of this district lie Moga, Faridkot and Muktsar districts of Punjab.


It has extreme climate, with the summers being very hot and the winters very cold. The River Sutlej runs through the district and moves over to the Pakistan side through the Ferozpur Pakistan border. There is a large lake made at the Hussainiwala headworks.



   * Abohar
   * Zira
   * Fazilka
   * Jalalabad

Places of Interest

Gurudwara Bad Tirath Sahib, The Saragarhi Gurudwara, Hussainiwala- Apart from a lake, also the location of Bhagat Singh and his collegues Samadhi are some places of interest.

1. National Martyrs Memorial at Hussainiwala 10 Kms
2. Saragarhi Memorial FZR 2 Kms
3. The Barki Memorial 2 Kms
4. Anglo Sikh War Memorial at Ferozeshah‎ 21 Kms
5. Pothi Mala at Guruharsahai 40 Kms
6. Harike Bird Sanctuary 55 Kms
7. Jain Mandir Zira 36 Kms
8. Hanuman Mandir Fazilka 90 Kms
9. Gurudawara Zamini Sahib Bajidpur 5 Kms
10. Boparai Rifle Range Khane Ke Ahel 4 Kms


Districts of Punjab

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