National Martyrs Memorial Hussainiwala

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National Martyrs Memorial Hussainiwala depicts an irrepressible revolutionary spirit of three National Martyrs namely S Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev who lit eternal flame of liberty by smilingly embracing martyrdom for the motherland. S Bhagat Singh and BK Dutt threw a Bomb in the Central Assembly hall New Delhi on April, 8 1929 to record their protest against the British rule in India. He and his two brave comrades Rajguru and Sukhdev were tried for shooting a British Police Officer Mr Saundras on the 17th December, 1928 These three revolutionaries were awarded death sentence. Following a hasty trial of the Lahore conspiracy case they were executed a day earlier than the hanging scheduled in the Central Jail Lahore at 7.15 PM on March 23,1931 The entire of Lahore was in the grip of National fervor and there were apprehensions of revolt. The Jail authorities broke the back wal of the Jail and secretly brought the dead bodies of S Bhaghat Singh and comrades here, on this spot at the bank of the river Sutlej for an unceremonial cremation. Mr B K Dutt died in Delhi on 19th July 1965 and as per his last will he was also cremated here.