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Understanding Gurbani Language.........You are the Way to Lord...>>


As a TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(), here i commence Sharing this Idea (ਗ੝ਰ ) with all, as per the will & grace (ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ) of SatGurBani. A TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrr's ਗ੝ਰ Satgurbani ( Hukm / WILL / SECRET / TACT / PLAN / VISION / INTENT / COMMANDMENT / TRUTH ) can be realised / appreciated / glorified / understood / perceived / comprehended / envisioned / shared / applied / desseminated / popularised / enjoied / personalised, only through the grace of TRUE Name.

Sarbat Khalsa

We are not following (socio-political cum cultural) standards gifted to us by those contless who structured & sustained Sikhi. sacrificing only one thing they posessed & never used for themselves i.e. their own life. Here we are devoid of our TrueName. i.e. Khalsa Singh Nirvair Gurbani .

  • Commercial, Industrial & individual set ups world over have gone Nuts trying to live up to the 'Man made Quality STANDARDS'(akin to man made artificial names of Lord 'TRUTH') in every sphere of socio-political cum materialistic domains.
  • Coming to the domain of 'Sach Khand'(being truthful to '[[1|Lord Truth]') i.e. GURMAT, I can't imagine a person who claims himself to be a Sikh & does not know & does not hold reverence, regard & faith in No 1 'Word' (Shabad) i.e. 'nam' (closest literal English translation being 'Name')
  • The entire Theme of Stigur) can be summed up in one word (SHABAD GURU) i.e. 'NAAM' (Name)
Khalsa(sachiaara in Satgurbani Language) xyz Singh(Our True Name was given to us Sikhs by Schiara Nanak Singh as

10th Nank just institutionalised & formalised the mool mantar as being quentescence profile of the entire Bani, profile of individual Sikh & that of the entire Panth. This institutional blending of all Sikhs in one is what is the unique strength of us Sikhs.

Anti Sikhi. forces are leaving nothing unturned to prove that best thing 10th nanak did was not

  • blending of the Sikh True National pride, Their constitution,Command, roality, fath Language, culture & every thing under the sun & beyond into one Name called

A Creative Khalsa Singh.

But was writing of Dasam Guru Granth Sahib.

  • 'SHABAD Guru' does not care for 'xyz' part of the name. A Sikh's Name has to be Khalsa (to begin with, if we do not consider ourselves wiser than First and 10th Nanaks )Singh.

Even a small screw being produced in a small Screw producing factory has a part Number (say 23-13-56-88) and a True Name (Say 'Screw Long with Fine Threads'). Try demanding it as 'Screw Long' with part No (say Screw 23-18-56-88). Your demand will be denied entry to the gate of the Godown holding the stock of screws.

Similarly unless a person Bears the Name of our society first, how can SHe even dream of being part of Khalsa. Let us Sikhs not forget that a Sikh is a Sikh, only and only if SHe claims hir Sikhi. from Khalsa

KSO: Commitments

hukm rzaEe cllxa

1. Aim of Life is to join Lord Truth by swimming accross the Ocean of Falsehood evolved and sustained by Manmukhs living in duality.

2. Organisation of dare devils Idols Of Truth, are called Khalsa|Khalsa, in short Kha.

3. Path of Panth Khalsa to Your True Name is Facts

4. Sikh.s live & are always found in Sach Khand. / Sikhi.

5. One Satgurbani one in all is Guru, God, Mother, Father, Relatives, & Friends of Khalsa

6. Solving Problems & staying focused on Nothing but their best solutions is the the only one employmet Khalsa Takes on.

7. Solutions & The Best Solutions

KSO: Resolutions

Only OneTrue & not Many Panthic Issue will be Persued. Only one True Ryyhit MariAada will be folloed by Panth Khalsa.


  1. Names of all Sikhs will be Registered & Published Centrally at One Web Site Named Khalsa Standard Organisation or Appropriate guidelines to make the Web Site Self Sustaining will be structured.
  1. The Web Site will be Flawlessly Transparent and Draw it's financial sustenance from obligatory contributions from the Khalsa Singhs registered therein.
  1. Any One calling hirself a Sikh. of [[Satgurbani will be free to register/cancell hir registration hirself at any time.

KSO: kirq

8 Hrs per Sikh per day in one of the following Khands (Domains/Ministeries)

Sach Khand

Khalsa Working & drawing their Living in from Khalsa communication Network founded on Home page located on One set of Khalsa Servers structured on the lines of modern day search engines.

Dharam Khand(KJournalism)

Khalsa Working & drawing their Livingfro m Journalism.

Gian Khand(Education & Training)

Krm Khand( Industries & Services)

Khalsa Standard Organisation: Total K members so far

kis nu khiEy nanka sb kuC Aapy Aap Khalsa. ji Let us define K, to Lord Truth in the guise of Humanity. Let us define ourselves to US.

  1. KSO stands for Universal Khalsa Standard Organisation. Self sustaining, self made, self contained, self realised Nanks's Organisation of K Khalsa xyz Singhs Led by no One but Lord TRUTH.In persuance of Lord Truth's huklm 'sqigur ke syva This page is a iota bit of effort to formlise our organisation in line with the modren day hi tech environment. Do contribute Through a set of KSO pages. Khalsa is operating embedded in but out of the garbage of Falsehood & Terrorism like a lotus flower flowering in slush.

  1. Needless for Khalsa to say that no page on Sikhiwiki belongs to no one but Satgurbani. Khalsa is free to change anything anywhere in the universe & universes beyond but only with flawless regard to the First Step of Sikhi. mi#3 neve nanka gux c.giAaeiAa 333...humility being the quentescence of all human virtues and sak3 s.g na kejeyy 2Ur.o jaEiyy Bag....Do not associate with ManMukhs......Gwiyy Sb2 scce tksal.....craft True Ideas and Share with Khalsa Here.......NAAM JAAN(Know Gurbani) NAAM DAAN (gift nothing but Gurbani) NAAM ISHNAAN ....bathe not with water but with Gurbani). Simply said ---Accept facts, gidt facts & work on nothing but facts......bahu3a nahe bolxa .......Aakx jor cupyy nhI jor......AaKa jeeva visryy mr jau

  1. an effort is being made by Khalsa to Carry out a Head count of All the Sikhs of The world as precisely as may be Possible. Lets put in what we have & Know as to Who is where & in what State etc etc ....

  1. Khalsa. seeks Donations of Time & personal indulgence from all those Sikhs who call themself that way. Do dare to share all your gems from sach Khand with Khalsa. Khalsa will work on & here we go >>>>>jo boly scc so nihaaaaaaal

socY soc na hovEe....krme Aapo Aapxe

soc..soc...soc...soc..No fun

ik 2u ikk siAaxa........every secon person i interact with turns out wiser than theOne

K=? Let us not think but do it KSO Gurdwaras say K=x KSO Web Sites say K=y

KSO: Accountability

GwiYy Sbd sce tksal

1. Planning Time per Member: Two Amrit Vyla Hrs

2. Ideas Crafted (written).

3 A KSO Banking System responsible for publishing & keeping The One panthic Summarised Bal updated in real time sheet giving Total assets and Liabilities of the Panth computed out of the Assets & liabilities of

4. The Khalsa Panth will Stay in but out and independent of all the other world systems.

5. Every individual Sikh will have RAM accessibility to 100% bites of info constituting Khalsa. web site.

Step 1(Question): Kiv SchiAara HoviE" ? Step 38(Answer): GhdiE" Shb2 schee tksaal !

About Khalsa

Khalsa, a unique One & only One Organisation in the universe. It is structured on only one Raw material i.e 100% intellect of its 100% members. No member in the org owns nothing all belongs to its one & only one mother tounge StiGurBaxe.

The grammer of the Language has been preserved by Sikhs in all Gurdwaras popularly & sociopolitically known by the world as Guru Granth Sahib the contitution of universal Khalsa Nation

KSO, founded by First Nank, further raised by 9 Nanaks & Formaly launched by 10th Nanak sustains itself & lives by KSO Work Standards standards.

Every KSO member is duty bound to contribute 3Hr's Thinking & Planing time to Khalsa Standard Organisation (Sarbat Khalsa). Every member formally commits to become Naam Dharee by adopting, owning, Living by & living for nothing but Thy Name Literals of the name could be words to flawlessly this effect depending on Language , Region, Culture & environment etce. Aproposed Template for English language is ....

First Fundamental & Personal Specification of KSO Standard

True, Full Formal & fuctional Name of a Sikh is...

Writer Khalsa xyz Singh Nirvair ( Xyz has to be aterm from SGGS).

Satgurbani written over 1430 pages is the Name of every Sikh. Every Sikh thus makes it to Gunnies Book of World Records provided The Sikh Bears, Wears where required flauts & stands by & stays True to his Name.

Second Fundamental & Socio-Political Specification

Publically Commit to spend entire life for earning nothing but Glory to Your adopted Name. The goal of life being earn the following Name from public by becoming a Public figure...

Allmighty's True Idol bearing One & Selfmade Profile 'Jpu' through the grace of SatGurBani..

38 Universal Work Specifications

1. Commit & Obey

2. Shed & Argue Not

3. Challenge, Motivate

4. Meet & Plan Joint Action

5. Publish Action & Act

6. Say No & Shed Phobias

7. Do not Clash Just Share Ideas

8. Listen

9. Listen

10. Listen

11. Listen

12. Believe & Discuss

13. Believe & Discuss

14. Believe & Discuss

15. Believe & Discuss

16. Organize Sarbat Khalsa Teams for Action

....... ......

38. Craft(Write) True Ideas & share with every True Sikh..

A KSO member stays One with every one even enimies...

  • jo toy mar' mukkia. 3ina na mar' Gumm....

crafts(writes) in line with the above specifications which is SatGurPoora(Whole Truth. not Half) template of the Path of Pant of Entire Humanity.

KSO is Creatively engrossed fearlessly challanging, motivating & taking even its enemies along, on True path to Lord Truth. KSO is a standard organisation of Truthfull Beings ruling the universe & universes beyond.

  1. Khalsa Wiki sYhj vyla Dare
  2. Khalsa Wiki Amrit vyla Dare
  3. Khalsa Mutia Amrit vyla Dare(Path & Panth ky goly)
  4. Khalsa Mutia Syhj vyla Dare( Path & Panth ky cakr^a paKak)
  5. Khalsa Users no vyla Dare

Hukm: Peeree (Humble) Khalsa (6 Singhs+6 Kaurs) Obeyed without arguments & Crafted True Ideas

p^c prvan p^c prDan p^cy pavyy drgah man...... BaKiAa Bau Apar......

  1. Khalsa. Nank Singh, King of Kings & King Maker, who Sang, Named hirself Sciara , Walked , Located, Befriended, Listenedd to, Believed in, Crafted, Spoke the Unspoken & Obeyed to become Daya Singh. (5 nanks in 1)
  2. nank2 Singh, departed as Dharam Singh.(5 nanks in 1)
  3. Khalsa. nank3 departed as Himmat Singh.(5 nanks in 1)
  4. Khalsa. nank4 Singh, departed as Mohkam Singh.(5 nanks in 1)
  5. Khalsa. nank5 Singh, departed as Sahib Singh Singh

Hukm: Meeree(Soldier) Khalsa(6 Singhs+ 6 Kaurs) Walked on Hukms

p^c prvan p^c prDan p^cy pavyy drgah man......

  1. Khalsa nank5 Singh ( 10 Nanaks in One)
  2. Khalsa Nank7 Singh ( 10 Nanaks in One)
  3. Khalsa nank8 Singh ( 10 Nanaks in One)
  4. Khalsa Nank9 Singh ( 10 Nanaks in One) ..... Handed over Nank's Seal & Pen to next Nanak.
  5. Khalsa nank10 Singh ( 10 Nanaks in One)..... Sealed Standing Orders for Khalsa for ever & handed over pen to Khalsa panth. for Panth's endless walk(KSO: Craft Hukm for yourself & Obey the Hukm thus written) while walking(living life) on the path of Sikhi..
  1. Kha Prpf Sahib Singh (Nanak in Nanak) Handed over Nanak's Pens to all Sikh for crafting futher Ideas & appending Them to sqigurbani. Here we commence sqigurbaxe (English). All Sikhs holding Nanaks pens are welcome to join the Project kiv tksal

True & Only Issue (not Issues) in 'The Order of Khalsa' (Idols Of Truth)

kiv sciAara hoviYy? aggyy rKiYy?.....muho ki bolx boliYy? naEi kre?..... kiv kr Aaka?........? kiv vrxe....... kiv jaxa?> Ghadiyy Shbd sce tksal

Khalsa: ONE is Lord Truth & Do is Do Numbery


ikk O^karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gur prsa2i Publishers

Society of eternal TRUTH publishers & creative dare devils who were, had been , are & will ever remain Idols of Lord TRUT even beyond eternity . Will bear a never changing self made profile founded on the Language of True Ideas.

  1. Kha Khushwant Singh's Awareness Team
  2. Rozana Spokesman's Awareness Team.
  3. India,s Awareness Team.
  4. Our Awareness Team.(In the process of being raised)
  5. Social Awareness Team (Hindi Publication)

jithy jai bhy myra satguru soe than suhava ram rajy

Commander..... Director Controller & Regulator- SatGur(Bibi)'

nank B^dy bahira Eyko saca soEi......behind every successful man is vo(that)Man...."Honorable Madam Indra Gandhi was the only Man in the caninet'"

  1. Light House......Khalsa Bhai Sahib Singh.... Kha Bibi Prof Sahib Singh
  2. Chairman..... Khalsa Bhai Mohkam Singh ....Kha Bibi Khushwant Singh.
  3. Vice Chairman...Khalsa Bhai Himmat Singh Kha Bibi Gurbaksh Singh
  4. Dy Chairman..... Khalsa Bhai Dharam Singh.....kha Bibi Ghagga Singh
  5. Founder..... Khalsa Bhai Daya Singh....Kha Bibi Puran Singh

jis hT jor kr vyKY soEi, nank u33m nec n koEi

  • Mind Manager.....Bhai Sahib Singh alias KhaAmita Singh
  • Message Manager...... Kha Rajender Singh
  • Money Manager...... Kha Anil Singh
  • Minutes Manager...... Kha Gurpreet Singh
  • Tksal Keeper...... Kha Pritpal Singh

3 Khalsa. Pillers

  1. nam jan 2nd Step of Sikhi.: Nank hukmyy jy bujyy ta haumyy khy na koy...avrY nam jpavY
  2. nam 2an 7th Step of Sikhi: ..Nank nirgun gun kry, gun vntiAa gun dyh.....
  3. nam EiSnan The very aim of Sikhi: ..air Nay! SatGurBani is my lifeline.....Water Nay! Father! Nay! 'Father Lord Truth' is my life line.

3 Khalsa Beams

  1. nam jp
  2. kir3 kr
  3. v^d Ck

Khalsa Path(Constitution)-1

Khalsa Panth-1

Khalsa Std Org(KSO)-1

Khalsa Definitions

Khalsa Standing Orders

Khalsa Establishments

Rural Research Training & Development Center

RRTDC Delhi Headed by

1. Kha Amar Kaur Fearlessness 2. Kha Amita SinghSingh 3. Kha Baljeet Singh Singh Singh 4. Kha Dimple Singh Singh 5. kha Rami SinghSingh

1. RRTDC North Headed by kha Pritpal. Singh 2. Kha Raju. Singh Singh 3. Kha Pinki Singh 4. Kha Gurpreet. singh 5. Kha Teer. singh

RRTDC South ? RRTDC East ?

First Step of True Journalism: kiv schiaara hoviy ??

Q: How to become a Khalsa ??...... Ans: Through Life long Walk on This Path of Panth !!

4th Step of True Journalism: "kee aggy rakhiey ??... muh kee bolan boliyey ??

What should be the rciprocal gift to Lord TRUTH for all hir bounties to us?? What Words be spoken as Prayer?? amrit vele vdiaaee aty veechar!! ( Introspection & Ponderings over Path, Panth and Gurbani through three hrs before Sunrise !!). The aim being to understand Satgurbani Language. The language of True GOD. We need to learn if we want to be on hir right Side.

Are you.... You.jpg

impatient & dying to seek & indulge in the blissful game of love with GOD (read TRUTH alias Humanity), then join the lifelong walk with me on This Path as a daredevil whose best friend be no one but my own best friend, 'Death.--First Nanak in Bani. Step on to my path with your head placed in your joined & open palms as first gift. While on this path thou set thy feet, then lay down thy head and mind ungrudgingly.

A TRUE Sikh. is a Saint-Soldier of the Order of Khalsa and is an Idol of Truth

...gavyy koi taan....??

Any one there to dare on this path of TRUE Sikhi.??). Register Yourself Here. (Just write your name under appropriate heading & tell the whole world that you have become inseperable part of the Order of the Khalsa. Tell them that you are an amrit Vela Dhari on your path to TRUTH )'

Sachiaara/ 1 / Gurbani / Khalsa is the True Name of a Sikh. . That is the only place where a Sikh lives his life. SHe isNAAM ISHNAAN-- 'Earliest Bird of Amrit Vela who Studies through Amrit Vela seeking & begging for TRUE IDEAs from Lord TRUTH. SHe Identifies & acknowledges the Idea thus received as Logo of GOD for publication to entire HUMANITY through the day. NAAM DAAN-- Through the day SHe openly declares shares / desseminates / publishes / He/r finds / discoveries / inventions thus received by him from GOD......with zeel & spirit flawlessly epitomised in Sikh History in the following Words ....

....daat jany nishan.......

gay mashakat ghaal......kytee chhutti naal.....

"Guru ladhio ry!!!!!.....Gur ladhio ry.......Gur Ladhio ry......IDEA ladhio ry......."

O GOD! you the you are the master source of all TRUE IDEAs. O GOD!! you are the one who own this IDEA / IDEAs not me,I repeat NOT me. Hukmee Uttan neech......O GOD! you youself are the one in the form of Human beings living over this earth, in this Universe & Universes beyond. How dare! I call any IDEAs as my personal property. O GOD !!! I can see you every where in Human form. I can feel you. I can now see you here & now, I hereby offer this precious gift to entire HUMANITY without any regard what so ever to race, cast, creed, socio religior, discrimininations, expliotations, denomination & political boundaries & . The life long issue before a being remains

How to become a Truthfull Human being ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? on.. How.>>

Such IDOLs of TRUTH besides their own self, carry others also along to Lord TRUTH

Understanding Gurbani Language.........the Way to Lord Truth...>>


As a TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(), here i commence sharing this Idea (ਗ੝ਰ ) with all, as per the will & grace (ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ) of SatGurBani. A TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrr's ਗ੝ਰ Satgurbani Hukm / WILL / SECRET / TACT / PLAN / VISION / INTENT / COMMANDMENT / TRUTH ) can be realised / appreciated / glorified / understood / perceived / comprehended / envisioned / shared / applied / desseminated / popularised / enjoied / personalised / acted upon, only through the grace of TRUE Name.

Sikh owns nothing but True Ideas....dedicated to Eternal Happiness...>>

I am the Way to TRUTH..>>

Hm Log alias Humanity is Satgur on Earth

  • "Of all the eight million and four hundred thousand species, 'Satgur' conferred superiority on man" (pg 1075 )
  • "All other species are Our water- bearers; We have hegemony over this universe & universes beyond" (Satgur 0374).
  • "Listen, listen to our advice, O our mind! only good deed shall endure, and there may not be another chance"(Satgur 0154).


O Truth Crafter Eternal! your True Name is 'Creative Soldier Fearless...'

...who is 'Friend of even Foes' & Thy 'Eternal Idol’. True to Your Uniform and self made through this SOP.

This SOP,will...

... earn you Your True Name. Once realised you will ever remain true to your name...

Awareness, Absolute Transparancy & relentless joint introspection.. the Tringular foundation of Sikhism. On this Triangle rests the Pentagon structre of..

Mercy , Truthfulness, Voluteering, Leadership & Accountability ..

..are the universal Human Values which makes up the flawlessly unique & transparent structure of Sikh Society of Dare Devils.

Sikhi.: jbab2yhe,....mohkmiA3,....himm3,....Drm,....2Ya

True Sikhi.JPG


Satgur does not die, so... we do not fear.

Satgur does not perish, so we do not grieve.

Satgur is not poor, so ....we do not hunger.

Satgur is not in pain, so .we do not suffer. ||1||

There is no other Destroyer than TRUTH.

Satgur is my very life, the Giver of life. ||1||Pause||

Satgur is not bound, so ...we are not in bondage.

Satgur has no occupation, so we have no entanglements.

Satgur has no impurities, so we have no impurities.

Satgur is in ecstasy, so ...we am always happy. ||2||

Satgur has no anxiety, so.. we have no cares.

Satgur has no stain, so ....we have no pollution.

SatTRUTH has no hunger, so ...we have no thirst.

Since TRUTH is immaculately pure, we correspond to Him. ||3||

We/Khalsa/Hm Log/ are nothing; Lord TRUTH is the One and only. Before and after, TRUTH alone exists. O Nanak, Lord TRUTH has taken away my doubts and mistakes;

SHe and Kalsa/We/ are One sciara eternal Khalsa SGGS pg 391

  • We do not need Air to breath, We breath in TRUTHs instead.
  • We do not need water for Drinking, We drink water instead
  • We Need nothing to eat, we eat SatGurBani instead.
  • We own no relatives, No friends We own Idols instead.
  • We are Mad Beggers, live like Dogs & beg nothing but Dust.
  • We are friends of Even our enemies.

We nirBau a3' nirv"r kookr Panth & Path k' bark at Manmukhs.

GOD, who is GURU as Well, blesses Us with TRUE IDEAs during amrit v'la

As per Sikh thinking there is no difference between....

  • 'Lord TRUTH'(GOD) & 'GURU' ( True Path & Panth to 'Lord TRUTH'(God).) We refer to Almighty as 'Lord TRUTH' ( Nanak expects us to treat all Names of 'Lord TRUTH' as artificial names. Most popular artificial name is 'GOD' ),
  • One way of perceiving the IDEA is to say that 'One Eternal Lord TRUTH' is consolidation of all universal Truths, and 'GURU' ('[[Compendium of TRUE IDEAs|One Eternally TRUE Path' to realise 'One Eternal Lord TRUTH') being the consolidation of a 'set of TRUTHs' guiding a Sikh during hir entire life in realisation of 'One Eternal Lord TRUTH' for living life dedicated to the aim of merging with 'Lord TRUTH '.
  • Another way of looking at it could be GURU (One Eternal TRUTH) being parallel to the 'ruling' of a Magistratein a legal case. A 'ruling' alias realised TRUTH deduced from nothing else but [[SatGurBani|'One Eternal Lord TRUTH' alias 'facts' (TRUTHs).
  • SatGur refers to 'Lord TRUTH' being 'One' & 'Many' at the same time.
  • Any modern day mathematician, IT software engineer or logician will stand by Sikh Thinking beyond any doubts What so ever.
  • 'lord TRUTH', who is beyond Time & Space, initiated the universe and is the source of all PHYSICAL LAWS & MORAL ETHICS
--Head of the International Genome Project Scientist, Fransis S Collins, in his Book, The Language of GOD: A Scientist's Project's Evidence for Belief (extract from the article "kia eeshwar hamara teacher hai ?" i.e. "is 'TRUTH god' our 'GURU' as well ?" published in Indian Hindi national daily 'Navbhart Times' dated 13 Nov 06)


  • Literally "Flawless Human Being belonging only to the divine." a life long Student of SatGurBani Language.
  • It was about 300 Years later, when 10th Nanak formally declared Khalsa as ONE Nation. A Nation with a Social Order encompassing the entire Humanity as reflection of one univeral all prevasive & All-in-One one 'TRUTH' alias GOD irrespective of any cast / creed / racial / social / political discrimination.

Khalsa, a true soldier of the order of Khalsa, is a saintly person, a true saint & a mighty warrior, a powerful Super WoMan. A person who can restrain the natural outgoing tendency of the mind and the senses. SHe is a seeker after nothing but TRUTH. Through self discipline SHe enjoys eternal bliss and is ever immersed in perennial peace. SHe lives Truthfully reletlessly stays pitted against Falsehoodin order that the good and innocent 'Have Nots' of the world might live in peace, and enjoy he bliss of being human beings .

The self of a Human being is the fountain-source of immortality, eternal bliss and enduring tranquality. Let we human beings honour the universal self of any one who is a human being, the TRUE Idol of GOD.

....appy patti kalam aap upper lykh ve tu.......( O Nanak! these lines are being written not by me, but by you(read TRUTH) on the heart of your own IDOL of TRUTH (read Humanity alias GOD) & on the hearts of TRUE IDOLs of GOD (read Humanity)

Welcome to the Order of Khalsa. ........ kiv sciara hoviyy ??

Hm Log through the grace of SatGurBani are dedicated to crafting nothing but TRUE IDEAs on our way to TRUTH(read God).s Asin Sary, Ral ky SACH deean 38 podian chaddan de jee tod koshish kar rahy han..Our Path

Our Rule Book

Our Office

Our Branches

Our Kingdom

Khalsa Standards

  • Ham hain kookarraam ky mutiy hamry naam......
  • Mull kharidi lala Gola Mera Naam Subhaga.....
  • jo tau prem khelan ka chau sir dhar tali gali meri aao
  • Ham apradhi gnyyhgaar ham behukh mandyy
  • Ham nahin changy bura nahin koy
  • asamkh chor haram khor....ih bhi daat tery daatar.
  • avar kaj tery kity na kaam mil saadh sangat bhaj kyval [Gurbani|naam]
  • vaad vivaad kaho sy nahin
  • Moorkhy naal na lujhiy
  • God alone is better than ladies men folk must learn civic manners from 'FIRST' & True 50% of humanity nay! God.
---Khalsy dy Dar dy User:Mutiy