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Standard HQ KSO Section

Gurkhalsa Control Force

  1. Sahib Beebi Meenu Kaur
  2. Mohkamee Bebe A Mita Singh
  3. Dharmee Bebe A Mn Kaur
  4. Himmatee Bebe A Dimple Kaur
  5. Support Bebe A Mata Kaur

=Gurkhalsa Field Force

  1. Commander Sahib Khalsa Keerat10 Singh Nirvair Gurbaxe
  2. Leader Mohkamee Khlsa Rammi16 Singh Nirvair Gurbaxe
  3. Co ordinator Himmatee Khalsa Mohan45 Singh Nirvair Gurbaxe
  4. Poineer Dhrmi Khalsa Prit42 Singh Nirvair Gurbaxe
  5. Volunteer Dyalu Khalsa Mutia^^^^^56 Singh Nirvair Grbaxe