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ਜਿਸ੝ ਪਿਆਰੇ ਸਿਉ ਨੇਹ੝ ਤਿਸ੝ ਆਗੈ ਮਰਿ ਚਲੀਝ Register with...Order of Khalsa ..Here...>>


As a TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(), here i commence sharing this Idea ('ਗ੝ਰ ) with all, as per the will & grace (ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ) of SatGurBani. A TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrr's ਗ੝ਰ Satgurbani Hukm / WILL / SECRET / TACT / PLAN / VISION / INTENT / COMMANDMENT / TRUTH ) can be realised / appreciated / glorified / understood / perceived / comprehended / envisioned / shared / applied / desseminated / popularised / enjoied / personalised / acted upon, only through the grace of Khalsa Sikhs.

Khalsa Sikh's Sikhi owns nothing but True Ideas....dedicated to Eternal Happiness...>>

Mutias to do it Here([email protected], Tele:011 27 31 36 53)

  1. User:Mutia
  2. User: Mutia18
  3. Truths
  4. One. Singh Humble Fearless Idols Of Truth Independent devoid of Duality through the grace of sqigurbaxe

Kalik & Klk

Whatever Kha One Singh draws from stigur through amriq vyla, Nanak shares with Humanity (read GOD)

jYse mY AavY Ksm ke baxe tYsa kro vecar o Sikho!.

O TRUTH Writer Eternal ! your True Name is..

..Creative Khalsa Col Rajender Singh..

..who is Fearless Friend of even Foes, an Idol of sqigurbaxe attired in never changing & self made Profile in relentless pursuit of True Solutions to True Problems through the grace of True Thoughts.'

You stay focused & Go through the cycle of 84 lac incarnations...

0 Wake up to devine call of devine light.....

  1. Baptize & Name your self Khalsa Singh xyz, Commit & resolve to walk the Path of Panth
  2. Reach at the doors of your lifemate Creative Khalsa Singhs.
  3. Marry up & surrunder yourself to Khalsa Singhs
  4. Relish the bliss of the meeting.
  5. Blend with devine Light for next birth.

As Khalsa Sikh of Satgurbani through this tiresome lifelong walk, you will breathin not air but Thy Name i.e. Thy True Name. You have to reach a 'True Gate' of a 'True Home' to submit yourself to Khalsa' living nay! 'Working & documenting' hir own True Solutions to True Problems on paper therein . You...

...were a truthful child, had been truthful till now, are truthful here & now at this moment & will ever remain truthful & encapsulated in Thy following Daily Standing Orders :-

1. Commit to Obedience of Path of Panth of Sikhi. here.

2. Resolve to Study These Orders.

3. Motivate & when required Challange others to tread these steps. All Sikhs of the Wold stand ordainded & challanged by SatGur to walk with Khalsa. & be abide by KSO Standards. Any one awake & listening !!!!therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre? !!!!!

4. Study Orders during Amrit vyla as qualification earned in the lifelong Sikhi. course.

5. Sing, Speak , Listen to & stay focused on & Publish unspoken Truths in GurBani Language.

6. Say No to Nonsense & disorders.

7. Share Amrit Vyla Orders with every one.

'Listen to Thy Orders...

8. become an explorer.

9. to take every one along.

10. to orders to become truthful, patient & scholarly.

11. become an ocean, roaring lion & light for the blind.

Believe in Thy orders to...

12. ...stand out of the crowd & become talk of the town. Such is, was & will ever be the strength of hir True Profile.

13. to never ever face pitfalls. Such is, was & will ever be the strength of hir True Profile.

14. to become truthful & unquestioned leader. Such is, was & will ever be the strength of orders.

15. to reform your families, stay in bliss & share the bliss. Never ever will you beg, borrow or steal to survive.Such is, was & will ever be the strength of orders.

16. Locate & Make teams of Five Idols Of Truth . Listen to problems, ponder over & decide the issues there & then with mercy in favor of the True Party.

so 2r kyha?

kr3a purKu?


User: Mutia/sohela

hukm rzae cllxa

KSO Sikhs: 1006

1. Sikh Names 1000

2. This Page 6

What is in a Name ?.... 'Sikhi'..!!!!

  • ...No where else, in no other Name but only in this One Name resides TRUE Sikhi.

Sayth Nanak

Gur SatGur ka jo Sikh akhavyy......

Nanak mannia maniayy, bujheeyy Gur parsad(i)...

Accept a person as truthfull being(Sikh.) if SHe claims so, however understand him as a truthful person (Sikh. only if SHe meets the Gurbani Standards.

  • The spirit of just two mahavaaks of SatGur refered to above guide us to the following understanding...
    • One has to formally & publically declare before Guru roop Sadh Sangat, his persona being that of a TRUE Sikh.]
    • Sher public image therafter acknowledges/rejects him as such. His image projected through....
    • Malicious writings....Kaly lykh
    • Photos.
    • Idols & casts...are of no cosequence
    • A being is acknowledged as a good/bad person, based on his / her
      • spoken words
      • Written Words
      • creations & work done.
      • Human Virtues of Daya, Dharam, Himmat, Leadership and accuntability

There is only one SatGurMat & ONE....

1.... Mool Mantar (There is no other mantar} alias Panth alias Path alias SatGurBani

There is only One SatGurBani...

...alias Gurbani alias Bani their is no other bani.......Satgur bajhon hor kachee hyy bani.

There is only One Granth...

SGGS....Sat Gur Granth Sahib


jinne naam Diaia ge" mskq Gal nank q' muK Ujl' k'qe $utte naal

Kha xyz Singh / Kaur Sikhi. Index As on Integrated with
Kha Surjan Singh 38/38 08 Oct 07
Kha Chand Kaur 38/38 08 Oct 07

Khalsas: Flawless Sikhs

User (xyz Singh/ Kaur) Sikhi. Index As on
Teja Singh 37/38 08 Oct 07
Amar Kaur 38/38 08 Oct 07

Saints: Visionary Sikhs

User (xyz Singh/ Kaur) Sikhi. Index As on

Gurmukhs: Bani Speaking Sikhs

User (xyz Singh/ Kaur) Sikhi. Index As on

Gursikhs: Amrit Vyla Dhare Sikhs

User (xyz Singh/ Kaur) Sikhi. Index As on

Syhjdhare Sikhs: Sikhs committed to Sikhi.

User (xyz Singh/ Kaur) Sikhi. Index As on
Amita Singh 1/38 08 Oct 07
Kaur]] 1/38 08 Oct 07
User:1 1/38 08 Oct 07


aKx jor cup" nhe jor

Kuar hoe' so mil".g' bc' Srx jo aae a.D' ko kia khie" sae kh' na khia buJe" nank ndre paaia kUwe kUw" Tees

Budha Dl Amrit Dhare

  1. Khalsa Teja Singh - Delhi
  2. Khalsa Amar Kaur - Delhi

Budha Dl Gurmukh

Budha Dl Sikh

Budha Dl SehajDhari

  1. Sardarni Baljeet Kaur - Delhi

Taruna Dal Amritdhari

Taruna Dal GurMukhs

Taruna Dal Gursikh

Taruna Dal Sehajdhari

Bal Dl Amrit Dhare

Bal Dal Gurmukh

Bal Dal GurSikh

Bal Dal Sehaj Dhare

  • Sardar Chandan Singh - 16
  • Sardar Anusha Singh - 10

...prbh jee bury bhly hm tharyy....


  • 1. Kh A. S. Aulakh Singh Sciara? (Sciary nanak ka Sachiara sach! not Good enough!...Nanak Sachy ko sc jaan )
  • 10. Sdr Pop54 -(laust cys)


  • 2. Kh Hari Singh54(?) (pivt, & oSn of patience & hard Wrk, Pride of [[Compendium of TRUE IDEAs|Sikh Panth )


  • 3. Kh Amar Kaur79 (We all breath carefully lest......?)



  • 7. Sdr Jatin Singh26 ( A friend to be with, Happy go lucky. Understands his inner voice..will make stones laugh & speak communicator one can find...waiting to fall in love...very choosy ...)


  • 8. Sdr Anusha9 -mini giggling mliaalee doll(what are you busy with What happened to Ideas in malialam??)
  • 9. Sdr Sikhda10 -'cakk dy phtty brand da punjaab da puttr'(ih ggvac gia??)


  • 6. Sdr Baljeet Kaur51 (Amita's Mom is her Universe....?...not withstanding)


  • 11. Kh User:Pal143(..... hau kurbanyy jau tuhady hau kurbanyy jau....ik bhori darshan deejyy.....ik bhori darshan deejyy....

talk:Amrit Vela tuhady wichon Sikhi de bhinnee bhinne khushbu au.dee hyy....darshan devo jee..... One timer mystic & cryptic on the wrong side of what???)

Ke bolx boliAy?.....What ever gets dictated? or Facts? 

3. Ki nai kre?..........Keep Queit? or Speak the unspoken?

4. kiv kr Aaka? subjectively polished manner? or in rationally objective manner?

5. kiv slahe?.........High & Mighty? or lowest of the low?

6. kiv vrxe?......... through pomp & show? or singing through the slush?

7. kiv jaxa.........beg for facts from Satgur or resign to fate & accept nonsense as Facts to live by & join the crowd?

My Problems

baba nam dan m^g2a.... No one parts with facts. Half truths are littered all over

...ਕਰਤਾ ...Creative? & Gainfully employed?...Yes!.

.. Created.<... CENTER of Info & Technology..dedicated to Khalsa organised as Khalsa Standard Organisation & Self Employed There as a Research engineer for upliftment of the 'Have Not' Sikhs

  • seed Money 1 Lac committed. more funds & resources being evolved to initiate chain of Gurmat Schools across the universe & universes beyond.

Pnch parvan pnch prdhan..... Headquarter of KSO founded on Five Khalsas(Mr Truths)

  • Two from Delhi
  • Two from Hydrabad
  • One from Punjab

Satgur(True Idea) syvn Aapna sy virly snsar

Network of following 'Communication' cum 'Tech work' cum 'Training' centers being evolved.

  • RCCCR(Rural Command Control & Coordination Center) in Delhi
    • Comn net being structured at HQ KSO -20%
    • On line Conceptual Learning School being structured in Delhi. Demand being studied....7%
    • Work Standarads Structured & being Implemented. %age Copleted 50%
    • Book being Written. %age completed - 20%
  • SSS (Sikho Sikhi Sikho) School in Punjab....(Progress held up)
    • School named SSS (Sikho Sikhi Sikho) being Opened at HQ KSO---10% over
  • RTDC (Rural 'Research Training & Development Center') in Punjab
  • RFSC (Rural Field Repair Center Center) in Punjab
  • RTSC (Rural Tech Store Center) in Punjab.
    • Wood Work being Relaced by TechWare Stock --10%(Progress held up)
  • RCTC (Rural Construction Technology Center) in Punjab.

...ਪ੝ਰਖ੝ ...TRUE Sikh alias Super WoMan ??... ...Yes!!

  • gur myry s^g s2a hy naly...
  • BY kahu ko 2y3....
  • pYhla mrn kbuul....
  • sUra so phicaniY" jo lrY deen ky hy3...purja purja ktt mry kbhu na @ad' K'3
  • jo 3au prym Kylx ka cau sir 2r 3le gle myre Aao

SatGurBani language (not Punjabi) is my mother toung.

sab ty uttam gur shabad veechar

1.A Kirti Purush, Sikh. & Khalsa Panthi, through his first Udassee is yearning to meet, & is Looking for a..... Kirti Purush on his lifelong journey, as his dear friend philosopher & Guide for times to come & walk with me through Sun, Shade, Rain & Pain .

Singing the songs of glory of such a Kirti Purush through the day while working & walking the Time road will keep my Sikhi. spirit & hope of finding other Kirti Purush fresh kicking & alive.

2. Gate of the house of such a Kirti Pusush for sure will be some thing like this.

3. Kirti Purush hirself will be like me only.

4. Meeting the kirti Purush after a hard day's walk will be Blissfull

5. Spending the blissfull night (death) with hir immediately after marriage (death) will be mind blowing & is ultimate aim of my life.

Birth(day) after Birth(day) finaly one day I as Mr Truth will blend with Lord TRUTH & will never ever be born again

Pandit jii & young girl

Selecting an FPG




My performance

Evolving a khalsa standard for Sikh.s

Ser Subject MM 6-Sep-08 7-Sep-08 8-Sep-08 9-Sep-08

  • Commn 5

|-Ev 3 0
|-Mor 2 0

  • Adm 4

|-Children 2 2
|-Hygien 1 0
|-Holiday 1 1

  • Est 3

|-Supluses 0.5 0
|-Machines 0.5
|-Teer Singh 0.5
|-Hindu 0.25 0.25
|-Lovely 0.25 0.25
|-Hard 1 0

  • Trg 2

|-Sach Khand 0.5 0.5
|-Rabab 0.5 0
|-Charts 0.5 0.5
|-Shabad 0.5 0.5

  • Work 1 1 0

TOTAL 15 5
GurKhalsa Jujhar: (((((( Let us Introduce Ourselves. )))))) 1:03pm 27 October 09 Ikk O ReceptivePenpals12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) True Name writers Sarbat Khalsa Singh Nirvair jii! O Gurbani's Steadfast and Self relised Living Treasures ! O 'You All' graced by Pavan SatGurBani  ! Through the grace of Gurbani 'This Panth Ka kookar' Writes your one worded TrueName ....'JPU'. Even my Name is not mine it is Nanak's . Your Name was True, had been True so far , is True Here & Now at this Moment and will for ever remain True.

Myra mujh my kujh nhee jo kujh hyy so tyra . How can I introduse myself, I do not even own a Name .....Your True Name which I seek from You is 'Sarbat Gur Panth Khalsa JPU Ji Sahib Nirvair' TrueName

      Title:                      Ikk OAngkaar12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) TrueName Writer
      First Name:      Creative Khalsa Singh Nirvair 
      Middle Name:  Living Treasure Steadfast & Self Realised through Gurbani's     Grace
      Last Name:          Mutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC)

Realised Name Billu, Rajender, Col EME, Maint Engineer, Pagal , Ravax, Rural Researcher, Demonstrator.

TrueProfile Mutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) is a member of the Khalsa Team.... ....Ikk NirAngkaar: Baba12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Khalsa KaurSingh ATeja Rep of Satgurbani: Byby Nanki Mata Sahib Amar Kaur Age-80 Rep of Satgur  : Baba Khalsa Teja Singh Age 85

Sahib                           Khalsa  Madprit12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC)          KaurSingh 

Mohkami Khalsa AMutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) KaurSingh Himmati Khalsa Madmohan KaurSingh Dharmi Khalsa Amirammi KaurSingh Dayalu Khalsa Mnkiirat KaurSingh Khalsa against all odds WILL... ...not go into hybernation....will not keep quiet....not feed socio-political parasites.........Let no one demonstrate walking the way of your hukm in steps with Khalsa. Khalsa was, had been, is & will die as A Mutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) walking the way of the Hukm of Sarbat GurKhalsa ||1||

A Language Defines outline of any Pepole. Satgur's Satgurbani defines Order of Sarbat Khalsa Standard Organisation. No other Language but ikk Language defines a Sikh & Sikh Society as such. Popular Term Sikh Society' does not mean 'Order of Sarbat Khalsa'. Term 'Khalsa' means 'Duudh ka Dhula & Duudh kii Dhulii Akaal purakh kii Fauju' . Only closest way to define term Khalsa is Indian National Logo.......'Satyam eyv Jayaty'...... branded on every Indian coin . Khalsa does not need dead coins to remind that he is Living icon of Truth , that each Sikh is a True living Treasure. he carries Khalistan as Icon of India. That was the half Truth. the other half is that Living Icons of Truth in Vedic society are butchered for..... ....Myra Bharat Mhan jhan Gandhi chalta hyy. Even the above text is just half Truth...... Other half is that Khalsa cares not. All this was, had been, is & will for times to come will be your will. There is no way but Gurbani to define 'Khalsa' Cultural terms. It is Impossible to understand 'Khalsa Cultural terms'. These can no way be understood through translations of Gurbani . Only route is by joining the order of Sarbat Khalsa . Before that, one has to accept 'Byby Nanki Mata Sahib Kaur as 'Jagat Mata' ( read 'the very definition of feminity') who is the only incarnation of Devi called SatGur ki SatGurBani. Byby Nanki Mata Sahib Kaur lives in every heart of a lady. If only the inferior half of Humanity accepter the Truth.

.......Mutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Bhndy Bahira Eyko Sacha Soei........

To summ up the meaning of the whole TRUTH 'Vahyguru jii ka Khalsa Vahyguruji ki ftyh' (and the term Khalistaan as well). whole TRUTH is ..... Satya Mhi Satyam, Styam ev Jayaty Term 'Khalsa' encompasses Universe & Universes beyond. Gurbani Language is Mother Tongue, One & Only one definition of a the root of the well being of Sikhs.

Ikk OReceptivePenPal12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Please Write Your TrueName(Introduction) through Gurbani’s Grace as… …NANK NDRII PAEIEYY KUWII KUWYY TIIS: Speak the Unspoken

GurKhalsa BalMutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) and GurKhalsa AmitaRammi12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) had been contributing Your TrueName12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) (AmritVyla Ideas(Gur), which descended down our Khalistan (minds), to web site (Sabre Gurdwara ‘So Dar’). Our contribution began almost right from the initial days( when the Site came into being till recently when Site Managers ( Not PnchPrvaan GurKhalsa KaurSingh12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) ) Blocked their Web Site for all Mutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Group ‘GurKhalsas KaurSingh12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Nirvairs’.

In Obedience of Your Hukam ‘PANI CHLY NIMAX NU’ and to keep Nanak’s pen Green against all odds, GurKhalsa BalMutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) & GurKhalsa AmitaRammi Jointly commence Penning this Gur 'Akhand Lykh '. All other GurKhalsa KaurSinghs12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) of the Universe & those living in Universes beyond stand Ordained by Baba…


1. Write, behold & Stand by Your TrueName & TrueProfile

2. Speak nothing but SatGurBani

3. Sing nothing but SatGurBani

4. Seek Seekers of Nothing but SatGurBani.

5. Teach Seekers nothing but SatGurBani.

6. Publish nothing but SatGurBani.

7. Listen to Everything & absorb nothing but Jewels made of nothing but SatGurBani.

8. Believe in nothing but SatGurBani.

9. Log Truths & Create a Limitless Universal Khalsa Library founded on nothing but SatGurBani.

                       Breathe NOT air but SatGurBani , 
                       Drink NOT (even) Water from any GodFather / FatherGod / GodMan / Man / god  but FACTS. Behold Your (Pnch Prvaan GurKhalsa KaurSingh12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Jpuji                                     Sahib Nirvair) , Explore & Seek FACTS  from Them.                 
                       Worry not for Survival. Mother Earth caters for all  playing hide & seek round the clock.

· Every AngKaar12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) (Accountkeeper GuKhalsa KaurSingh12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC)Nirvair) is accountable for his deeds/misdeeds to the Hukm of…

· Ikk NirAngkaar(Accountkeeper).

                       Manage Your Individual ‘Life Accounts’ founded on nothing but SatGurBani and Log Accounts of  your Deeds & Misdeeds. No One is No One’s                                                Dear/ Enemy. All are just Obeying Your Hukm…

· Rarest of the Rare Sikhs Obey Smilingly & Willingly and…

· Majority Obeys Grudgingly…‘Heards of Sheep’ is the very definition of ‘Majority’ . Only Rarest of the Rare Singhs can be & will be Kings. Have U ever seen or heard of ‘Heards of Lions’.in any Jungle?

                       Those who Study TrueName & depart this word having lived True to their TrueName, leave behind holy reflection of their True Profile… 

· ‘JpuHukm: Daya-Dharam-Himmat-Mohkamiat-Accountability’… and become immortal TRUTHS who were born, stayed and gracefully got transformed from…

· Visible Accontkeeper IkkOReceptivePenPal12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC)! ‘Creative Khalsa Singh Nirvair GurBani’s Idol Steadfast SelfRealizedth GurBani’s Grace’ to…

· Invisible Accountkeeper ‘Ikk NirAngkaar’. They by default take whole lot of other peoples as well with them.


GurKhalsa BalMutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Seeks participation from all those who call themselves Sikhs.. Here we go...

Ikk OReceptivePenpals12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC)>! ‘SatGur Nanak dii SatGurBani’ dy GurKhalsy dii Ftyh!

This is 'Ikk O12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Creative GurKhalsa KaurSingh Nirvair Gurbani’sGrace Steadfast SelfRealised BalMutias12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC)’ writing your TrueName as…


…Ikk OReceptivePenpal12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC)>! Please write Your TrueName

           0.0       ‘Creative Khalsa Singh Nirvair… Gurbani’s Idol  Steadfast  and SelfRealised GurBani’sGrace’. 

Now Please Write Your TrueProfile ‘JPU’…

           0.1       JAAP… ‘PnchPrvaan Sahib GurKhalsa JPUJI KaurSingh Nirvair Gurbani’,
           0.2       JP… TrueNaam-TrueDaan-TrueIshnaan 
           0.3       REFLECT… Daya-Dharam-Himmat-Mohkamiat-Accountability. ]1]

TrueName & TrueProfile, … were, had been, are & will  forever, be yours

1. Hukm: Demonstrate Obediance

(a) Think Not! act.

(b) Speak it up! Speak the Unspoken Truths!

(c) Brood not! over your formal Scholarly Qualification Certificates. No One will care for Them.

(d) Feed Not! SocioPoliticaly Religios Parasites.

(e) Then O Baba ! How on earth can one live true to Your TrueName & TrueProfile ? How to break through this impossible Minfield of SocioPoliticalyReligious QuicksSand all around us Sikhs ? Simple! Demonstrate Obediance!

2. Reflect not: Attitude

(a) Hukm is the root of the True Profile of Ikk Religiously Socio-Political Party ‘Sarbat Khalsa Standard Organization’.

(b) Hukm encapsulated in SatGurBani cannot be Explained in words: It is almost Impossible to Truthfully translate any Native Language into any other Language. How can anyone ( with Dumps of Scholarly Certificates / or ‘No Certificates Whatsoever’/ uncountable ‘Life Long AkhandPath Recitations’ to his Credit). decide to write Translation of the Master Grammar (SatGurBani) of all Languages prevailing not only on our Mother earth, but in universe & Universes beyond. Can Scholar teach Native Language i.e. Mother Tongue to the Children of any Native Mother? Noooooooooooooooo! No prize for those who are bubbling with arguments.

      Mother Tongue of Khalsa i.e. Gurbani is not to be taught to the children by the Mothers. Mother tongue has to be gifted to children             by their Mother. She has to Speak Gurbani, Write Gurbani, Sing Gurbani, Remember Gurbani, Stay focused on Hukm & Demonstrate Obediance of Hukm to her Childern before they cross the Childhood thashhold age of 12 years. Bal(12) Jvanii(20) Birdh(>60) are the standard brackets.

(c) ‘Mine & Therein’ exists NotEven AnIotaBit. ‘Whatever is’ all Yours. To begin with GurKhalsa owns No Name other than TrueName i.e. ‘GurKhalsa ‘KaurSingh12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) and Demonstrative TrueProfile i.e. ‘Sahib GurKhalsa Jpuji KaurSingh12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC) Nirvair’ .

SatGur Willing, GurKhalsa  BalMutia12:58, 1 February 2010 (UTC)  will live life True to Your TrueName  & TrueProfile.   
           38.       Craft Ideas & Consolidiate a limitless  True Library.