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Jit dykha tit tu Ikk


Pnch parvaan

  1. Dyalu Khalsa?
  2. Dharmi 34 Steps of Path of Panth
  3. Himmatii Khalsa?
  4. Mohakami Khalsa?
  5. Sahib Khalsa?

Falsehood ?

  • Nanak mannia maniayy, bujheeyy Gur parsad(i)...

Accept hir as Sikh. if SHe claims so, however register & understand hir as Sikh. only if SHe meets the Gurbani Standard of 38 Steps of Sikhi.

The act/ acts of gifting/implying a logically & Sociopolitically False statement / idea / proposal / sugession / recommendation to a people in public (more than one person) having joint access to the statement. A typical example is the publication of implicit & malicious anti Sikhi material on Net.

  • HOW CAN WE STAY TRUTHFUL in False Environment? How will the fog of Falsehood be cleared ?
  • '(No way through gimmicks & monkey tricks)'Only & Only by walking the Will of Thy Way


Sayth KHALSA Nanak Singh..There are countless..

  • fools of the highest order,
  • thieves,
  • social parasites
  • Rulers, who leave this word after mercilessly ruling & exploiting their subjects.
  • Killers who earn credit by butchering innocents.
  • Sinners, who depart living life clung to falsehood & sins.
  • Habitual Rouges, who simply keep stuffing their minds with falsehood.
  • Idiots, who just eat, eat & eat nothing but rubbish .
  • Those who Live by speaking & propagating ill of others.

Humble Nanak has written all this after deep & deliberate analysis of his observation of TRUTHs prevailing around.

Shady Deals1

Panthic Ishnaan:SHADY Deals

Don't argue with fools...473-11

  • All call You their own, Lord; one who does not own You, is picked up and thrown away.
  • Everyone receives the rewards of his own actions; his account is adjusted accordingly.
  • Since one is not destined to remain in this world anyway, why should he ruin himself in pride?
  • Do not call anyone bad; read these words, and understand.Don't argue with fools

SGGS Page 472 Full Shabad

abhaakhi-aa kaa kuthaa bakraa khaanaa.Pg 471 BOTTOM

Mughal Rulers Are Cannibals but fake sainthood.

KshatriyasFlaunt sacred threads but butcher Humans.

Brahmins Stay close to Kshatriyas & blow holy counch In their homes

  • They Share & relish the ill-earned booty jointly.All These Are Shady Deals
  • Liars draw sustenance from FALSEHOOD
  • Shameless Devils they are
  • Soaked Deep in falsehood they are
  • They bear sacred marks on foreheads & support sacred saffron lion cloth but wield butcher's knives on their subjects
  • They wear blue colored Mughal dress to appease the Rulers.
  • They live at the mercy of rulers but publicly worship Hindu scriptures.
  • As if this is not enough, The hypocrites eat Islamic 'Kutha' but make a grand show-off of their adherence to spirituality & dogmatic Vedic principles to eat only untouched sacred foods prescribed by holy scriptures.


  • They mark a sacred boundary in their kitchen as pure & Holy.
  • In the demarcated area these most impure souls sprawl themselves.
  • Tense & apprehensive they stay on the watch to ensure that the sanctity of the food is not desecrated by any one.
  • But such sinners & filthy human bodies indulge in all shady deals.
  • They Stock nothing but falsehood in their mind but show off & demonstrate in a ritualistic ways, their commitment to purity.
  • Koor kriyaa Urjheoo Jag mein, Shri Bhagwaan Ka bhed na payoo

Brie" mq pap.a k' s.g oh Dop" nav" k' r.g........

  • What is required & expected off human life is communicating with, Listenig to, believing in, concentrating on , meditating on , studying & following nothing but TRUTH. Lord TRUTH is realized only & only if, to begin with, mind is TRUE