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Honourable Kha Alenwalla Singhji !

i am no scholar. at best i can call myself Panth ka kookar. Sir'Kha' is parallel to English title 'Mr./Mrs/Miss'. Culturally in punjab children know themselves to be having two names, kacha nau (False Name) & pakka nau ( True Name ). on the same lines Nanak gave us our Pakka nau as 'sachiara'(True demonstrative human being) subsequently with the change of time 10th nanak used a parallel Arbi/Phrsi term 'Khalsa' for 'sachiaara'. Both terms flawlessly mean nothing but 'TRUE demonstrative human being'.

This way the term 'Khalsa' had been very popular in Punjab. However cosequent to the effect of anti sikh socio-political forces who are hell bent on making us forget our 'pakka nau' & Sikhi, it's usage in social circlles is dying & titles like 'Mr', 'Shiri' etc are making their way in .

That is why I personally had been trying to popularise it throgh its actual usage & plan making it a Standard through my writings.

The awkward looking fonts are nothing but those gurmukhi characters which do not exist in english language. I call this set of characters 'GurDitti' script. It is my own idiotic idea. If only i could make the not very educated sikhs learn.....

  • .....NOT kakka , Khakha alpha bet but equivalent

'k' for kakka & K for Khakha g G ....c $ j J..... they will go closer to computers, Keyboards & should be able to read english books written not as per phonetics of english grammer but that of Hindi/ punjabi phonetic system. I am raising a rural school for the aim & will try & reach to my own type neech.

'2yyt eiz a grl' will be pronounced by a young child learning english as 'That is a girl'. the project is in the experimental stage. I on purpose had been using it on Sikhiwiki with the aim of inviting attention of those who care for Sikhi. Sir u are true to 'ikk jg.2y na ryyhx ikk na s33i.a 2ye uTal. Besides this script being cosy for punjab rural setup, i found it personally convinient. With my best efforts i could not get the hang of 'unicode gurmukhi'. writing gurmukhi characters in any other way is very clumsy. I was just trying to popularise it so that both scholars & neech lot as well get benifitted. I will be updating the Gurditti key on our site & seek your critical & objective views on the nonsense i get along with very smoothly.

Socio political TRUTHs about Mr(Kha) TRUTHs(Sikhs) of Lord TRUTH (Gurbani) living in Punjab are.

1. Sikhs. have forgotten their Pakka Naam (Sati Naam of Mool Mantar). 2. Water Tables have gone down & are disappearing. 3. True Sikhs who live (& not parrot) gurbani are rare. 4. Ignorat farmers are being exploited by ram Raheem group. 5. The very Brahamins are regulating the Akali Party.

If only the lowly & exploited lots could be reminded of their TRUE name may be through a socio cultural usage of brief title in place of Mr. xyz Singh. We WILL. Nagatation no where exists in Khalsa Dictionary.

--One 09:43, 7 September 2008 (UTC)