Quotes of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

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Famous quotes of Sant Gyani Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. From these quotes his point of view and mindset can be understood at least a little better.


  • "I don't fear for a physical death, but when my conscience dies, that is a real death"

  • "Freedom from slavery is achieved only when a person starts to feel and understand that he would prefer death to life as a slave." - 20th September 1983

  • "If a Singh abuses another Singh, A Sikh abuses another Sikh, do not respond by abusing him back. Say to him: "O Gurmukh, go ahead; abuse me again a couple of times if that's what satisfies you. If abusing or using foul language satisfies you, use it some more". If a Sikh slaps another Sikh, turn the other cheek. Say to him: "Hit me again if you wish". But do not to this to the Narkhdaris or to the police. No, only a Sikh to a Sikh. Say to him: "Hit me more." He will not have the courage to do that. If someone utters a word that hurts and we respond by saying: "Brother, say a couple of more." His head will automatically hang down in shame. But what is the habit we have gotten into? If one lights one match-stick, the other says that he will be better than the first person only if he can light the entire match-box. This habit is bad for us. - May 1983

  • "I wish to say this with firm conviction that this time, when this place (Harmandir Sahib) is attacked by the police, it will provide its own example to the world in the Khalistan will be created. Khalistan will certainly be created the day that the police come in here and wish to engage in some improper activity." - 27th May, 1983.

  • "A brother, I don't know if he came here to spy upon me, or whatever, only SatGuru (God) knows, as I'm not all-knowing. He said that the police has made a plan to kill my brother. It is a good thing, a thing to be happy for. Any day I receive the news that my brother has been killed from the bullets of the police, I will surely raise 5 jaikara's."

  • "Neither must Sikhs oppress nor neither should they live under oppression."

  • "...For the Sikh faith I am ready to sacrifice everything I have... For the safeguard and protection of the Sikh religion we must all be united... I can die but I cannot see the desecration of my religion."

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