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Ashpaadi is a Punjabi terms for a section of verses in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, which the Sikhs regard as more than a holy book - They treat their sacred scriptures as their living Guru. The holy text is generally referred to as Gurbani or just Bani. The word Ashpaadi is used by the Sikh Gurus to refer to 8 Pauris in the Gurbani called Sukhmani Sahib. There are 24 Ashpaadi in the whole of Sukhmani Sahib.

Each paragraph of normal verse is Gurbani is called a Pauri or a Shabad. A Pauri or Shabad would normally end with a line containing the word ‘Nanak’ or one of the Sikh Bhagats, whose contributions are within the SGGS.

Various other words are used for special sections of Gurbani. Other names given to sections of Gurbani are: Pauri, Salok, Ashpaadi, Var, etc