Technique and Methods

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Technique and Methods

Naam Japo

Meditation Jaap, Prayer Ardas, Free Service Sewa, Chanting Simran, Sacred Music Kirtan

The Gurus encouraged the Sikhs from the very beginning of the formation of the religion in 1469 to always meditate on the Almighty and to remember the gift of life that S/He has given to all of us.

  • “Become Gurmukh, and meditate forever on the Dear Lord, the One and Only Creator. ||1||Pause||.” (SGGS page 30) Read Text in Red

Prayer is a powerful tool, which the Masters of the religion recommended to the follower to lift moral and connect directly with the Almighty:

  • “When your soul is feeling sad, offer your prayers to the Guru.” (SGGS page 519) Read Text in Red

See also Naam Japo

Kirat Karni

Honest, Earnings, labour, etc while remembering the Lord

The Sikh is encouraged to work and live an honest householder’s life, to earn by ones hard and honest efforts through labour, intelligence and skill. To be humble in ones outward posture and to live a simple family life Saada Rehana. To be always in positive spirits Chardi Kala and to be content and happy in whatever you do.

  • “Instead of wearing these beggar’s robes, it is better to be a householder, and give to others.” (SGGS p587) Read Text in Red
  • "Immersed in family life, the Lord`s humble servant ever remains detached; he reflects upon the essence of spiritual wisdom" (SGGS p 599) Read Text in Red

See also Kirat Karni

Wand kay Shako

Main article: Wand kay Shako

Share with others who are deserving, Free Food Langar, 10% Donation Daasvand, etc

  • “In peace and poise, they give to the poor.” (SGGS page 237) Read Text in Red

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