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For Information only The moral of stories in Charitropakhyan are based on Gurmat, Guru's wisdom. There is no historical significance of these stories. A Gurmukh will interpret, analyse and learn from the Gurmat issues and morals highlighted in these stories. No Manmat ideas are acceptable or should be linked to these stories. If you have any comments, please discuss them here

Charitar 3: Tale of A Girl of Kalpi Town

This is a tale about a very pretty girl who lived in a town. She had two lovers; one was young, thin and lean, and the other was fat and old; she loved the thin slender one but the fat one loved her. One day when she was making passionate love to the slender one, the fat one arrives and knocks the door. She tricks the slender man to break the door and run. When the fat one comes in, he notices semen on the floor; rather then buckle and admit the truth, she then she plays another trick with the fat one to get out of this tricky situation! Read on ....

Background of Charitropakhyan

Charitropakhyan is conversation between a wise adviser (minister or "manteree" ਮੰਤ੝ਰੀ s ) to Raja (king) Chitar Singh; each charitar or trick is mainly in connection with the wiles of women (plus a few connected with men) and other worldly tales of life, in order to save his handsome son Hanuvant from the false accusations of one of the younger ranis (queens). The minister tries to explain to the Raja that there can be trickery in human behaviour and that one needs to analyse the situation carefully before drawing any quick conclusions. Charitar means Function or behavior

Guru Gobind Singh has given these "opakhyan" (already told) stories to Khalsa, as a guide to upholding morality. The tales highlight Human psychology and behavior, by people driven by desires, lust, jealousy and/or greed, ignorance etc. and tell how these evil doers can utilize tricks or deception or charm or other activity to cover their tracks. The purpose of the stories is for us to learn about negative(Manmat) and positive(Gurmat) human behaviour by people who are driven by evil intent. One needs to tread carefully in life and understand the many negative traits exist in some evil doers. These Charitars includes Male and Female Charitars.

The Charitar - the Tale


The Raja then put the son in the prison and early the next morning he called him over.(1) (Then his Minister commenced narrating thus:)

There lived a girl in a town. She had two lovers; one was thin and lean, and the other was a fat one.(2)

She was very pretty and possessed the eyes like of an antelope. She had full consciousness of understanding the highs and lows of the life.(3)


She used to live in the town of Kalpi and indulged in all sorts of love makings. That, with the eyes of a deer, and with her exquisiteness, she made the Moon to feel shy.(4)


Her fat lover was old but the other, the young one, was slender. Day in and day out she kept on making love with them.(5)

A young female is captivated by a young man and the old man is enchanted by an old woman; and the whole world knows this custom.(6)

The lady always enjoyed making love with the slender person but hesitated to go near the fat one. She always repented after making love with the old one.(7)

Once when she was passionately involved with the young man, the fat lover came back and knocked at the door of the lady.(8)

She suggested to the young lover to break the door and run as some sinner had come and would tie them both.(9)

She had made the thin friend to acquiesce to her request. And she hastily got up and stood before the old man.(10)

While getting up in haste the drops of semen fell on the floor, which were noticed by the fat-lover, and he asked woman to disclose the mystery.(11)

She informed, ‘On the sight of your handsome face, I could not control myself. As a result of this, semen (from my body) dripped down.’(12)

That fool, with animal instinct, was over exhilarated thinking, ‘Seeing me, the lassie became so excited that her semen dripped down on the earth.’ (13)(1)

Third Parable of Auspicious Chritars Conversation of the Raja and the Minister, Completed with Benediction (3)(91) - To be continued.

What does a Gurmukh learn from this?

For a Gurmukh, many lessons can be learnt from this short tale. Ponder over the following questions that are raised by this tale and you will become aware of various issues raised by this charitar and the need for these issues to be resolved?

  • When young, the internal emotion of lust can plays havoc with the person's mind; without a proper course of action, this internal disease can get out of control. What in your opinion is the Gurmat (Guru's advice) to subdue this animal instinct?
  • It is clear from this tale that without proper personal standards of conduct the young will get trapped by bad and evil habits driven by uncontrolled emotions and internal hormones. What should someone walking on the path of Sikhi recommend to young people?
  • The tale provides a clear message that without a properly constituted monogamous relationship, there is no loyalty between the partners; the act of love making becomes a solution to overcome biological needs rather than a life long loving relationship between a man and woman to raise a family and connect with God as stipulated by the Sikh Gurus. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a monogamous relationship and a polygamous relationship?
  • When the fat lover noticed the semen on the floor; he did not pursue this matter but remained subject of his emotions of lust; he was not alert! The Gurmukh should learn that when one is emotionally entangled then one cannot act in an unbiased manner; so always be alert and do not subject yourself to emotional blackouts!