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Manmat is an opinion based purely on ones own ego, pride and only on ones personal needs and desires. One who refuses to take into account the needs of others; the directives of the Sikh Gurus; the well-being of the community; One who is driven only by ones mind and one bodily requirement disregarding everything else.

The word Manmat consists of two parts – Man and Mat. The first part, "Man" means your own mind or your own desires. The second part "Mat" literally means "understanding of". So the full word conveys the message "the desires of ones own mind"; "to follows ones own desires"; "do acts according to your own mind only". The 'Manmukh' is attached to worldly desires, material wealth, worldly allurements and sensual enjoyments. His desires and his needs are unlimited. He does not follow Gurmat, which is the opposite of Manmat.

manmat jhoothee sachaa so-ay.

The intellect of the mind is false; only the Lord is True.

SGGS page 222

A person who is a Manmukh will display manmat tendencies.

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