Bhai Manpreet Singh

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Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpuri

Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpuri is a famous Sikh Ragi from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India who has produced many Gurmat Kirtan CD's, and VCD's. Although now based in Ludihana Punjab, he has travelled widely throughout India and the rest of the world. He has frequently travelled to the UK and Australia.

He normally performs his kirtan in the vigorous AKJ (Akhand Kirtani Jatha) style with a high level of Sangat participation but is a talented and versatile Ragi and has been known to play both classical style kirtan in traditional Raag and also in the modern style.


  • Sansar Samundey Taar Gobindey
    • Sansar Samundey
    • Saajan Des Videsiarey
    • Har Bin Jeo Na Rahey
    • Mann Na Rahey Kayse
    • Kirpa Kar Banwaria
    • Tumri Kirpa Ta Manukh
  • Hum Hovhe Lale Gole Gursikha Ke
  • Jap Jeevaan Prabh Charan Tumhare
  • Kad Nanak Aave Vari