Bhai Mohinder Singh (Delhi wale)

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Bhai Mohinder Singh (Delhi wale)

Bhai Mohinder Singh (Delhi wale) and partners are a ragi jatha who are well known to many Sikhs globally. They have been performing kirtan from a very young age. Bhai Mohinder Singh is an exceptional vocalist and very able harmonium player and has released many cassette tapes and CDs with Shabad kirtan. Bhai sahib has been performing kirtan for several decade and he has with his jatha and as a member of the Atamras jatha enlightened Guru-ki-sangat in India and other parts of the world.

He and his jatha play a mix of both classical raga and modern raga based tunes as a three-some where Bhai sahib is the lead vocalist with support from his jatha members on harmonium and tabla. There style is slow and mallow and very conducive to Gurbani kirtan and they have huge following throughout the world and especially in India, UK, Australia, and USA.

On a recent visit to the UK in June/July 2006, they took part in an Atamras kirtan events where they performed as a large group with various other famous ragi groups from India including Bhai Harjinder Singh, his younger brother's jatha Bhai Maninder Singh both of Sri Nagar, Sant Anoop Singh (Una Wala) and Bhai Joginder Singh Riaar.

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