Bhai Niranjan Singh

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Bhai Niranjan Singh

After Passing 5 Years of education, Bhai Sahib finished his education approximately at the age of 10. Where he then went to work with his father at home for three years.

At the age of 13 (Approx 1980) Bhai Sahib started Guru Ghar Di seva and was sent to help his brother Karam Singh who was the granthi at the Gurdwara in Pind Jwharke near city Mansa. They needed someone to help in the lanagar seva, so Bhai Sahib stayed there for 3 years, where he started his initial basic kirtan and Gurbani Paath training and was taught by his grandfather and elder brother. Bhai Sahib then went to Mansa City to learn a few shabads from Ustaad Mukhitar Singh Pheli.

The first shabad that Bhai Sahib learnt was: JALLO AISI REET JI MEIN PYARI VISARI

Towards End of 1983 Bhai Sahib was sent to Bhatinda by his elder brother for tabla training, Guru Ghar Di seva and Granthi seva. Then in the same year, Bhai Sahib went to pind kanjhla near Sangrur city and went there as granthi and ragi, Bhai Sahib stayed there until the end of 1985. During this 3 year period in nearby Mastuana Sahib ustad ji Bhai Jarnail (Matilli wale) taught Bhai Sahib Kirtan and tabla. Bhai Jarnail Singh would not call Bhai Sahib by his name but would call him "Gyani". Bhai Jarnail (Matilli wale) gave advice to Bhai Sahib to leave granthi seva and concentrate on kirtan. End of 85 left kanjhla and stayed with ustaad Jarnail Singh who was student of Sant sarvan Singh (Gandherb Dumalli wale) for 1 year in Mastuana Sahib and learnt classical Kirtan and practiced with a lot of concentration and dedication, ustaad Jarnail Singh taught him with pyaar.

As they were practicing Bhai Jarnail Singh made Bhai Sahibs, first jatha, Bhai Dayal Singh (vaaja) and Bhai Karan Singh (tabla) and in 1986 started touring India for the first time as a ragi jatha. During this time Bhai Sahib was known as "Bhai Niranjan Singh Noor" 1986 Bhai Sahibs jatha changed to Joga Singh (vaaja) Vinod Singh (tabla) went on tour to nearby Patna Sahib and stayed there 5 months and then went to ludhiana. End of 1987 met Baba Sucha Singh (Jawaddi Kalan Wale) Until April 10 1988 bhai sahib kept on meeting Baba Sucha Singh, his jatha was dismantled and Bhai Sahib stayed with Baba Sucha Singh permenently @ Gurdwara Guru Gian Prakash Jawaddi kalan. Stayed in Jawaddi Kalan until 1993 Nov 4th while Bhai Sahib was in Jawaddi Kalan, Bhai Sahib did Gurdwara di poori seva and taught Kirtan.

Since 4th November 1993, Bhai Sahib became an Independant Ragi Jatha, and left the dera of Jawaddi Kalan. While he was in Gurdwara Guru Gian Prakash Bhai Sahib was named as Sant Niranjan Singh Ji (Jawaddi Kalan Wale) It was in 1997 that Bhai Sahib went international, and the first country that he toured was Singapore and from then on Bhai Sahib has kept travelling. Bhai Sahib Jatha in 1993 was Bhai Amritpal Singh (tabla) and Bhai Amrit Singh (vaaja). Then in 1995-1999 Bhai Harjeet Singh "Bittu" took over as Bhai Sahibs Tabla jee. In 1999 Bhai Amritpal Singh came back. Bhai Sahibs currently does not have a permanent jatha, although "Bittu" still accompanies Bhai Sahib occasionally