The 5Ks of Sikhism

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The Five Items that a Sikh should always have on himself/herself are quite simple and each symbolize something about the past of Sikhism.

Kesh - Long, uncut hair

Kesh: This symbolizes respect for Waheguru by not changing the way he made you.

Kachera - Baggy Shorts

Kachera: This symbolizes modesty - they are used instead of underpants or boxer shorts. They also symbolize a readiness to go into battle for their faith if necessary.

Kanga - Comb

Kanga: This reminds Sikhs to keep their lives in good order; as well as their Kesh.

Kara - Steel Bracelet

Kara:This symbolizes Waheguru as having no beginning or end. It also is a physical reminder of Him.

Kirpan - A small sword

Kirpan:This reminds sikhs to fight against evil; both physical and spiritual; in their every day lives. Most of these are either plastic or welded shut.

These articles deal with Sikh's Five ks

Kesh (uncut hair) -|- Kara (bangle) -|- Kanga (small comb) -|- Kachera (under garment) -|- Kirpan (sword)


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