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Email received on 30/3/07 by SikhiWiki

Sri Akaal Ji Sahai

I have requested that these pages infringing copyright should be removed from your website. I have left messages on the SikhiWiki helpdesk (c/o Gurujot Singh) and emailed Gurujot Singh directly. As yet I have not received a reply, nor seen any positive action from SikhiWiki in removing these pages.

If they are not removed, they are in violation of copyright as stated on - as such you are liable according to Copyright laws of both the USA and International Law (ie, covering Uk and Europe). Please remove these pages. if they are not, I have been advised by my lawyers and the laywers of interested parties (the Akali Nihangs, Udasis, SewaPanthis and Nirmalas on who's behalf has been produced) to inform you that we can begin legal proceedings against SikhiWiki and its owners.

Also, Nihang Niddar Singh, Jathedar of Budha Dal UK, and Parmjit Singh (author of Warrior Saints who's work is also on have been informed regarding this issue. I am obliged to inform you that Parmjit Singh may wish to pursue this matter separately himself in conjuntion with Amandeep Singh Madra (co-author).

I do not wish to make this a legal matter, but if my hand is forced, inevitably this will lead to an ugly future. If I do not hear from you by the end of today, I will have to consult with my lawyers. They have already received copies of the pages from your website that have infringed copyright.

Kindest Regards

Nihang Teja Singh

Reply by Hari Singh, Sewadar SikhiWiki

Waheguru ji da Khalsa, Waheguru ji de Fateh!

Piara Khalsa ji of my beloved Guru,

Humbly, the mission of SikhiWiki is purely to promote and spread the word, the message and the ways of our Gurus. It is Nishkam Sewa done by worldwide Sikhs and friends to achieve this mission. None of the contributors gain any income from the 1000's of users who visit this site.

Khalsa ji, if you wish to sue these Sewadars of the Panth, they have already given their head to the Guru - what are you trying to achieve by making these threats of legal action to these workers of the Guru? They spend their free time everyday to develop this site so that thousands can learn and gain from the message of the Guru. By making these threats, will you find peace in the house of our Guru?

As a servant of the Panth, and as an administrator and co-ordinator of the site SikhiWiki, I ask you to step back and look at the bigger picture. I am not paid for the work I do and I do not expect an monetary gain from the time I spend at SikhiWiki.

When, Dhan Satgur Sri Guru Arjan Dev included the Bani of the Bhagats in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, did descendents of Dhan Bhagat Kabir ji or Dhan Sheikh Farid ji threaten to take Guru ji to Court for violation of copyright!

Khalsa ji, I respect your stand but please remember that we are all sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh and we are all trying to enhance the name of our father. Let us not get sucked into a materialist battle and lose the respect from our father and lose the affection and love of the Panth. As a gesture of goodwill and in respect and honour of my Guru, I personally give you unlimited right to use all of my literary material on Sikhi free of charge on your site. You do not even have to acknowledge the source!

Please contact me by telephone on +44 (0)20 85xx xxxx (UK) or give me your phone number so that we can have darshan of each other and sing the praises of our Guru and not engage in a mud-slinging fight.

Guru ji de Fateh, das Hari Singh 12:33, 31 March 2007 (EDT)

Let us be 1

Maan yog Khalsaji

Wahy Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahy Guru ji ki Fateh

  • I am sacrifice to Maan Yog Hari Singh ji not Once but countless times.
  • Lines above are nothing but Nilmol SatGurBani. Let us all Sikhs bow before these.
  • Both of us have jointly worked & injected Sleepless Nights, Amrit Velas & Holidays just to understand as to how to live up to Gurus' commandments.
  • So have the SikhiWiki Khalsa Team of Users & site Managers.
  • Let us Sikks integrate ourself with our own self.
  • Let us all share Crafted TRUE IDEAs with Sikh Web Sites NAY!, sayth Nanak, with HUMANITY.

Let us Sikhs live only with ONE in SACH KHAND, Where there are no domains.

SatGurBani Fateh !

User:Mutia 02 Apr 07

That is What Sikhi is all about!

  • if we call ourself Sikhs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • if we do not....There is no problem
SatGurBani Fateh !

User:Mutia 02 Apr 07

email sent to Harpeet by Nihang Teja Singh

SikhiWiki has confirmed that you are responsible for the copyright infringement. You have further confirmed this:

a) on Google Chat - ( Ya I Have Didi It) b) confirmed SikhiWiki contacted you regarding your illegal actions (Not At All) c) by stating you are Harpreet Singh on Google Chat (Not Properly) d) by commenting on SikhiWiki regarding Sarbloh ( Well wat comment)

Do not lecture anyone on Sikhism. You have stolen work from so you have not acted as a Sikh. Now you are pretending that it was someone else who did this. This is very sad.( Ya after i get scared i write that i m not harpreet)

It would not be advisable for you to pretend someone else has done this when it is clearly you. If you do not speak the truth this will only make matters worse for you.

Our lawyers will be contacting you - we have all the information we need. We have all your contact details. If you do not comply, we will contact the Indian Police if we have to in order to get this matter resolved. The website has been done for the Akali Nihangs in India - if we need to we will contact them and they can arrange for lawyers in India to contact you.

If we need to we can have your IP addresses and login details from SikhiWiki matched. This is now a matter for the lawyers.

Kindest Regards

Nihang Teja Singh

Log of items deleted on 31 March 2007

These articles appear to have very few hits on Google

The following articles have no hit on Google apart from SikhiWiki and 1 or 2 other sites. Therefore, these articles are not suitable for inclusion on an encyclopaedia and so will not be restored:

Hari Singh 17:33, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

Articles that need to be reviewed

These are articles that are important to SikhiWiki and need to be reviewed and re-activated in a proper manner. Please check for copyright violation before removing the comment line. The articles are:

Hari Singh 17:46, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

It's so sad

First of all I am not a Sikh. I am a Canadian Muslim who happens to love Keertans and Baba Guru Nanak Ji's message. Baba Jee belongs to Sikhs as much as he belongs to Muslims and Hindus. If it was not for these such great saints and divine men of God's unconditional love for humanity, most of us in India would have still be living like animals. These great men of God were the one who showed us how to live a better life.

It's so ironic that we keep forgetting that these Great personalities NEVER asked for their copy-right fees or royalities for their work and books, from their followers or admirers. Their such stance depicts guidelines about how we all TOO should live in our lives while being here. Just by giving to God's family and serving them....

Had they asked for it! I am sure none of us would have had any chance of salvation because their work is priceless. :-(

Reading above, I felt so sad that after more than 500 years of teachings some of us still fell short when it comes to follow our forefathers and their great teachings to serve everyon in God's family. I simply wanted to record my protest over how you and your work are being treated for by none other than a SIKH, a follower of Baba Jee himself to spread message of peace and love. I hope he will understand that this website is not watched and read by sikh community but also by other relgious people worldwide who appreciate Sikh Gurus for taking stand for Truth and Love.

I got personally very much disturbed reading over the copy-right violation emails sent to a person who is simply doing a community service without asking for any reward.

Kindly keep us posted.

Let me know if you need any kind of help even if it means financial. I will chip in as much as I can. It's not about copy right war. It's about humanity and love. And in following Baba Guru Nanak Ji and other Great saints of the world, all good people of the world MUST stand as one.

Otherwise as is famous saying that if we don't speak for good people then evil will prevail and destroy good people taking them one by one....and when it will come to "ME", it will be too late. There will be no one left to stand for ME because I did not provide my shoulder to a brother when he needed it the most.

Yeah! Sikh religion is a symbol of strong determination to serve God and God's family. It must be protected from all sides. It's about protecting and safeguarding God's pure and divine teachings and religions from dirty worldly games played by those who want to become "Thekay'daar" of God's assets. Such a shame!!!

I thank God that HE did not give anyone owner ship for BEST things in our lives, i.e. Air, Water and Fire. Otherwise, we humble servents of HIM would have find it very difficult to work for HIM in our lives.

May God bless us all and show us the right Path.

Sonny Khan

[email protected]

I am Sacrifice to Khalsa Sonny Khan !

jo deesyy gur sikhda niv niv laga pau jeeo....

This team of barking Mutias Bows...Bows...Bows...Bows...Bos..Bs...B...b...!!!! before TRUTH god! nay IDOL of TRUTH Sony Khan Sahib....

Guru Gobind dou khady kaky lagiu pau Balihari Gur Apny jis Govind deeo milayy..

...other Gods can wait! 'TRUTH god' alias Gurbani eminating from Soni Khan ji has to be Bowed before first.

Let there be no doubts whatsoever. Entire Panth bows before SatGurBani, Gurbani, Bani, Guru Granth Sahib, TRUE PATTH & all Wisdom in ONE & all IDOLs of TRUTH (read GOD) .

  • Crafter, initiator, commander & propagator of TRULY TRUE thoughts / IDEAs, visionary beyond the extent of time, dearest Sony Khan Sir!!!

TRUTH god speakth intutively, fearlessly, flawlessly, from 'your', nay! 'TRUTH god's' mouth nothing but SatGurBani.

  • ?????? !!!!!?.....????))))-----((((((..........can't write anything.....all dictionaries of universe have ditched me when I needed them


Before eternity TRUTH & IDOLs of TRUTH prevailed, had been prevailing till this moment, prevail here & now , WILL ever prevail beyond eternity

---User: Khalsa1 on behalf of all Mutias

Other Views

Contents of this article are being reviewed in the light of commandments ofOur Guru. Our guests users & readers are humbly requested not to change the contents of this page until this TRUE IDEA gets thoroughly considered, pondered over, reviewed, crystallised & finalised as Khalsa administrative policy by Guru Roop Sadh Sangat.

Constraints of Coordinating & analysing the thought processes from various quarters spread over the globe not withstanding We, the people look forward to inputs / views / comments / proposals / Ideas on the subject from our users, other web sites & human beings living on our mother earth. For the sake of convenience & ease of analysing the inputs, space on discussion page may please be evolved under the following categories.

  • Sahajdhari Sikhs
  • Gursikhs
  • Gurmukhs
  • Amritdhari Sikhs (Those who have baptized

Needless for Sikhiwiki to mention that all inputs for sure would be soaked in the spirit of Chaddi Kala, universal brotherhood &.... ... mithaq neevee Nanka Gun Changiaian qaqq.......... attributed & addressed to holy SatGurBani in Guru Granth Sahib.

Panth. Please feel free to add comments on the discussion page. It will help SikhiWiki site mangers & normal users to evaluate your individual views through Gur Shabad Veechar' Important Announcement - Promoting Sikhi:

Sikh Sewadars Hari Singh Amita Singh, Baljeet Kaur & other Mutias & all other users of this Web Site (read SikhiWiki GurDwara) belonging to the order of Khalsa in SACH KHAND, are dedicated to Nanak's universal mission of life time Learning and Helping Others learn God's Own Language through the universal IT resource, Internet.

It is envisioned that Today's Global Village of Humanity will in near furue get elevated to/squeezed to the size of an atom nay! electron nay! photon nay TRUTH. It is futher appeciated that we Sikhs will be Nay! ...already are (& there is no time to loose) at the nucleus of such an atom.

In such a forseen future ahead, should we get governed by the rigid anti Sikhi notion of 'Copyrighting ....???

Repeating and mimicking

Repeating & copying intellect is the very foundation of Sikhi)

  • Nanak Sahib has his mind straight, simple, hard hitting , historically demontrative, flawlessly TRUE, formally formal, socio-politically revolutionary, philosophically straight on the issue

Gur Shabad Veechar

Gur Shabad Veechar & not, We repeat NOT controversy'/debate, is TRUTH (read GOD)

  • It is an issue which is not controvercial. The term 'controversy' and derivatives their of, do not exist in GurMat dictionary & in the order of khalsa. It is not negituiable / debatable at any cost.
  • Copying intellact alias written work within in the order of Khalsais intutively inhearent is Sikhs' Blood.....and Sikhs feel proud of having inhearted all their existing intellect from their Nanaks. Sikhs' Gurus live in SatGurBani with each one of their TRUE Sikh.
  • These very lines are being penned not by any of the Pujaris in the guise of of Sevadaars of any Mandir/GurDwara but by...

... neechan andar neech jaat and Nanak Ghar ky Golyy Nanak alias Khalsa1 himself addressed to God (read Humanity).

Sayth Nanak.....

....Share every thing with humanity, to begin with Ideas & Intellect

Nanak, who defined and blends his own self with the Ideas called Religion, Truth, Guru, God, Sikh, GurBani, Bani, SatGur, Miri, Piri, SatGurBani , Bani, Khalsa, Wahyguru, Ram, Raheem, Mr Raam nay! Mr. Raam-Raheems , Raheem, ..,....,...,,, One character i e 1.

If someone calls himself a Sikh Scholar & plans to sell his intellact to make a living, is well advised to consider contacting Nanak & beg for some money out of Nanak's Bank Account which stays is custudy of Sikh./ IDOLs of TRUTH the word over

earnings in young age as a professional Store Keeper & in old age as a Farmerby tilling fields. Writing Books was his past time, enjoyment, hobby, game, sports, & fun time in onewhich he blissfully indulged in. Khalsa alias Humanity alias God is the very source of Ideas |gives Ideas & TRUE one Belong to GOD alone Nanak's is prepared to support .

It is unfortunate that those lobbies which intiate, support, sustain & prapogate the idea ( it one?) of Copyrighting, specially in Sikh Circles, need to do a bit of(...if not ISHNAAN) introspection in the search light of SatGurBani Not Sharing in near future will GOD(read universal TRUTHs).

(read GOD and Internet community (which encommpases Humanity alias GOD (read TRUTH) that the webmaster of the "Sikhi site".

It has been brought to the attention of who is called Nihang Teja Singh has strong objections to material from that site being used on SikhiWiki for the purposes of promoting Humanism alias Sikhism. He has threatened to take legal action against Siki. A copy of his email can be found here

In view of this objection, serious questions arise and we are concerned that we Sikhs, may not be treading the TRUE pathshown by our Gurus. It calls for TRUThfull introspection. Tearm 'Introspection' has not been coined by SikhiWiki but is the very foundation of Sikhism

May we ask all contributors to take note that the promotion of Sikhi is now also subject to copyright regulations. We wish to remind the Sangat that when, Dhan Satgur Sri Guru Arjan Dev included the Bani of the Bhagats in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the descendents of Dhan Bhagat Kabir ji or Dhan Sheikh Farid ji did not threaten to take Guru ji to Court for violation of copyright! Nor did they ask Guru ji get permission from the bhagats to include the Bani in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

The mission of All those who call themselves Sikhs is to promote Learnism alias Sikhi.... ............

  • The 'ism' of taking as Guru's words as final without any ifs, buts, obliques ...,...whatsoever.
  • The 'ism' of no Nonsence but objectivity & rationality.
  • The 'ism' of owning nothing, not even 'I' (beg pardon from 'TRUTh god' for arrogance i should have written 'i' and not 'I'.
  • The 'ism' of hiding nothing, 'NOT even a hair, Wherever it may be located.
  • The 'ism' of working for 'Have Nots' First & not the other way around
  • The 'ism' of NOT pghilosophising language of 'TRUTH god' (not GOD truth} written by 'have NOTs' for 'have NOTs' to let them have.
  • The 'ism' of speaking nothing but GOD's language.
  • The 'ism' encompassing all isms in one ism of Learnism
  • The 'ism' of donation of every thing to the Path of Order of Khalsa Panth

and this is above all other consideration. As such We assume, nay! believe in that the same would apply of all other Sikhi sites, Social/regional groups, jatthas, organisations..,.., who as individual organisations swear by TRUTH's {read God's) language [[ . Maharaja say: "The Guru's Sikh, and the Sikh's Guru, are one and the same; both spread the Guru's Teachings." (p444). Just like the Guru, the Sikh's mission is to spread the Sikhi message.

Please note that as a result of this action by Nihang Teja Singh, we are compiling a list of all Sikhi sites which prohibit the dissemination of Gurmat via other sites and require others to adhere to the strict rules of the copyright regulations even when it involves the promotion of Sikhism. I also wish to highlight all sites that allow free promotion of their material. This is a very important principle that need to be clarified so that we are all aware our Sikhi traditions.

Please supports us in our mission to make the promotion of Sikhi nay!!! HUMANITY on mother earth, in our universe & universes beyond, copyright free