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Important Announcement Promoting Sikhi is the function of every Sikh:

It has been brought to the attention of SikhiWiki Sewadars Hari Singh that the webmaster of the "Sikhi site" who is called Nihang Teja Singh has strong objections to material from that site being used on SikhiWiki for the purposes of promoting Sikhi. He has threatened to take legal action against SikhiWiki. A copy of his email can be found here

In view of this objection, serious questions arise and I am concerned that we may not be following the example set by our Gurus. I ask all contributors to take note that the promotion of Sikhi is now also subject to copyright regulations. I wish to remind the Sangat that when, Dhan Satgur Sri Guru Arjan Dev included the Bani of the Bhagats in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the descendents of Dhan Bhagat Kabir ji or Dhan Sheikh Farid ji did not threaten to take Guru ji to Court for violation of copyright! Nor did they ask Guru ji get permission from the bhagats to include the Bani in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

The prime mission of SikhiWiki is to promote Sikhi and this is above all other consideration. As such I have assumed the same would apply of all other Sikhi sites. Maharaja say: "The Guru's Sikh, and the Sikh's Guru, are one and the same; both spread the Guru's Teachings." (p444). Just like the Guru, the Sikh's mission is to spread the Sikhi message.

Please note that as a result of this action by Nihang Teja Singh, we are compiling a list of all Sikhi sites which prohibit the dissemination of Gurmat via other sites and require others to adhere to the strict rules of the copyright regulations even when it involves the promotion of Sikhism. I also wish to highlight all sites that allow free promotion of their material. This is a very important principle that need to be clarified so that we are all aware our Sikhi traditions.

Please supports us in our mission to make the promotion of Sikhi copyright free

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