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The tenth Sikh Guru,Guru Gobind Singh passed on the Gurugaddi to Guru Granth Sahib ji in the early 18th century and urged the Sikhs to consider Guru Granth Sahib ji as the last Living Guru.

But, today we see many Gurus with Sikh backgrounds mushrooming in the Sikh community. All these Gurus are attired in Sikh uniform, i.e Turban, unshorn hair, etc. It clearly indicates that today some Sikhs are not following the directives of Guru Gobind Singh ji, there may be many reasons for that but the whole fault lies in ourselves. Because the followers of these Gurus are maximum Sikhs. But this is also an interesting question as who is funding the instiutions being run by these Gurus? Let us have a quick look on some of these Sardar Gurus

1. S. Gurinder Singh


Radha Swami

2. S. Hardev Singh


Sant Nirankaris

3. S.Sant Rajinder Singh


Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission

4. S. Gurmit Singh Gurmit Ram Rahim


Dera Sacha Souda

5. S. Savinderjit Singh


Dera Badbhag Singh

6. S. Jagjeet Singh



7.Baba Piara Singh Bhaniarawala

And many more

All these self styled Sadgurus Maharajs are propagating the basic principles of Sikhism like Seva,Simran,Naam,Satsang, Langar etc. for their personal worshipping. Some of these Gurus even celebrate their B'days, Anniverseries, etc. in modern style by cutting cakes and dancing to the tunes of songs, this can be easily seen in their Monthly Magazines. This increasing trend of Cultism is dangerous for Sikhism. There is a need of a Movement like Singh Sabha Movement to get rid of these Modern Gurus.