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Sants (Perfect Masters), the embodiment of Lord, are known to speak the 'Language of the Day'. It is no surprise hence that He should come in times when Science and Spirituality are to meet, in the guise of a Technologist. A Communications expert, he draws neat parallels of Spirituality with it- both aim at conquest of of Space and Time and to bring humanity together. An embodiment of 'Positive Mysticism', he echoes modern concerns in the 'Ecology of the Soul'.

Rajinder SinghSant Rajinder Singh Ji was born 1946 to Sant Darshan Singh Ji and Mata Harbhajan Kaur, named by Baba Sawan Singh Ji, initiated at the age of 16 by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji who cast him in his own mould. After doing B.Tech. Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, he did M.S. from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA receiving high honours. He joined prestigious ATT-Bell Labs doing R&D in the frontier Voice-Data area, receiving national recognition in US.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj helped in spreading Sant-Mat in USA and playing a stellar role in mission's activities in the West. He was also involved in the Unity of Man (1974) and 15th Human Unity (1988) Conferences. He is currently the head of 'Science of Spirituality'/'Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission'. Inheriting the mantle of spirituality from Sant Darshan Singh Ji in 1989, he has been organising Global Conferences on 'Mysticism' and on 'Human Integration' at Delhi since 1990.

He has been touring countries in North and South Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, and all over India.

He has been internationally recognized for his work toward inner and outer peace through spirituality. His training in both mysticism and science has helped him express the age-old mystical teachings in clear, logical language. His message of unity, peace, and love for all humanity has been acclaimed by enlightened leaders everywhere. Recognizing the transcendent oneness at the heart of all religions, he emphasizes prayer and meditation as the true building blocks for achieving peace.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji's talks have been broadcast internationally on radio and television. His publications include books in English and Hindi and hundreds of articles on spiritual topics. Among his books in English are: 'Ecology of the Soul and Positive Mysticism', 'Education for a Peaceful World', 'Empowering Your Soul Through Meditation', 'Inner and Outer Peace Through Meditation' and 'Vision of the New Millennium'.

Some of the awards and honours received by him are: · 'Banner of Peace', Mexico City, Mexico on 14th July, 1990- an honour given earlier to Presidents Gorbachev of USSR and Oscar Arias of Costa Rica and the Dalai Lama. · 'Medal and Plaque of Cali', bestowed by the President of the City council of Cali, Colombia on 21st June, 1990. · 'Medal of Cultural Merit' from National Minister of Education, in Bogota, Colombia on 28th June, 1990. · 'Special Tribute' from Michigan State Legislature · Spark M. Matsunaga Peace Foundation on 5th April, 1992. · 'Golden Cross of the Order of Santiago de Cali' on 21 May, 1992. · Plaque from Fe-Code (National Federation of Educators of Colombia) presented in Bogota, Colombia on 17 December, 1992. · 'Peace Award': Interfaith Center of New York and the Temple of Understanding- a United Nations NGO on 5th June, 1997. · 'Simon Bolivar Award' for his service in the field of Science, Education and Culture presented by Ministry of Education of Colombia, in Bogota on 18 December, 1992. · 'Key to the City of Medellin' (Colombia) on 21 December, 1992. · 'Golden Key of the City of Palmira' presented by the Mayor on 23 December, 1992. · 'Guest of Honor of City Council of Popayan' - 25 December, 1992. · 'Sabastian de Belalenzar Award' presented by Mayor of Cali on 26 December, 1992. · 'International Distinguished Leadership Award' from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, on 7th November, 1998. · 'Guest of Honor' of the City by the Mayor-in-charge, Dr. Oscar Guzaman of Palmir, Cali, Colombia on 27th November, 1998. · "Doctor Honoris Causa" from Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Peru for his efforts in the field of education and peace and honorary doctorate from Universidad Federico Villarreal, Peru for his efforts in bridging science and spirituality and facilitating human unity through communication. · Declared Honorary Citizen by the government of Loreto, Peru and awarded with the "Key to the City of Iquitos, Peru" in 2004.