Sikh Temple, Kericho

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Kericho is a Kenyan Town located in Kericho County, located within the highlands west of The Kenyan Rift Valley. The capital of the is Kericho town. The district is home to the best of Kenyan tea, known for its brightness, attractive color, brisk flavor and textures of fragrant leaves. The town is also home to some of the world's best long distance runners, many having won gold medals in international events.

Kericho is home to Kenya's biggest water catchment area, the Mau Forest. With a high altitude and virtually daily rains, Kericho is the centre of Kenya's large tea industry, and its town square is even known as Chai Square (Chai is Hindi for Tea). Some of the largest tea companies including Unilever Kenya, James Finlay and Williamson tea are based here. It is also home to the popular Ketepa brand. Much of the tea is exported, with the UK being the largest market. The town has an urban population of 150,000 and a total population of over 500,000 (1999 census).

Kericho is also home to Africa's largest Gurudwara or Sikh place of worship. It is a monument, dedicated to the memory of "Sant Baba Puran Singh Ji of Kericho" who was the founder of the international charitable organisation, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha which promotes the spirit and practice of selfless service ("nishkam sewa") in the name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh faith. The site has been gazetted by the Government of Kenya as a place of spiritual significance. Kericho also holds the Muslim faith with at least two mosques. There is also a Hindu population as well as a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Sikh Temple Kericho is now pin pointed to its exact location on the Gurdwara's Map application. Check it out here - Gurdwaras East Africa

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