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Articles on Sikhism

Sat which means "Truth" is one of the most important virtues which Sikhs try to develop during their life. God is Truth and by trying to ‘practise truth’, i.e. live a truthful life, Sikhs believe that they can live in accordance with God’s Will/Hukam. Truth is not just about speaking the truth but also about recognising and living in line with the true nature of reality. Acting justly towards others, honesty, treating everyone as equals and avoiding criticising others are all examples of truthful living for Sikhs.

Sikhs believe that human beings must work at developing all the God-like qualities they have in order to truly love God. Love of God is not just a feeling but always involves showing love for God by selfless service to God’s creation. A person who is gurmukh does not act out of selfishness but, by focusing on God, acts out of compassion for others "… becomes the slave of the Lord’s slaves, then …. finds the Lord and eradicates ego from within".

Maya and haumai are overcome by focusing only on God while serving God in creation. Material wealth, fame and praise are unimportant because the gurmukh is focused on the only thing of lasting value – God "The wealth of the Naam shall never be exhausted; no one can estimate its worth".

The other four qualities in the arsenal of five that a Sikh must wear are: Contentment (Santokh),Compassion (Daya), Humility (Nimrata) and Love (Pyare). These five qualities are essential for Sikhs and it is their duty to meditate and recite the Gurbani so that these virtues become a part of their mind set.


SGGS Page 22 Full Shabad
The Gurmukhs do not like falsehood. They are imbued with Truth; they love only Truth.

gurmukh koorh na bhaav-ee sach ratay sach bhaa-ay.

SGGS Page 23 Full Shabad
Those who do not have the Assets of Truth-how can they find peace?

jinaa raas na sach hai ki-o tinaa sukh ho-ay.

SGGS Page 24 Full Shabad
Make good deeds the soil, and let the Word of the Shabad be the seed; irrigate it continually with the water of Truth.

amal kar Dhartee beej sabdo kar sach kee aab nit deh paanee.

SGGS Page 36 Full Shabad
The virtuous obtain Truth; they give up their desires for evil and corruption.

gunvantee sach paa-i-aa tarisnaa taj vikaar.

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