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History of Sikhism
Sikh practices

1a. Simran
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2. Three Pillars
2a. Naam Japo
2b. Kirat Karni
2c. Wand kay Shako

3. Five Evils
3a. Kam
3b. Krodh
3c. Lobh
3d. Moh
3e. Ahankar

4. Five Virtues
4a. Sat
4b. Santokh
4c. Daya
4d. Nimrata
4e. Pyare

Articles on Sikhism

Nimrata is a virtue that is vigorously promoted by Gurbani. The literal translation of this Punjabi word is "Humility", "Benevolence" or "Humbleness." Someone whose mind is not poisoned by the thought that he or she is better or more important than others. This is a very important quality for all humans to nurture and one that is an essential part of a Sikh's Mind Set and must accompany the Sikh at all times. The other four qualities in the arsenal are: Truth (Sat), Contentment (Santokh), Compassion (Daya) and Love (Pyar). These five qualities are essential to a Sikh and it is their duty to meditate and recite Gurbani so that these virtues become a part of their personality.

"Reyn" ਰੈਨ s , which literally means "in the dust of the feet" is a sign of Nimrata or extreme humbleness, in the past it was common for younger people to reach to touch the feet of an elder or a Santly figure or religious teacher.

The body is made immaculate and pure, bathing in the dust of the feet of the Lord's humble servants, Page 703 SGGS

The importance given to Humility in Sikhism can be seen from the following Shabads from SGGS:

SGGS Page 235 Full Shabad
The fruit of humility is intuitive peace and pleasure. My True Guru has given me this gift. ((1)(Pause))

SGGS Page 273 Full Shabad
The God-conscious being shall never perish. The God-conscious being is steeped in humility.

SGGS Page 1084 Full Shabad
First, is the Lord`s Praise; second, contentment; third, humility, and fourth, giving to charities. Fifth is to hold one`s desires in restraint. These are the five most sublime daily prayers.

SGGS Page 1245 Full Shabad
Lacking truth and humility, they shall not be appreciated in the world hereafter.

SGGS Page 1384 Full Shabad
Humility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic mantra.

Wear these three robes, O sister, and you will captivate your Husband Lord. ((127))

SGGS Page 1397 Full Shabad
The armor of self-restraint, truth, contentment and humility can never be pierced.
SGGS Page 1411 Full Shabad
He chants and meditates, and practices austerity and good deeds. He keeps to the Dharma, with faith, humility and contentment.

And if you do not practise humility, truth, abstinence or self-discipline then what is in store for you:

SGGS Page 906 Full Shabad
You do not practice truth, abstinence, self-discipline or humility; the ghost within your skeleton has turned to dry wood…..

When the Messenger of Death grabs you by your hair, you will be punished. You are unconscious, and have fallen into Death`s mouth. ((3))

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